Union-caused chaos: Community group protests pending teacher strike

May 31, 2012


NESHAMINY, Pa. – The ongoing contract dispute between the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers and the cash-strapped Neshaminy school district might result in a teacher’s strike beginning Monday, June 4.

The pending strike would be the second this school year, and would disrupt the final exam schedule for the district’s high school seniors. It could also delay their graduation ceremony, which is scheduled for June 13.

The latest strike threat is apparently the last straw for some community members who have decided to take matters into their own hands.

The group “Taxpayers for a Fair Neshaminy Budget” plan to gather today to stage a peaceful protest against the union’s bullying tactics. The community protest coincides with the latest round of contract negotiations.

On its website, the community group explained the reasons for the protest:

“These 650 NFT BULLIES are DEMANDING that the 69,000+ Neshaminy school district residents accept contract terms that are not fair to our students, their parents or the community at large! To satisfy their greed, MORE school programs would have be cut, additional schools may close, taxes will sky rocket and our property values would continue to decline!

“These NFT union BULLYTHUGS make more money and have better benefits than many of the very people who employ them!

“Well, we’ve had enough and we’re NOT going to take it anymore!”

The group’s anger is obvious, and serves as further evidence that teacher unions are unraveling the fabric of Pennsylvania communities with their divisive tactics.

And until state officials put an end to Big Labor’s ability to hold students hostage, as more than 30 states already have, we don’t see the situation changing any time soon.


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3 Responses

  1. foosgoddess says:


  2. It’s good teachers who make the school system work – not the unions! They never should have been given the power they have. They will use it any way they can regardless of who it hurts to get what they want. Time to put them out of business or, at the very least restrict their rights as they have done in Wisconsin. The stupid states like California are going out of business because of Union greed and nonsense!

  3. Parent says:

    What I thought was sad was that; as all the teachers were leaving at the protest, they ignored the parents, like as if they didn’t exist….then they got into their BMW’s and Lexus luxury cars and went home to their large homes. These teachers are greedy and clearly do not understand their roles as public employees. They also don’t sem to understand that we are in a recesion! If you want more money, go find another job, oh…but that would require work and not one of those teachers work! Did you you see morbidly obese gym teacher protesting!!! ROFL!!! fat lard!

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