A student in Danville, Virginia is facing a misdemeanor charge for bringing a cardboard gun on his school bus on Friday.

“Today, the (Danville Police Department) and (Danville Public Schools) investigated a report of a gun being brandished on a school bus,” Danville VA Schools posted to Twitter Friday. “Investigation showed that it was a replica of a gun made out of cardboard. The incident was dealt with swiftly and the student has been charged accordingly.”

Danville Police Lt. Richard Chivvis told the Danville Register & Bee the student was charged with a misdemeanor, but would not say what school the student attended or where the bus was going.

“It picked the kid up this morning and it was on the way to school,” he said. “Other students made the report and (school resource officers) and school administrators handled it.”

On Saturday, Danville Police posted a picture of the gun on Twitter. It was clearly made of cardboard, with what appeared to be black electrical tape wrapped around it. The post revealed a few more clues about the incident, including the approximate age of the accused.

“Yesterday it was reported that a teenage student brandished a firearm in a threatening manner toward other students on a school bus in,” according to the post. “The investigation concluded it was a replica of a firearm. Attached is a photo of the replica firearm fabricated out of cardboard and tape.”

It’s unclear what, if any, punishment the student faced from the unnamed school, but it’s certainly not the first time students have faced harsh punishments for fake guns.

Incidents in recent years involved a 10-year-old suspended for shooting off his fingers, a youngster reprimanded for munching his Pop-Tart into a gun shape, and a five year old suspended for a clear plastic Hello Kitty bubble gun school officials deemed a “firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm,” EAGnews reports.

A history teacher in Florida even lost her job a few years ago for bringing in a toy musket in to class for a lesson about the Revolutionary War.

In Danville, locals were mixed in their reaction to the student’s criminal charge.

“He wasn’t just doing arts and crafts guys. This was a high school student. The cardboard was wrapped with black electrical tape, he showed part of it to some other students and told them it was a real gun that he planned to use at school,” Lynn Nicole Keatts posted to Facebook.

“I know this because I got a text from my son that was on the bus, and I am one of the parents that contacted the school,” she wrote.

“A misdemeanor for a cardboard gun????” Derek Clark commented. “How in the hell did they charge him? I need some explanation on this one.”

“This is an asinine response to an arts and crafts project,” Joshua Jennings wrote. “Hopefully, the jury will agree and ‘nullify’ this idiotic charge.”

“This is why we need stricter gun laws,” Stacia Martin posted.