By Steve Gunn

MILWAUKEE – Wisconsin Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers doesn’t like to be asked if he supports a radical organization that used Racine and Milwaukee high school students as pawns  in its fight against Gov. Scott Walker and Act 10.

He grabbed a reporter’s microphone and responded angrily Wednesday night when asked about a “shout out” he gave moments earlier to students who are involved with a radical group known as “YES” (Youth Empowered in the Struggle).

Those students supposedly authored a “student bill of rights” to be presented to the Racine and Milwaukee school boards. Curiously, the list of “student” rights included a demand for the restoration of full collective bargaining privileges for teachers unions. Critics accused local teachers union members of leading students in their development of the “bill of rights.”

The YES students were also used to help get out the anti-Scott Walker vote in Racine on June 5, the day of the gubernatorial recall election.

The YES organization has been tied to the Marxist “Occupy” movement.

Evers acknowledged the YES students Wednesday during a speech to a citizens group in Milwaukee. reporter Jeremy Segal immediately asked Evers about the “shout out.”

“Is this a loaded question?” Evers responded. “Are you going to ask me a question or tell me about these people?”

When Segal asked Evers if it was okay for leftist teachers in Racine to recruit young YES members (and other students) to assist in the anti-Walker campaign during school hours, Evers responded “You can identify the students?”

Then Evers went into a full tirade, grabbing Segal’s microphone and angrily stating, “Listen, Jack, I gave a shout out to those students who worked very hard to get a student bill of rights. That’s all I did. If you want to tie it to the Occupy movement, go ahead.

“I know you want to create some controversy here. I get that,” Evers continued, claiming he knew nothing about the YES political activities in Racine. “I know you accomplished exactly what you wanted to accomplish tonight.”

When Segal reminded Evers that he grabbed his microphone, Evers responded, “You kept shoving it in my face.” When Segal reminded him that the microphone was being properly used for a media interview, Evers walked away.

A video detailing the ties between YES and Occupy can be viewed below.