Teachers Speak

Like many teachers unions around the country, the Wisconsin Education Association Council, or WEAC, would lead us to believe they speak for teachers.  They would like us to think they have all the answers and know what is best for students and the teaching profession.  They’d like us to believe their members stand united behind WEAC’s agenda.

Well, it turns out they’re not.

WEAC’s moves to stifle reform and recall elected leaders that stand up to the union have provoked teachers and school board members to speak out against the union.

Here, EAGnews.org has given teachers and education leaders an opportunity to sound off on union tactics, their profession and what’s best for the children of Wisconsin.

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  2. […] HomeBreaking NewsCBS News Live StreamTweeting Ann RomneyTweeting Michelle MalkinEAG News – The Union Racket: Teachers speak outPosted by  The Right Scoop on May 17th, 2012 in Politics | Leave a CommentThis is a great video of a teacher summing up in a nutshell the union racket of using taxpayer dollars to elect politicians that support the union (via EAG News):jQuery(document).ready(function($){window.setTimeout('loadTwitter_50161()',1000);window.setTimeout('loadFBLike_50161()',1000);});/**/jQuery(document).load(function(){stLight.options({publisher:''});});emailDigg Diggvar dd_offset_from_content=60;var dd_top_offset_from_content=0;google_ad_client="pub-2442811395354582";google_ad_slot="3294056395";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280;Comment Policy: Please read our new comment policy before making a comment. In short, please be respectful of others and do not engage in personal attacks. 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  3. Firesign58 says:

    Let’s hear more about this.

  4. Jim Britt says:

    Unions are an arm of the Mafia and are run by over-paid, lazy bum stealing money from the members.

    Union dues are the same as the “protection money” the Mafia used to extort from businesses in the 30s.

  5. Dan Triplett says:

    I was able to quit my teacher union 12 years ago.  I’ll never give them another dime.  But today if you become a teacher in my district, you have no choice but to join and pay.  Shameful.

  6. […] still under the union’s thumb due to her unexpired contract, Lacroix has taken to the streets and airwaves to voice her opinion. When one goes against unions and other leftists, there’s invariably hell […]

  7. John Siggens says:

    it takes courageous people to stand up to tyranny and I salute the participants of these videos.  The unions have gone the way of all things that get a taste of power: from a necessity to solve a problem, to becoming the problem that they were created to solve.  The reduction of the union power will unleash better education for our children and Wisconsin will be  better for it.

  8. Teachers should be able to make the choice to be a member of the union. It should not be a requirement to get a teaching job.

    • Scabs heal wounds says:

      AMEN SISTER!!!! The private sector employees have the right to choose. Why should the public sector be required. I am not saying that the private sector do not have jobs that require it. Which I do think is wrong. Anyone should be able to get a job anywhere and not be required to pay dues. My Dad went through his life supporting the union. He had the farm and then went to his JOB after the chores were down. He did this for many years. When he got to be almost retirement age. The union could no longer find work for him. He got to be 62 and retired. He went to collect his pension. The union (the ones that are there to protect the employee “right”) said sorry Joe you are short nine months of time to collect. They could have said this before he retired? NO they did not want him to pull money out of their pockets. I have seen tax payers overpay for construction projects because of PLAs. Lambeau was a perfect example. It was a PLA project which limited it to union contractors or contractors that would sign an agreement. I contact the Mayor and he replied he was sorry I work for a contractor that did not pay well or have good benifits. He did not know anything about my employer. I was getting better pay and benifits then my union counterparts. Keep moving forward.

  9. People should have the liberty to collectively bargain, just as they have the liberty to form corporations and political parties. Unions are not perfect, but the alternative, which is now upon us due to an electorate that puts its own immediate interests above anything else, is going to produce a steady downward spiral in the quality of life in America. Scott Walker came in and eviscerated public workers’ collective bargaining liberties, with no warning, based on obvious policies of ALEC, a dubious organization at best. He would not compromise, he would not listen, unless it was a phone call from a libertarian billionaire. But you know all of this, as does everyone.

    • mildurb says:

      You can accuse Governor Walker (why do you all always call him Scott; none of you call Mayor  Barrett “Tom”) of a lot of things, but saying the governor did anything with “no warning” is bunk.  The governor has, against all odds, managed to do exactly what he said he would do while campaigning (hmmm. if only other politicians did that!).  His dedication to getting the job done incited dems to actually abandon their jobs and leave the state.  I have talked to more than one voter who did not vote for Walker the first time around, but will be voting for him this week because they recognize the illegitimacy of the Recall Vote. 

      • You are not being rational here. It’s a matter of record that Walker said nothing in his campaign about destroying public sector unions. And he himself called it “dropping the bomb.” Do you not understand the meaning of that expression? As far as I can tell nearly every policy he implemented came right out of the ALEC playbook. While you and I will not likely ever agree on everything, we are citizens of the same state and we need to work together. This is what good teachers teach us, civic engagement and participation, and a spirit of compromise for the benefit of everyone. As far as I’m concerned anyone who DOESN’T vote to remove Walker from office doesn’t understand the social contract. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, though, sincerely.

