Wisconsin students boycott skimpy Michelle Obama lunch menu

September 18, 2012


By Steve Gunn

MUKWONAGO, Wis. – Michelle Obama and the federal government have altered the federally-funded school lunch menu to make sure students don’t ingest too many calories over the course of the day.

But many students at Mukwonago (Wisconsin) High School say the new menu leaves them feeling hungry. They say a “once-size-fits-all” menu doesn’t fit them very well at all.

On Monday, 70 percent of the 830 students boycotted cafeteria food to register their displeasure. About half of all middle school students did the same thing.

“A freshman girl who weights 100 pounds can eat this lunch and feel completely full, maybe even a little bloated,” Joey Bougneit, a Mukwonago senior, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

But not all students weigh 100 pounds.

Nick Blohm, a 6-3, 210 pound linebacker on the varsity football team, said there’s less chance of students doing well academically if they’re sitting in class thinking about their hunger pains.

“I’ve already told my mom we might be packing my lunch for the rest of the year,” Blohm said.

Clay Iverson, the school’s varsity football coach, worries that hungry kids will run home and binge on all sorts of unhealthy foods, undoing any benefits of the lighter lunch.

Pam Harris, the school district’s food service supervisor and a registered dietician, agreed that student diets at home have a greater impact than what they eat at school.

“I want to solve the problem,” Harris told the Journal Sentinel. “But limiting calories in school lunch is not going to help the overweight kid. What happens at home is a major piece of that puzzle.”

Harris handed out comment cards to students, so they can express their views about the new menu. She plans to send them to the United States Department of Agriculture, in the hope that the government will allow schools to gradually introduce the lighter menus.

Nobody here at EAGnews is a registered dietician. But we are familiar with teenagers and we know they tend to eat more than the average person because they are going through a rapid period of physical growth.

We also know that many teens, like many of their parents, tend to skip breakfast during the morning rush. That makes a satisfactory lunch even more important.

Blohm has a very good point. Kids who are thinking about their stomachs are not going to concentrate as much as they should on their math problems or English assignment.

Instead of serving skimpy lunches at school, Mrs. Obama and the government should work harder to encourage kids to go outside and move around, so they are burning calories rather than sitting in front of a video game eating potato chips for hours at a time.

You can’t starve kids into fitness, Mrs. Obama. If you persist in that approach, they are simply going to bring super fat lunches from home and ignore your healthy choices menu in the school lunchroom.

Three cheers for the kids of Mukwonago for standing up for their stomachs.

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19 Responses

  1. Frank Farej says:

    Who the hell is Michelle Obama, telling people what they can eat? Kids need nutrition and should not be dictated to.

  2. Maybe Moochelle could lose some of her tubbiness with this menu. Now we have Obama Lunch Police telling kids what to eat. One size does not fit all. Tell your hubby to stop drinking so much beer!

  3. ricseag says:

    Seems like all you reactionary, anti-public school types would love having less government costs for smaller lunches. Seems like you would all be enamored with more students taking PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY and bringing their own lunches. Seems like you would be upset that schools would be held somehow responsible for BINGE EATING that kids do at home.

    But this really isn’t about any of that, now, is it?

    Just another excuse to slam anyone with the name Obama…..

    The hypocrisy is really pathetic!

    • Give me a break with your defending Obama and his power grabs! Not only is he now trying to tell us what we eat but now he is telling us we must purchase a minimum of four gallons of gas at gas stations that sell E15 and E10 ethanol gasoline! Obama is the worst President to ever hold the Office! Unemployment is up from when he took office, gas prices are up from when he took office, the poverty rate is up since he took office, the mumber of people on food stamps is the highest since that program began, 47% of Americans are on some types of government assistance! While Obama tells us we need to be more tolerant or muslims, those muslims have no tolerance for Christians and other religions. They are burning Churches and literally crucifying Christians! After our Embassies were attack and American lives were taken at the hands of the muslim brotherhood, Obama is still sending them 1.2 billion dollars of taxpayers money! That is essentially giving muslims money for killing Americans! And Obamas press secretaryase the statement that the attacks were not directed at America! REALLY! And it took them from 9/12 to today to admit it was terrorist attacks, before they would not call it that. THAT is an insult to the lives that were taken by those muslim child molesting rapsits! And Obama is spending taxpayers money by remodeling/refurbishing their mosques overseas in their countries! To even entertain the thought of defending and supporting such a poor excuse of a human being that is Obama is a pathetic thing any American can do! As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was a Repupublican as was his father, once said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” …For anyone to support Obama not knowing his failures can be sincere ignorance BUT to know his failures and still support him is indeed conscientious stupidity.” so if the show fits then wear it!

    • Tina says:

      Actually, this is not the governments responsibility nor is it any of their damn business! Its the parents. Any dietician knows that the biggest meal of the day should be in the middle so you have time to work it off. Very active kids need more than that to eat. I am very active and very fit. I have a nutrion certification. That menu is obsurd. OBAMA and MICHELLE need to stick with what they know. What is that exactly?

