ADA, Okla. – An Oklahoma substitute teacher who was arrested for allegedly coming to school drunk has a perfectly good explanation, eight months later: she was sick with the Swine Flu.

drunkchildressMichelle Childress was arrested on video at Washington Elementary School Feb. 14 after school officials dismissed the teacher when she showed up for work highly intoxicated. A school staff member managed to keep Childress from driving away, and in a video that went viral the slurring teacher assured the arresting officer it was “not a bad decision” for her to consume alcohol before reporting for duty, the New York Daily News reported.

Childress, who denied she was drunk in the video but later registered a .263 blood alcohol level, recently told KFOR NewsChannel 4 she had been sick with the swine flu and had only had one margarita around 11 p.m. the night before.

“She says when she arrived at school, some of the medication she had taken for her illness had an adverse effect on her and she became dizzy,” the news site reports. “Childress says she rushed to the restroom and when she came out, police arrested her for public intoxication.”

She alleges her blood alcohol test, which registered more than three times the legal limit to drive, was wrong.

“There’s no way. There’s no way I could be three times over the limit,” Childress told the news station. “I mean, I got up, made breakfast for my kids, went to school and drank like twelve beers? No way! I mean it’s not even logical.”

Neither is her story.

In February, Childress told an officer on video that she did drink alcohol the morning in question, and that she did not take any medications or other drugs.

“I’m just really upset,” Childress said in the video.

“What did you come here for like this?” the officer questioned.

“Well, they asked me to sub today so I did, I subbed,” she said. “But for only a couple of hours.”

“What did you take?” the officer asked. “I mean, I can smell the alcohol, but what else?”

“No. That’s it. I drank a little before I came,” she said.

“So you drank then you came here to sub? That’s not too good of a decision,” the officer responded.

“No, but I mean, it’s not a bad decision,” Childress said.

“It is a bad decision. You’re coming to school intoxicated and trying to sub,” the officer said.

“No. I’m not intoxicated,” Childress responded.

“You are intoxicated. You can’t even stand up,” the officer said.

In Childress’ most recent discussion with KFOR, she contends the episode “ruined my life and that’s what I think about every day.”

“I should be teaching kids right now,” she said.

Ironically, or perhaps not, Childress is scheduled for a court hearing this week for violating her probation for a previous driving under the influence conviction.

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