        • MGS says:

           It’s amazing, if Walker said nothing about his plans, how did the DOC employees, and others, know every detail about those plans before he was elected.  Who are you trying to BS?

      • Konot_scot says:

         scott tried to sneak the union busting bill in five days; a system that took 50 years of negotiations to create.  The man is a sleaze bag, not just because of his policies, but because of his character.

      • Megido45 says:

        The people should always have the right to discharge any politician that fails to do the bidding of its people. Have you ever  read the declaration of independence. I’m betting NO. 

      • LORI says:

        When the governor claims that he has not raised taxes on the good citizens of Wisconsin he lies.  He raised taxes on every public employee by recinding part of their total compensation package and leaving them very vulnerable besides.   If you are not a public employee, count your blessings because the BOMB saved your family a few dollars on property taxes (or maybe not since houses have dropped in value or perhaps the lottery kicked in those measly few dollars);   but remember that the governor told the billionaire Ms. Hendricks that he was going to make Wisconsin an All RED STATE (a right to work state) by Dividing and Conquering.    I interpret that to mean that the ACT 10 BOMB caused the division;   he will CONQUER the private sector shortly. 

    • Aschoenw says:

      People have the liberty and Freedom.  “The People on both sides of this issue have spoken.  If you don’t like it….The Soviet Union is really nice this time of the year.  This recall has cost us millions!  Stop alreasy!

    • Uglystump says:

      FDR, Carter, Clinton and Obama all agree with you about collective bargaining… but not for federal workers. (makes wonder why.. don’t it?)

  10. cakes says:

    I don’t know what local union these teachers were talking about, but no one has to join a union if they don’y want too. I didn’t have to join mine, but I choose to because of the benefits that I get. The job of the union is to see to it that the workers rights are not violated. What I’ve seen over the 20+ years in a union is management does not keep accurate records of emplyees that do not meet or preform to the job description/requirements or even disipline the employee for violations of company policies. Which matters when an employee is going to be let go, because of poor documentation the employee can’t be let go. There are some things that it should not matter, if the employee is guilty of it, they should be let go. The flip side to this most union personnel and even some union reps forget that it’s not the unions job to protect the union member if he is proforming at a substandard level or is violating company policies. Both the employer and the union need to follow the policies that are in place and when an employee violates them the employee needs to hold that employee accountable and the union needs to make sure the employer is doing things as he should be.    

    • Dickfore says:

       You are a frikin liar! You are going to tell me that you can quit your “union” and still keep your current job? Fuck you!!!!! You are an idiot and should not be teaching!!!

      • Cycledude007 says:

         I think that you could use a grammar course. Shame on you.

        • Minogaade says:

           The internet so fundamentally exposes the flaws of the one person-one vote approach to government. Instead of imposing yet another idiotic test standard on education, let’s require a license to vote. Honestly, you need one to drive, I find it unbelievable that any idiot off the street has a right to vote. Most of the comments on this site are an embarrassment to democracy. “Fuck you!!!!!” — there’s some intelligence at work.

          • megido45 says:

            It violates the Constitution. If you’re going to make and idiots suggestion than you ought to be on a blog that welcomes them.

      • Konot_scot says:

         Hey dick, you’re wrong again.  Joining is optional.

      • Bags63 says:

        What a moron you are.  Your parochail education must have taught you speak and write.  

    • Megido45 says:

      This damage he will cause is bigger than what you think. Walker will turn this state into a right to work state and then all you Walker fans will get it. Your ignorance will not be bliss but hang on to your love for the man who couldn’t care less about you. Thank God I have my retirement I think I’ll spend some of it telling you fools I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!! Walker is not a friend of the people of Wisconsin.

    •  This is Tracie, I’m the one in the last video clip up there. The union we are talking about is WEAC, Wisconsin’s teacher union. We ARE forced to join…there is no choice. It’s part of signing our teaching contract. Yes, we can follow a very lengthy and difficult process to get some of our money back but when I did it, I got $30 back out of over $700. Between phone calls, insured and delivery assurance costs, it wasn’t worth it in the end. Hope that answers your question!

  11. Agihammersmith says:

    Teachers with Masters Degrees will lose up to 40 per cent of their pay under the provisions of Act 10 which do not allow districts to acknowledge “add ons.”  And in at least one district teachers will be facing health insurance cuts that will end up being another $6,000 per  year out of pocket.  That means that some teachers will lose almost 50% of their wages.  They will also have less help from assistants.  Even if you hate teachers think about the effect that this lose of income will have on local communities. Act 10 is an indirect tax on small businesses all over Wisconsin.  We will lose our best teachers and it will become increasingly difficult to hire new ones.  Other states will be able to offer our top teachers much better deals.  It’s obvious to anyone who hasn’t swallowed the Tea Party kool aid that Governor Walker’s ultimate aim is the dismantling of our public school system so he can hand it over to some sort of private company — education by Wal Mart.

