This is what Ohio is doing to try to repeal Common Core

June 24, 2014

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – In August 2013, Rep. Andy Thompson (R-Marietta) introduced H.B. 237, which would repeal Common Core in the state of Ohio. But after almost a year the bill remains stuck in committee. So Common Core opponents are getting creative. Now, they are on a mission to get 50 signatures on a discharge petition to bring the bill to a vote on the House floor.

Shortly after Rep. Thompson introduced the bill last August, it was assigned to the House Education Committee. Currently the committee is chaired by Rep. Gerald Stebelton (R-Lancaster), a supporter of Common Core. H.B. 237 was permitted two hearings, and was tabled afterwards.

As a result, on June 4, 2014, Rep. John Adams (R-Sidney) pulled a discharge petition. A discharge petition allows a bill to be brought to the floor for full consideration of the House with sufficient signatures – bypassing the committee. Rep. Adams explained in an interview that for Ohio they must obtain signatures from half the House – 50 total — from members of either party to bring the bill to the floor.

The following twenty-two members have signed the discharge petition (last updated June 20, 2014):

District Member Party
2 Mark Romanchuk R
29 Louis Blessing R
37 Kristina Roegner R
42 Terry Blair R
50 Christina Hagan R
51 Wes Retherford R
52 Margaret Conditt R
54 Peter Beck R
57 Terry Boose R
61 Ron Young R
62 Ron Maag R
65 John Becker R
70 Dave Hall R
73 Rick Perales R
76 Matt Lynch R
78 Ron Hood R
82 Tony Burkley R
83 Robert Sprague R
84 Jim Buchy R
85 John Adams R
91 Cliff Rosenberger R
95 Andy Thompson R


Some of those opposing Common Core have attempted to start a Twitter campaign, asking members to sign the discharge petition using the hashtag #dischargeOhHB237. The Ohio House will return to session after the November election.

Authored by Stephanie Kreuz

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