A video from Riverdale, Georgia’s Charles R. Drew High School shows a football coach at the school pummeling a student, repeatedly punching the 14-year-old with both fists as he sat on top of him.

School officials won’t discuss the incident with WSB, but the teen’s godmother, Yaquanda Lucas, filled in the details.


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Lucas contends the unnamed student suffered a concussion from the football coach and teacher, who was supervising an English class when things spiraled out of control.

Lucas said the unidentified teacher made a joke involving the boy’s recently deceased mother, the child threw a desk, and that sparked the teacher’s rage.

“He has his hat on, his stocking, and he said the teacher said, ‘Quit cutting up your momma’s stocking and wearing them on your head,’” she told the news site. “He said he was picking on him, trying to make the class laugh, and that made him upset.”

Lucas acknowledged that the boy’s reaction was inappropriate, but said school officials are aware he suffers from mental health issues that require special attention.

“That didn’t look like restraining him to me, it looked like you beat my child,” Lucas said. “My child hasn’t been sleeping well, he hasn’t been eating well.

“He complains about headaches,” she said.

The video, posted on Instagram by “yfn_.yhapo,” starts in the midst of the dispute and shows the student pick up a desk and hurl it across the room in the teacher’s direction. Moments later, the two are locked up against a wall before the teacher took the teen to the ground and blasted him eight or nine times in the head.

“Gonna hit this boy,” the teacher shouted in the video.

“I don’t excuse him throwing the chair, I don’t,” Lucas said. “There’s a way to handle these kids of kids, and that’s not the way that you do it.”

WSB reached out to Clayton County Schools officials, who had nothing to offer. It’s unclear what, if any, punishment the teacher or student face.

“Since this matter remains under investigation,” a spokesman said, “the district can not comment further.”

Parents in the district who watched the video want the teacher fired.

“My child needs to be handled, but that teacher … he needs to be absolutely fired,” one parent told the news site.

“They need to start doing further background checks on teachers and getting in tune with what’s going on on the outside, too because you don’t know who’s working in the schools,” parent Kapreshia Greenwood added. “They have to do better with being more teacher than friends.”

WTV reports the teacher has not been charged with a crime, but a criminal witness subpoena states a hearing is set to review the matter in two weeks.