    The recall is completely legitimate but even if it fails I predict that Governor Walker will be in Jail before his first term ends anyway.

    Governor Walker used a fake budget crisis — one that HE created (a matter of record according to the people who keep Wisconsin’s books) to get Act 10 passed.  He hurt thousands of Wisconsin families just to achieve a political advantage for his party.  Who does that?  Who hurts moms and dad and kids for political gain?  Governor Walker, that’s who.  The Fitzgerald brothers and their fellow travelers in the legislature.  The Party is more important to them than moms and dads and children.

    If you think a teacher is overpaid, Governor Walker, then I want you to go up to that teacher and tell him or her to their face that you think they make too much money, and THEN I want you to tell them how you reached that conclusion.  If you’re going to cut someone’s pay by fifty per cent I think they need a better explanation than “divide and conquer.”

    • Dickfore says:

       You are sooooooo full of shit. It is people like you that is fucking up this state! Quit thinking about the “I” and start thinking about “WE”!

      • Cycledude007 says:

         You’re a class act.

      • Ghayes649 says:

        Right on Dickfore, I second that motion… and after Tues all I’ll be saying is “In your face Recall Pukes”, cause your all going down in a big way…. 

      • Dregney says:

         That was a very mature response. You must have never had a teacher that made a difference in your life and that’s really too bad.  Of course, I’m sure you were a model student while you were in school and graduated with honors from college. Nice work foreskin.

    • Buzz says:

       If Act10 is so bad… why is Barrett not campaigning against act10? Why does your side have to make up all the lies? The John Doe, the attacks on women, privatizing hunting, the job numbers and the latest is the illegitimate child… all 100% lies. Why does someone lie? it’s an easy question to answer… it’s when the truth is not going to cut it. Act10 is a resounding success and everyone knows it. You don’t recall success!

  12. Kressjh says:

    The same if not better financial results would have occurred if the Republicans hadn’t “bombed” the public unions. When Walker wins on Tuesday he will have an unencumbered ability to continue his slash, burn, bomb and divide tactics.

    The far right damage to our state will have a legacy of decades.

  13. Democracy_Will_Prevail says:

    I and others simply don’t recognize the legitimacy of the
    recall so we’ll be standing in line to vote Governor Walker back in office.
    It’s just a shame that he’s had to waste 17 months of his term on this
    illegitimate exercise.

  14. Konot_scot says:

    OK dickfore, I’m a teacher, I’ve given $7000 to the lower taxes cause, what have you done? 

    • Thezigg says:

      I have been overpaying property taxes for 20 years, to start with.

      • LORI says:

        Last I checked, PUBLIC EMPLOYEES are also TAXPAYERS who were also overpaying property taxes because the multimillionaires and billionaires were not paying their fair share.     

    • Newbymotorsports says:

      Paid it all along….

  15. justaguy212 says:

    While I cant stand private unions,  I recognize that private citizens are free to associate as they please. 


    Public sector unions are INSIDIOUS…

    A private union organizing against a private company can put the company out of business if it demands too much (see GM as an example) and the company bends to the will of the union. 

    A public sector union on the other hand Fucks as ALL…  Who the fuck is a public sector union organizing against?  Ill tell you….  US…  They are organizing against WE the Tax payers…  So what happens if the unions ask too much of the chumps they are organizing against? Their taxes go up, business leave the state, billion dollar budget deficits, etc…

    Public sector unions are fucking vampires who feed off their host till its dead. 

  16. Jmurphy114 says:

    These people are the union they can make the changes they need to. You people are suppose to be the educated ones and you have’nt figured out how to control your own union. I pity your students. 

  17. cee says:

    Don’t need to know who the people are in the above messages, just the school districts they are from, or are they actors. And are they teachers that are from a private school? It is hard to make a educated decision without knowing this information. Kristi in the above ad does not know how union money is spent to help elect officials. Also if she didn’t want to join a union, than teach in a private school where there are no union dues to be paid. Of course there are less benefits and wages but no union dues. I remember when I was a kid I was taught to work hard and you will be rewarded. I have worked hard my whole life and am starting to reap some of the rewards, but now there is agroup of people out there that are mad because they did not work hard and do not have any rewards so they don’t want me to have any either. They are called the Tea Party.

  18. […] simply bargains for that money after-the-fact, behind closed doors, via collective bargaining, and teachers, parents, students, or businesses who speak about against the union WILL be bullied, just like […]

  19. tripmom92 says:

    There are places out there that states you don’t have to belong to the union but really is if you don’t join the union you find jobs.
    Teachers who are supposely going to lose 50% of wages…… half is better than none… $0 . 
    UNions have turned into nothing but  bullying organization…. or just simple thugs. They are an embarrassment to this country. 
    Unions are the ones destroying this country and  jobs….. they have collective bargained themselves out of jobs. Look at manufacturing jobs in this country, fewer and fewer because of union demands, thus costing manufactures more… thus moving jobs to foreign countries. Again collective bargained their members out of jobs.