NEW YORK — Milwaukee Public Schools is planning to spend over $471,000 next school year on “Black Lives Matter,” and the move is making national headlines.

Kyle Olson Varney 51716EAG founder Kyle Olson appeared on “Varney & Co.” on the Fox Business Network Tuesday to discuss the expenditure and what it means for student learning.

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An item in the Milwaukee Public Schools’ proposed budget listing $471,073 for Black Lives Matter has critics fuming, but district officials said Monday it is all a misunderstanding.

Although the budget draft lists the controversial activist group, whose members have called for attacks on police officers, as the recipient of the funds, school officials said much of the money would go to hiring and training three social studies teachers.

“No funding is going to any Black Lives Matter organization,” Tony Tagliavia, a spokesman for Milwaukee Public Schools told in a statement. “The specific expenditures, which are also outlined in the budget proposal, are for three social studies teachers and staff development for other employees.”

The funding would also pay for a “cultural studies curriculum” which aims to “[ensure] that culturally responsive teaching practices are in place at all schools, enhancing the district vision for student participation in a wide range of after-school activities…”

Olson was quoted in the article as saying, “All I’ve seen from ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a fomentation of hatred against the police, increased racial division and making excuses for the combination of poor parenting and failed policies from big city liberal politicians.”

He appeared the next day on “Varney & Co.”

Olson argued the new explanation — funding a “cultural studies” curriculum as opposed to the group itself — is actually worse because it will incorporate BLM’s ideology into what students are learning.

“When we hear ‘cultural studies,’ we look at what else is happening elsewhere around the country,” he said. “In Tucson, for example, they had a cultural studies curriculum and they are now teaching Mexican history as opposed to American history. So I think that’s the sort of thing that will be happening in Milwaukee.”