MARSHFIELD, Wis. – School officials always say they run background checks on all applicants, and are very careful about the type of people they hire to work with kids.

teacher drinkingThen we hear stories like this:

A 52-year-old woman who works as a teacher’s aide at Marshfield High School was arrested last Friday for driving under the influence of alcohol, providing alcohol to students and leaving the scene of an accident, according to the Fond Du Lac Reporter.

The school employee, whose name was not revealed, apparently fled the scene after her car struck another vehicle in a McDonald’s parking lot shortly before noon, the news report said. Her license plate number was reported to police, who tracked her to the local high school.

When police apprehended the vehicle in the high school parking lot, they found the school employee and two 16-year-old students inside. Police say the woman removed the students from class and provided them with booze before the accident at McDonalds.

The school employee has slurred speech and other signs of obvious intoxication, according to police.

“She did not have permission to transport students off campus, nor was it part of her work responsibilities,” Marshfield Superintendent Peg Geegan said in an email to a reporter.

The district is currently conducting an investigation of the incident, Geegan said.

The police have asked the Wood County district attorney to file charges against the woman for third offense drunk driving, open intoxicants in a vehicle and providing alcohol to minors, according to the report.

She may also be charged with child neglect, due to her failure to protect students who were placed in her care.

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