AURORA, Colo. – The Cherry Creek School District is forcing employees to gauge their “white privilege” with a controversial survey, and many aren’t very happy about it.

Several employees contacted The Denver Channel after district officials forced them to take a “White Privilege Survey” that tasks them with weighting 26 different statements – scoring statements a five if it’s often true, a three if sometimes true, and zero if rarely or never true.cherrycreek

A handwritten note on a copy provided by an employee to the news site reads “9-23-16 Equity Staff meeting.”

The statements include:

I can be in the company of people of my race most of the time.

If I should need to move, I can be pretty sure of hassle-free renting or purchasing in an area I which I want to live.

I can be pretty sure that my neighbors in such a location will be neutral or pleasant to me.

I can go shopping alone most of the time, pretty well assured I will not be followed or harassed.

I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the newspaper and see people of my race widely and positively represented.

When I am told about our national heritage or about “civilization,” I am shown that people of my race made it what it is.

I can go into most supermarkets and find the staple foods which fit with my racial/ethnic traditions; I can go into any hairdresser’s shop and find someone who can cut my hair. …

Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole said the district has used the survey for diversity training on “opportunity gaps” between students of different races since 2003, and noted that 45 percent of the district’s students are not white.whiteprivilegesurveyfull

The Pacific Educational Group, a radical left consulting company that promotes the white privilege perspective on society through six figure teacher training sessions once listed the Cherry Creek district among its clients on its website.

PEG scrubbed that list from its website last year after EAGnews exposed the millions of public tax dollars spent on the lessons, though EAGnews republished the list.

The white privilege teacher training sessions are based on the theory that America’s white supremacist system is hopelessly stacked against minorities and the only way white teachers can reach black students is to acknowledge their privileged status and repent for their skin color.

“As a black man I can say that they are hurting black kids,” former St. Paul public school teacher Aaron Benner told EAGnews last spring. “I’ve never seen anything as idiotic as PEG. Everything we do, PEG is at the forefront.

“It’s so comical. PEG says shouting out in class is a black cultural norm, and being on time is a white cultural thing. It’s so demeaning, so condescending to black kids. If a white person were making claims like this, black people would be in an uproar.

“You are not doing kids any favors by making excuses for them because they are black. It’s not a matter of culture if you’re talking about norms that all cultures need to abide by – you cannot throw things or attack your teacher, regardless of your race.”

Amole defended the white privilege training when contacted by The Denver Channel.

“This work works,” she insisted. “And we will continue to use it.”

At least some students in the district think that’s a mistake.

“I mean, the title is definitely suspicious,” senior Ochirbat Purevsaikhan told the news site. “It’s definitely weird. Like, ‘White Privilege Survey?’”

Amole said the White Privilege Survey is not administered to students, but the same survey is foisted on students in other school districts and it’s caused an uproar.

Just last month, at Oregon’s Aloha High School, parent Jason Schmidt raised objections to the survey, which he believes is an unnecessary, politically motivated distraction, KATU reports.

“The way that this is read, it almost wants to shame you for being white,” Schmidt said. “I feel like (my son) should be learning actual education and not be part of some social experiment or some teacher’s political agenda.”