BERKELEY, Calif. – A Berkeley middle school teacher who instigated riots at the University of California Berkeley to stop a conservative speaker “by any means necessary” is lecturing America about “hate” speech.

Yvette Felarca, a social studies teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss free speech and riots that broke out at UC Berkeley earlier this month at her behest. Felarca, an organizer for the left-wing group “By Any Means Necessary,” called her followers to action February 1 to successfully block conservative firebrand Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking on campus, sparking rioters to loot the school and hurl Molotov cocktails, attack Milo supporters, and throw rocks and fireworks at police.

Felarca, who also instigated violence at a Sacramento rally last summer, defended her actions to Tucker Monday, and espoused a seemingly hypocritical view on free speech that allows only liberal viewpoints.

Felarca told Carlson fascism involves individuals who incite violence or genocide against a certain group of people, primarily minorities, as well as anyone perceived to be the public face of a “movement” of people who commit violence against minorities.

“When someone is trying to speak at a campus or a rally, they’re doing it not just because they have an opinion, but someone like Yiannopoulos or any other alt-righter or fascist, or neo fascist, is doing it to recruit other people,” Felarca told Carlson. “No. We don’t let them recruit.”

“He should not be allowed to speak in public to spread his racist, misogynistic and homophobic lies,” she said of Yiannopoulos, who is gay. “No. He does not have the right to do that.”

“When he’s using his speech to whip up attacks on people, no, he doesn’t have the right to do that,” Felarca continued.

The comments are ironic, considering a video of Felarca’s own speech as left-wing protestors gathered at UC Berkeley shortly before Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak.

“This is not about free speech,” Felarca said of Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous Faggot Tour. “These are not people who are interested in any genuine debate. They hide behind that hypocritically to try to shut up and put in our places women or Muslims or minorities or oppressed groups. But what they are really trying to do is they’re trying to assert their power, threaten us, intimidate us, rape us, kill us.

“This is real. This is life and death. This is not an abstract question of whose theory are you interested in researching. This is about our lives right now. …

“I promise you, if we work together and we stay united, we can count on each other. We can shut this f***er down, we can get rid of Donald Trump,” she continued. “I know it, and when the Nazis tried to kill some of us, after we recovered, some of them threatened me and students at my school and tried to get me fired. But they didn’t succeed, and the students and the parents and the community rallied together and not only got me my job back but we’re stronger now, so we have got to stay united.”

She then called on her minions to target Yainnopoulos and his followers, which they did with violence and mayhem until college officials canceled the program.

“We have to keep tethered, keep chanting … keep your eyes open because if Yiannopoulos shows up in our rally, he’s six-foot-two, whether he’s got his blonde hair or brown hair or red hair or a hat, look out for him, because if he comes here we got to make clear to him directly to his face that he is not welcome and we will shut him down by any means necessary,” Felarca said.

Felarca also arranged for her “militant anti-fascist group” to attack participants in a neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento in June, a clash that resulted in seven people stabbed and two critically injured, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Throughout Felarca’s conversation with Carlson, she repeatedly spoke out against Yiannopoulos and other alleged “fascists” who commit violence or rape or murder – or inspire others “to have that mentality to rape people or to lynch them” – but did not provide any evidence those she targets does those things.

Carlson pointed out that Felarca’s own actions include violence, and questioned how she would handle her students who insist on exercising their First Amendment rights in ways that might offend her.

“The First Amendment is about free speech, but that’s not an abstraction,” Felarca said. “And if there was someone in my classroom who was espousing rape or genocide or attacks on Muslims, I would certainly make sure I stood up for the rest of my students and told them they need to stop, and if they refused to they’d need to leave.”

“Would you hit them?” Carlson shot back. “If there was a student in your class who was espousing what you believe is fascism, and you said you need to leave, or you need to be quiet, and they wouldn’t leave, would you hit them?”

“Would you hit them like you hit that protester?” he questioned. “Would you beat them up?”

Felarca refused to answer the questions.