CHICAGO – A recent video from the Chicago Teachers Union’s strike on April 1st may have some parents concerned about what their children are learning in school.

A YouTube video of the rally posted yesterday shows a black woman under a huge banner that reads “Strike Justice, Fight For Funding” as she rails against police and champions the Black Lives Matter mantra.

“I am proud to be a black woman, because we are magic,” announced the woman, who was identified only as a CPS teacher. “Nothing has ever happened or will ever will happen without us. Period.

“I am so in love with my friends and the young black people and allies who are showing up and pouring their blood, their sweat, and their tears into the streets every day and shutting shit down and winning. I am inspired by my 13-year-old students who are half my age and already understand that black lives matter is not a slogan, it is a demand,” she said, building the hysteria.

“They understand that black lives matter is an affirmation that our people and the dream for the world that black lives do matter when we make them matter and that it is our duty to do so. We must demand more. We must organize. We must disrupt. We must disobey. We must agitate. We must escalate. We must break. We must create. We must abolish and transform. We must imagine. We must remember. We must love. We must live. And we will win,” she said to an applause.

The teacher saved her most important message for last.

“And the last thing I want to say is, while I have all y’all’s attention, is f*** the police! F*** the CPD! …” the teacher screamed as the crowd raised middle finger salutes. “F*** the police and everybody who f***s with them!”

The CTU’s never ending quest for “social justice” and increased school funding melds well with the Black Lives Matter movement because it’s based on the same perspective that the education and police systems are hopelessly stacked against blacks and other minorities. The CTU and Black Lives Matter joined in previous protests against Mayor Rahm Emanuel over an officer involved shooting of Laquan McDonald last fall.

Both groups also share a disregard for the law.

“This is unlawful,” Chicago Public Schools CEO Forrest Claypool said of the CTU strike, according to “It shows a disrespect for the law and a disrespect for the students.”

And the CTU is helping to prepare the next generation of law-ignoring far-left radicals through teacher training workshops aimed at “Empowering Students for Social Change,” EAGnews reports.

In January, the CTU and its radical faction – “Teachers for Social Justice” – held a seminar for teachers like the one in the recent YouTube video to learn how to “empower” students to “express purposeful dissent” and “engage in civic action to bring about desired social change.”

The workshop occurred just weeks before Chicago high school students walked out to protest school funding and other union interests.

“Teacher issues are student issues!” according to the CTU workshop flyer emailed to teachers.

And apparently BLM issues are teacher issues.

“Police aggression, militarization, profiling and a negative perception of low-income, disenfranchised communities are all components of a much greater problem,” the CTU posted to its website in January. “As the past shows, recent uprisings are not new, but merely the latest incarnations of a broken and racist system.”