By Liv Finne
Washington Policy

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Superintendent of Public Instruction Randy Dorn today announced he wants the legislature to amend newly-enacted Initiative 1240 to place state-level administrative authority over charter schools within his office.
finne2He says this will remove the constitutional objections he has to the Initiative. Washington State Wire breaks the story here.

Whether or not the legislature goes along, it appears Superintendent Dorn has decided not to go to the courts to try to block charter schools. The move indicates Dorn intends to drop his contemplated lawsuit against I-1240, choosing instead to seek adjustment, but not repeal, of the state’s new charter law.

This is good news for Washington’s school children. Superintendent Dorn’s willingness to accept charter schools will help expand learning opportunities for children across the state, especially those struggling in failing public schools.

Dorn’s announcement further isolates the Washington Education Association (WEA). The state’s powerful teachers union is now the only group moving ahead with a legal challenge to voter-approved Initiative 1240. While Dorn seeks to work with lawmakers, the WEA’s position remains unchanged: No child residing within the borders of this state should be allowed to attend a charter school.

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