By Kyle Olson

TUCKER, Ga. – Yesterday we told you about Livsey Elementary School in the DeKalb County, Georgia school district, where the following jingle was posted in a hallway for Black History Month:

ObamarunRosa sat…so Martin could walk.
Martin walked…so Obama could run.
Obama ran…so our children could fly.

Those are obvious references to Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President Obama.

Little did we know it wasn’t a verse that school staff dreamed up, but rather a part of a vulgar Jay-Z song titled “My President is Black.” Here are the lyrics:

My President is black
My Maybach too
And I’ll be god damned if my diamonds ain’t blue
My money’s dark green
And my porch is light gray
I’m headed for D.C. anybody feel me?

My president is black
In fact, he’s half white
So even in a racist mind he’s half right
So if u have a racist mind you be ‘aight
My president is black
But his house is all white

Rosa Parks sat
So Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked
So Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran
So all the children could fly

So I’ma spread my wings
So you could meet me in the sky

I already got my own clothes
Already got my own shoes
I was hot before Barack
Imagine what I’m gon’ do

Hello Miss America
Hey pretty lady
Red white and blue flag
Wave for me baby
Never thought I’d say this shit
Baby I’m good
You can keep ya puss
I don’t want no more Bush
No more war
No more Iraq
No more white lies
The President is black

Do school officials in De Kalb County want students to admire all the lyrics of this sickening recording, or just the one verse about kids flying? We hope the latter is the case.

Jay-Z is not the type of hero our schools should be promoting. There are many other black Americans far, far more worthy of our praise and admiration.

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