MADISON, Wis. – Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers is grasping at straws to fund his re-election campaign.

Evers blasted out a fundraising email Wednesday that aims to turn a controversy surrounding his challengers into money in his campaign coffers, the most recent in a string of desperate fundraising pleas.

Evers’ email centers on allegations from state superintendent candidate John Humphries that opponent Lowell Holtz proposed a deal in writing to reserve cushy jobs for each other if one of them prevails over Evers, the incumbent.

Humphries told the Wisconsin State Journal Holtz suggested the two should guarantee each other a three-year job in the Department of Public Instruction, with a personal driver, and broad power to make sweeping changes.

The superintendent’s race is supposedly non-partisan, but Evers has enjoyed the backing of the state’s far-left teachers union, while Holtz and Humphries have seemingly worked to court conservative voters.

Holtz, Humphries and Evers will compete in a Feb. 21 primary, and the top two vote getters move on to a general election in April, according to the news site.

Holtz told radio station WISN he discussed possibilities on how the two could work together to remove Wisconsin education from Evers’ rule, but the talk was unproductive.

“It’s true that we had breakfast together. It’s true that a number of business people asked us to get together and discuss options for working together because they thought we would have a better chance,” Holtz said. “There was no specific proposal. There were ideas that were thrown around. They were ideas.”

“Unfortunately, we are on totally opposite ends of the political spectrum,” Holtz told the State Journal. “The differences between Mr. Humphries’ approach to education and mine were to stark to be reconciled, so the conversation ended there.”

Holtz said Humphries “is not one to let the facts get in the way of a good story.”

Just as Evers isn’t one to let a politically charged fundraising opportunity go to waste.

“The primary is less than a week away and our opponents are beginning to show signs of desperation. Instead of campaigning on what they will do for Wisconsin students and families, they’re conspiring on how to make the most money for themselves,” Evers’ Wednesday campaign email read.

“News just broke that one of our opponents offered the other a six figure job and a personal driver at the Department of Public Instruction to drop out of the race. This is outrageous,” it continued. “That is not what this race is about.”

The email contends “Tony is not a politician” and urges supporters of “Team Tony” to “rush a donation now” to the campaign.

Just last month, Evers’ “nonpartisan” campaign attempted to leverage a manufactured controversy about global warming and the state Department of Natural Resource’s website to pump money into his coffers.

“References to climate change were removed last month from Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources page. Gov. Scott Walker and his administration should not make politicized changes to Wisconsin’s websites – but that’s exactly what they’ve done,” Evers’ campaign manager Amanda Brink wrote.

In reality, the DNR simply updated its website to better reflect the current status of the global warming theory.

What used to read “Earth’s climate is changing. Human activities that increase heat-trapping (greenhouse) gasses are the main cause,” now reads “The reasons for this change at this particular time in the earth’s long history are being debated and researched by academic entities outside of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,” EAGnews reports.

Regardless, Evers politicized the edit in favor of a liberal bent on reality, and begged supporters for money to battle the contrived controversy.

“Tony Evers is proud to have always stood up for the scientific community. That’s why teachers and students in Wisconsin still have access to state-operation environmental education sites that discuss climate change,” Brink wrote. “If you believe that science has a place in Wisconsin’s educational system, chip in now to re-elect Tony Evers.”