MILWAUKEE, Wis. – A Milwaukee high school student faces assault charges after he decked a teacher in the face, and a video of the attack was posted to Facebook.

In the video, recorded at South Division High School, a black male 16-year-old student pushed his black male teacher as they argued along the wall of a classroom Tuesday. Seconds later, the teen cocked back and blasted the teacher across the face, sending him directly to the ground through several desks.

The student then charged in swinging, and appeared to land four or five more blows to the teacher’s head before standing up to taunt over him. Students are heard in the video laughing and saying things like “Daaammmnnn.”

“That scares me. Oh my God, that really scares me,” said Niki Gerth, whose freshman daughter attends South Division.

Gerth and her husband Jerry told TMJ 4 they’d heard nothing from the school about the brawl.

“It makes me mad,” Jerry said.

Milwaukee Public Schools officials offered virtually nothing worthwhile about the attack, other than to acknowledge it and other obvious things.

“MPS is cooperating with the Milwaukee Police Department to investigate a situation that occurred today at 1515 W Lapham Blvd,” was the official MPS statement cited by WITI. “Due to this being an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further.”

South Division student Gustavo Miramontes told TMJ 4 the adult in the video is “kind of like a helper.”

“He mostly just like if a kid has a question he will help them out if they are struggling or something,” Miramontes said.

Milwaukee police arrested the student at school and will pursue a charge of battery to a school district official, a Class I felony, with the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office.

Jerry Gerth said he thinks the attacker’s mama should have taught him better manners.

“Somebody didn’t teach your child enough respect to say don’t swing at a teacher,” he said. “You don’t swing at an adult. You don’t disrespect adults.”

Others who work with kids in the district also weighed in.

“This is so hurtful to see! This is exactly why parents need to be parents not their kid’s friend!” Priscynthia Stewart posted to Facebook. “I work with MPS kids and I promise if your child run up I’m going to give them what you should have years ago! #trainyourchild #leadbyexample #Iwilldefendmyselfatallcost”

“The boy is not in jail either he was just on FB bragging that’s just sad,” Kimberly Todd added.

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