By Steve Gunn

NEWTOWN, Conn. – Big Labor types are feeling good about themselves because the brave teachers who saved so many students last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary are union members.

we love our teachersAs “Omaha Steve” blogged on, the Sandy Hook teachers “were members of Local 1727 of the American Federation of Teachers,  AFL-CIO. Keep that in mind when you hear the phrase ‘union thugs.’ ”

What does that have to do with anything? If the union had given the teachers special training to deal with crazed gunmen, perhaps the union could take credit. Such training never happened.

Sorry, Steve, but there are plenty of real union thugs running around doing horrible things that hurt schools and their students. But they are mostly union leaders and agitators, not rank-and-file teachers.

The teachers at Sandy Hook were very brave. Teachers in general are great people. It makes no difference whether they belong to a union or not. We’re sure many non-union teachers in charter and private schools would have acted in the same heroic manner if their students were threatened with violence.

Union leaders should stop taking credit where credit is not due.

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