The Broward County School Board is ignoring requests for answers from parents, friends and family of the 17 people killed in a shooting rampage at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in February.

On Wednesday, the board continued to stonewall by refusing to address Kenneth Preston, a student journalist who uncovered district mismanagement that contributed to the tragedy. Preston contends the district raised $100 million in taxes to upgrade safety systems years ago, but never followed through.

Hunter Pollack, brother of Stoneman Douglas student Meadow Pollack who was killed in the attack, initially questioned the board about the issue months ago, and he was on the phone when Preston took the podium Wednesday.

“Had the alarm been installed on time with the recommended upgrades those six likely would not have been killed. One of those students was Meadow Pollack. When her brother Hunter came to you face to face two months ago and asked for an explanation, you refused to answer him publicly and never reached out to him privately,” Preston told the board.

“In light of these new revelations, I would like to give you the opportunity to do exactly that. Unfortunately, Hunter wasn’t able to make it today, but I have him on the phone and Meadow’s family is currently watching this meeting,” he continued. “Superintendent, can you please explain to them why these security programs were not made a priority, and why the families were misled as to what could be and could not be done with that system?”

Instead of providing an explanation, board members offered a condescending lecture about the process and procedures at school board meetings.

“Are you done with your speaking?” board member vice chairwoman Heather Brinkworth questioned.

“I am,” Preston answered.

“Just a reminder that we do not engage in back-and-forth discourse with public speakers. It’s an opportunity for you to address the board, but we do not engage in back-and-forth …,” she said.

“I’m aware, but it seems decorum went out the window when Hunter came and asked you personally face to face and you never reached out and you never gave him an answer,” Preston said. “His sister was a student killed in this school district, one of our students, and they’ve never even been given an explanation.

“So I understand that typically there isn’t a back and forth but it seems in this situation, given that they’re asking for answer and haven’t been given any, that it would be appropriate,” he said.

The board responded with silence as Preston’s allotted speaking time ticked off the clock.

“We can wait, Hunter’s waiting,” he said. “It’s just unfortunate.”

Board member Rosalind Osgood attempted to intervene, but Brinkworth shut her down.

“Dr. Osgood, you can’t make a comment because his time is not up and we are not going to engage in back and forth comments, thank you,” Brinkworth barked.

“You’re more than welcome to say something if you’d like,” Preston told Hunter on the phone.

“We’re just waiting on an answer,” Hunter said over the speakerphone.

“Your time is up now,” Brinkworth said.

“You don’t want to answer his family, is that it?” Preston shot back. “You can’t give a single answer for a family who lost a daughter, who lost a sister? Nothing?”

The board then cut his microphone as a security officer escorted him away from the podium. Preston discussed his investigation into the school shooting in more depth with The Hill in April.