ENGLAND – East Lancashire drama teacher Andrew Willson smeared Nutella over the naked body of a 14-year-old student and licked it off.

The incident occurred more than 17 years ago, but testimony in a recent trial of the former Fearns High School teacher revealed disturbing details about his relationship with an infatuated teen and how he manipulated her parents, the Lancashire Telegraph reports.Willson

The student was a talented actress in Willson’s drama class at Fearns in the mid-1990s, when the victim was a 14- or 15-year-old eighth-grader. Court testimony revealed Willson first kissed the girl and rubbed her over her clothing in his office at the school, before taking things to the next level, according to the Daily Star.

“As soon as any contact between them began she felt butterflies in her stomach,” prosecutor Emma Kehoe told the court. “She was happy and loving the attention.

“She does not say anywhere that she was not fully co-operating with what she saw as a relationship with her teacher.”

Willson was a young “trendy” teacher who was popular with female students.

The relationship escalated and at one point Willson pulled the girl from science class to spend the day naked at his buddy’s house, though the teacher was sure to return the student to school in time to catch the bus home.

“The two of them had Nutella and they licked it from their naked bodies,” Kehoe said.

Willson befriended his victim’s parents through a mutual interest in the Leeds United Football Club. He also invited her family to a new home he purchased with his wife in “the South,” where Willson and his victim had full consensual sex for the first time, the Telegraph reports.

That incident did not result in criminal charges.

Willson, 48, now of Northampton, pleaded guilty to five counts of indecent assault, and his attorney, Philip Holden, pleaded with the court for a lenient sentence.

Holden pointed out that his client lost his job, reputation, marriage and home as a result of his behavior, and requested a suspended sentence – no jail time.

Willson is the primary caregiver for a severely disabled 23-year-old son, Holden said.

“It seems to me, given the pupil-teacher relationship, that simply cannot be,” Judge Jonathan Gibson told Holden, according to the Telegraph.

Instead, Gibson ordered Willson jailed for 20 months.