By Kyle Olson

CHICAGO – The historic links between labor unions and the radical left – primarily socialists, Marxists and Communists – are undeniable. They’re virtually one in the same.

That is not to say every rank-and-file union member is a radical.  But the staff and elected leaders of most public sector unions have a far-left agenda and routinely align themselves with radical elements to achieve their objectives.

They do their best to conceal these facts. That’s because Americans have always found socialism and communism distasteful. They are not the American way.

So it comes as a surprise to see the truth openly acknowledged. The World Socialist Web Site, which frequently portrays unions as sellouts to the “corporate agenda,” criticized the CTU, “which is run by a ‘left’ faction that includes members of the International Socialist Organization.”

The site was especially critical of CTU vice president Jesse Sharkey, who is reportedly a member of the ISO, but may be too compromising with “corporate interests.” According to its website, the ISO is working “for a future socialist society.”

Socialist Equality Party vice presidential candidate Phyllis Scherrer recently appeared before Chicago teachers to gain their votes.  She was critical of the CTU, saying there should be no concessions during contract negotiations with the city, and teacher tenure should be defended.

The WSWS then quotes Michael (no last name included), a Chicago public school teacher:

“I don’t understand capitalistic society. How does it benefit anyone to have all of these student loans floating out there? It seems like we have to pay money to borrow money. It is a new type of slavery. I won’t finish paying my loans until retirement, and I have to hope that I get a pension. How many religions around the world forbid usury? Yet we base our entire economy on it.

“Then there is the banking crisis that is affecting us and the reason they are going after education. In fact, it’s bigger than us; it’s global. I think about WWII and Nazi Germany. Many people were apolitical, and fascism was able to take over.”

Who’s betting he’s either a history teacher or an economics teacher?

If you’re wondering why America is sliding towards socialism, well, there you have it. The leftists are in our classrooms, and they’re indoctrinating our children. There’s no concealing that ugly fact.