WASHINGTON, D.C. – Donald Trump wants the public’s input on slashing regulations and unnecessary rules at the U.S. Department of Education.

The Education Department published a request for comments last week as part of President Trump’s Executive Order 13777, a directive signed in February that tasks all federal agencies with identifying regulations that “may be appropriate for repeal, replacement, or modification,” according to the notice posted to the Federal Register.

Executive Order 13777 tasked each federal department with creating a Regulatory Reform Task Force “to alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens” through recommendations to top officials.

The executive order directs the task forces to identify regulations that:

  • Eliminate jobs, or inhibit job creation;
  • Are outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective;
  • Impose costs that exceed benefits;
  • Create a serious inconsistency or otherwise interfere with regulatory reform initiatives and policies;
  • Are inconsistent with the requirements … that rely in whole or in part on data, information, or methods that are not publicly available or that are insufficiently transparent to meet the standard for reproducibility; or
  • Derive or implement Executive Orders or other Presidential directives that have been subsequently rescinded or substantially modified.

“Through this announcement, the Department is soliciting such input from the public to inform its Task Force’s evaluation of existing regulations and guidance that have a policy impact,” the notice read.

The DOE provided a link to significant guidance documents and Code of Federal Regulations, as well as some guidance on what officials are looking for.

“The Department requests that commenters be as specific as possible by: Providing a Federal Register (FR) or CFR citation when referencing a specific regulation or, where practicable, a link when referencing a particular guidance document; including any supporting data or other applicable information; providing specific suggestions regarding repeal, replacement, or modification; and explaining with specificity why the referenced regulation or guidance should be repealed, replaced, or modified,” the notice read.

“We are particularly interested in regulatory provisions that you find unduly costly or unnecessarily burdensome. Although we will not respond to individual comments, the Department values public feedback and will give careful consideration to all input that we receive.”

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued a statement last week on her department’s task force’s progress so far.

“The Regulatory Reform Task Force has been hard at work over the last few months cataloging over 150 regulations and more than 1,700 pieces of policy guidance on the books at the Department of Education,” DeVos said.

“As their work continues, they have been tasked with providing recommendation on which regulations to repeal, modify or keep in an effort to ensure those that remain adequately protect students while giving states, institutions, teachers, parents and students the flexibility needed to improve student achievement.”

Information on submitting comments is available on the Federal Register. The deadline to weigh in is August 21, 2017.

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