WASHINGTON, D.C. – As President Obama appoints a new executive director of the first lady’s Let’s Move initiative, many students may be curious about what other lunch changes will be coming down the pike.

Debra Eschmeyer – a self-described “food justice” activist – was named by Fortune magazine as one of “’The Most Innovative Women in Food and Drink’ permanently changing the way we eat and how we think about food,” Agri-pulse.com reports.

The Free Beacon notes in 2011, Eschmeyer said, “I was an editor of ‘Food Justice’ (the new book by Robert Gottlieb and Anupama Joshi) so I spent several years thinking about the definition.

“Food justice seeks to ensure that the benefits and risks of where, what, and how food is grown, produced, transported, distributed, accessed, and eaten are shared fairly.”

“It represents a transformation of the current food system, including but not limited to eliminating disparities and inequities,” Eschmeyer added.

But many students may be wondering where the justice is in the skimpy school lunches brought about by Michelle Obama’s overhaul to the National School Lunch Program.

Trey Palmer posted a photo of his lunch, which included half of a Hot Pocket, a small scoop of canned green beans, a dinner roll and an orange slice.

He declined to identify the school that served the meal.

Maryland student Sara Kep’s lunch consisted mozzarella cheese sticks and a pile of beans.

She wasn’t the only one to get beans.

Logan says his lunch at Sequoyah High School in Claremore, Oklahoma resembles “rat sh*t.”

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Student Chris Rice observed his skimpy lunch – consisting of pears, sliced carrots and an unknown entree – is worse than a “Serbian gulag.”

Just imagine what lunches will look like when the self-described “food justice” czar has her way with them.

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