Wisconsin AFL-CIO leader busted in prostitution sting

August 29, 2012


By Kyle Olson

LA CROSSE, Wis. – Bill Brockmiller sought to “express extreme sorrow” in admitting to being busted in a prostitution sting in western Wisconsin.  Brockmiller, president of the Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO, said he’s been dealing with “extreme personal baggage,” according to the La Crosse Tribune.

That Brockmiller is one extreme guy!

The randy union representative is also an elected official, representing the city of La Crosse as a county supervisor.

According to the newspaper, he urged his constituents to “contact him with any concerns.”

Of course, if his constituents have any free love to offer, we’re sure Brockmiller would be happy to receive that, too.


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4 Responses

  1. al1949 says:

    Can you picture this creep walking up to some woman and whispering in her ear….”hey honey wanna get it wet awhile?” and not getting slapped silly…!!Obviously he is paid way too much…………..

  2. keltic1 says:

    Sorrow, He was sorry he got caught.

  3. MrHead says:

    Guess those new union contracts made him look for another job ;-)

  4. tompro97 says:

    Another demagogoue pervert bites the dust!!! This is probably just the tip of this iceberg.

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