By Steve Gunn
TRENTON, N.J. – It’s no surprise that the New Jersey Education Association is backing a proposed law to create gun-free zones in and around schools and other public properties.
carole mooreBut not all educators agree with the union. Some are trained in the proper use of firearms, and understand how a gun in the hands of a responsible adult can equal the odds when a crazy person approaches with a firearm.
Carole Moore is one of those educators.
Though now retired, Moore spent 18 years as a substitute teacher in several New Jersey school districts, including Willingboro, Edgewater Park and Burlington. Her husband was a biology/science teacher.
Moore travelled to Trenton earlier this month for a hearing of the New Jersey State Assembly Law and Safety Committee. The committee was considering 24 gun control bills, including the weapon-free school legislation, that had been introduced since the tragic school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut in December.
It was obvious to everyone that committee members had already made up their minds to pass all 24 bills on to the full Assembly for consideration, with minimal debate, according to media reports.
And minimal debate meant minimal input from the hundreds of gun rights supporters who packed into the committee room. Each speaker was only allowed two minutes.
That was fine with Moore. She said she waited two hours in a security line to get into the room, then another 6 ½ in the committee room, waiting for her two minutes to speak.
And when her chance came, she made the most of it. A video of her blistering statement to the committee has been making the rounds on the Internet in recent days.
Moore started by reminding committee members that murderous dictators like Stalin and Hitler made a point of disarming their people in the early stages of their rule, so they couldn’t interfere with their bids for absolute power and international conquest.
“The Hitlers of this world only go after the sheep cowering in the corner,” Moore said.
Moore than raised the subject of the Newtown shooting, and how she believes the tragic situation might have turned out differently.
“If I had been in that school in Connecticut, I would have been the first one out of the door, I would have been the first one charging,” Moore said. “The principal should have had a firearm. The associate principal should have had a firearm. They should have been prepared.
“I can protect my grandchildren when they’re at my home, but when I send them to your school system, who’s protecting my kids?
“You’ve’ been educated. I’m a school teacher, I’m also a firearms instructor and lifetime member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) that’s been teaching firearm safety for the past 150 years. I’m damned proud to be here, and I’m so glad you listened.”
Moore received a huge round of applause when she finished.

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