NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Drunken parents allegedly started a brawl in the stands of a recent high school championship football game at Rutgers University, and police are investigating the incident.

One woman posted to the Brick Patch Facebook page that her daughter was decked in the face by a drunken man at Saturday’s championship football game between Brick Memorial and Jackson Memorial high schools.

“She does have swelling and a nice bruise under her right eye where she was hit,” the girl’s mother posted. “It’s just sad that adults can’t control themselves.”

A different commenter, “BMHS Student,” posted about the ordeal, which occurred with about 5 minutes left in Brick Memorial’s 42-14 loss.

“I was there, a parent started a fire the coach chant and throw (sic) a megaphone into the student sections,” BHHS Student posted. “The students refused to do it and then the parent went into the section and started shoving kids and hit one with the megaphone. That started it all.”

Parents starting fights with students at the brick memorial vs Jackson memorial states game. Disgusting. These parents were supporting the same team too.

Posted by Ryan January on Saturday, December 5, 2015

Others confirmed the witness’ recollection of events, stating the parent was a woman and the student was male. More adults reportedly went into the student section when things got rowdy, but police and school officials are still working to determine what, exactly, occurred, according to the Brick Patch.

Interim Brick Superintendent Richard Caldes told New Jersey 101.5 FM only that the incident was sparked over “inappropriate things” said in the stands, and at least one punch was thrown.

“Rutgers University campus police are conducting an investigation into the incident,” he said. “Building administration (at Brick Memorial High School) is conducting an investigation, as well.”

Brick Memorial senior Ryan January took a video of the tail end of the incident and posted it to Facebook Saturday night after the game. The crowd is in mayhem with several people loudly yelling profanities as several men are shoving back and forth with students.

“Parents starting fights with students at the Brick Memorial vs Jackson Memorial states game. Disgusting,” January posted with the video. “These parents were supporting the same team too.”

The video currently has 15,813 views.

Witnesses at the game told the Patch they believe alcohol played a prominent role in the brawl.

“Video forwarded to the Patch shows parents celebrating before the game, chanting ‘Mustangs!’ One woman clad in a Mustangs sweatshirt is holding what appears to be a bottle of beer,” according to the news site.

The High Points Solutions Stadium at Rutgers University where the game was played does not serve alcohol, and the stadium’s policy bans kegs and other large beer containers but not other forms of alcohol.

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association policy bans alcohol at all sporting events, Patch reports.

Some of the attendees at Saturday’s game students “were really mature in general” during the game, and don’t deserve the negative attention from the incident.

“I hope the football program, or any of the other school programs, are not affected by this,” one Patch reader wrote. “I would feel sad for the kids.”

“That’s a great example you’re setting for your kids, parents,” JB55Pisces posted. “You should all be VERY ashamed and embarrassed of your behavior!”