NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Just how far have race relations come since the tumultuous days of the Little Rock Nine?

In 1957, the fight was for black students to be integrated into predominantly white schools.

The focal point was Little Rock Central High School, where nine black students enrolled and while initially were blocked, ultimately joined classes there.

Now, less than 60 years later, at least one black student rules the city’s schools.

Video was uploaded Tuesday to YouTube that appears to show a student lighting a cigar in class, standing up, walking over to the white teacher and blowing smoke in the man’s face.

Students can be heard laughing while the teacher appears to do nothing. The video ends before the school worker reacts.

An email to the principal seeking comment was ignored.

Meanwhile, CBS 11 published the teacher’s account of what happened, which was in a police report:

The teacher told North Little Rock police that it all started when the student showed up to class to take his final exam. The teacher told the student that he would have to take his exam in the school hallway. The student is said to haveĀ refused, and the teacher stated that he was going to write him up and call for a campus supervisor to remove him if he did not comply.

When the teacher reached for the intercom button, the student said, “hit that button, I dare you.” The teacher is said to haveĀ hit the intercom button, and then began to write the student up. As he was writing, the classroom started to get loud. When the teacher investigated the commotion, he found the student lighting a cigar and smoking from it. The student then got up from his seat, walked up to the teacher, and blew smoke in his face three times.

A “campus supervisor” removed the student from the class, according to police.

The teacher said that as the student was being removed, he vowed, “I’ll be back.”

The teacher has reportedly removed the disrupted student on several occasions this school year.