WARWICK, R.I. – A specific – and graphic – threat was made against school children in three Rhode Island communities.

generic-cranston-policeJohnston, Cranston and Warwick are on alert after a threat was issued that involved “beheading.”

The threat, which was delivered by mail, said, “Beheading is planned.”

Warwick police Col. Steven McCartney called the message “chilling.”

Many parents are reportedly keeping their children at home.

“Some parents are keeping their kids at home. Right now we just ran our attendance data, we have about a third,” Cranston School Superintendent Judith Lundsten tells WPRO.

“I was at Gladstone this morning and in one of their rooms they almost had 100% attendance.”

According to the Providence Journal, Lundsten canceled recess and students will not wait outside but will enter immediately.

Cranston police chief Michael Winquist tells the radio station there will be an increased police presence around both public and private schools, but that there patrols will not disrupt the school day.

“When these threats come in we take them very serious, at the same time we don’t want these threats to disrupt our daily lives including the important work they do here educating students,” Winquist says.

“We’re in constant communication is absolutely critical from not only a law enforcement standpoint, but most importantly the schools and the administrations because we want to ensure there is a safe environment for our students as they are going to our schools,” Cranston Mayor Allan Fung tells WPRO.

The mailed threat reportedly said children would be targeted Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

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