    • Guest says:

      Obviously you folks don’t even understand the facts at play here. But that’s what happens in the Fright-Wing Media – obscure, distort and propagandize.

      Michelle Obama has NO power or authority to advance ANY policy or practice in government. Only an ignorant or deceived fool would believe she does. She holds no elected nor appointed position granting her any such authority. However, like Nancy’s “Just Say No” campaign, Mrs. Obama did champion the just and worthy cause of slowing down the epidemic of childhood obesity – a problem that will cost us BILLIONS to deal with when these kids become adults.

      That the Dept. of Agriculture took a look at the PATHETIC quality of food that is being served to students in schools, and modernized some of their rules to become less a part of the problem and more a part of the solution, should be applauded by everyone.

      But NO!!! There are political points to be scored – even if it costs kids their lives down the road.

      That is the HYPOCRISY that I am talking about.

      So go ahead and defend your HYPOCRISY! It won’t change the way most of America feels about you…….

  4. StargazerInSavannah says:

    Why don’t we send Mooshell to the school yard, give the children clubs and let them get their exercise by beating Mooshell with the cubs. Solves more than one problem, with luck the kids will burn a lot of
    Calories and one or more of the kids will catch Mooshell and beat her sorry ass until it no longer breathes.

  5. Janessa Bell says:

    ricseag, it’s not that we’re hypocrites…we’re just used to living in a FREE country…you know DEMOCRACY…not COMMUNISM!!!

  6. VinceP1974 says:

    Life under the one-size-fits-a-continent tyrannical leftist rule

  7. Freedom, by the way says:

    Sugar snap peas sans dip, yeah, I don’t know any that would eat that. My son runs cross country and I pack his lunch every day or else he would starve. I pity the children who don’t have that option.

    • jude says:

      They don’t all have another option, except junk food on their way home, I see kids with large soft drinks and bags of chips walking home every day, and you can bet any teens that drives will stop at any quick food place to fill up before he goes home, some children depend on after school programs and churches to feed them, the last meal eaten by school children is about 10:30-11am and they have to wait until 5 pm to eat dinner, that is too long and the school menu does not fit all.

  8. Ron Pearson says:

    Proof once again that meddlesome government cannot fix everything and in fact, more often than not makes the situation worse. Well intentioned government programs to curb obesity such as this one will fail every time due to unintended consequences, e.g poor planning, poorly thought-out. The kids will definitely binge on cookies and candy as soon as they get home.

  9. jim says:

    mrs obama need to tend to her kids and not mind

  10. why aren’t the prices reduced along with the reduced amount of food?

  11. LUV2SKICO says:

    Oh do not think for a minute they will stop at kids. Now that government controls your health care they can mandate all sorts of behavior changes because they are paying for your sorry ass. Just wait until Mooshelle decides you need to be walked regularly like her pet.

    Join that health club and get your attendance card punched or prepare to be fined by the IRS. Maybe you should have your TV time limited, you sedentary sloth!

    And no, you can’t enjoy that premium Padrón cigar on your back porch due to the new city-wide smoking ban. Two liter sodas are now banned in grocery stores and your canned soda purchases are rationed like it’s WWII all over again.

    Finally, if you dare protest, you will start your mornings with exercise while listening to the inspirational musings of dear leader played over loudspeakers at the Fat Gulags around the country.

  12. Dana Seilhan says:

    *sigh* This isn’t going to do a bit of good since everyone here thinks they know everything…

    1. I’m a liberal and I don’t agree with this approach to school lunch. I also don’t agree with vegetarianism or veganism, and I think kids (and everybody) need MORE animal foods, NOT less. Including animal fat.

    2. It’s nonsensical to say that eating fewer calories does not help with obesity at school, but that starving kids at home will help anything.

    3. All exercising does is make you hungry. It does also help with insulin sensitivity, yes, which is an important piece of the obesity-solving puzzle, but if you rely on it for weight control, you will cause more trouble than you solve. Body composition is at least 80% dietary composition–that’s WHAT you eat, NOT how much–and until you tackle that, haven’t you noticed there are fat NFL players?

    And speaking of fat people, Michelle Obama isn’t one. I’m sure there are plenty of valid reasons to criticize her, even given my own bias. But her weight isn’t one of those reasons. If more women looked like her–and if more fat men would shut the hell up when they SEE women like her–I think a lot of our body image problem in this country would be solved, not to mention the obesity epidemic.

    Could she be more “cut” (a bodybuilding term)? Maybe. But frankly, *bodybuilders* don’t look all that cut when they’re not competing.

    And it’s her body anyway. Wah, wah, wah, the lefties are telling us what to eat, but we’re sure gonna tell them what to look like. Oookay then.

  13. Mike Butler says:

    Welcome to the nanny state, Food Police Department.

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