Teacher refuses paper on abortion, ‘you can do abortion if you write FOR It’

December 11, 2013

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PALATINE, Ill. – Abigail Cornejo is a Sophomore at Palatine High School in a small town in Illinois who merely wanted to write a paper on the controversial topic of abortion.

abigailBut her English teacher had something else in mind and told Conejo she couldn’t write on the topic — and if she did, she would have to write from the pro-abortion perspective.

“My English class is doing a controversial issue research paper,” Abigail told LifeNews.

“My English teacher, Mr. David Valentino originally told the class we may not do abortion, euthanasia, or legalization or marijuana. I asked why we couldn’t do infanticide, abortion and he replied with, ‘I’ve read too many papers on it. I don’t care anymore.’”

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Authored by Steven Ertelt – LifeNews.com

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