White middle schoolers forced to stand in front of classmates, apologize for ‘privilege’

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EDEN, N.C. – “White privilege” training in the Rockingham County school system is causing a lot of headaches. Superintendent Rodney Shotwell told Rockingham Now the state threatened to withhold federal funding when a disproportionate number of minority students were suspended in a special exceptional children’s program in 2012 and 2013, so district leaders implemented mandatory […]

SUIT: St. Paul schools retaliated against black teacher who criticized ‘white privilege’ training

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – A former St. Paul Public Schools teacher is suing the district for allegedly retaliating against him for criticizing white privilege training for teachers and related lax discipline policies that shortchanged students. Former fourth grade teacher Aaron Benner spoke out during the 2014-15 school year about the district’s white privilege training for teachers, […]

Schools promote ‘feminist guide’ with lessons on ‘white male privilege’

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AUSTRALIA – The Victorian government in Australia spent $21 million to promote “Respectful Relationships” in schools, including a “feminist guide” for lessons about “white male privilege.” The government is promoting the program in 120 schools that includes a teaching guide called “Fightback” that helps educators craft lessons for high-schoolers about “negative attitudes towards gender equality […]

Thousands of educators flock to ‘White Privilege Conference’ in Kansas City

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. – About 2,000 educators, social justice warriors and other activists will descend on Kansas City this weekend for the 18th annual National White Privilege Conference, a three-day discussion about how “white supremacy” ruins the world. This year’s conference is titled “Organizing. Strategizing. Taking-Action. Deconstructing the Culture of White Supremacy and Privilege: Creating […]

IL school cancels mandatory ‘white privilege’ lessons after 800 parents protest at board meeting

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WINNETKA, Ill. – An affluent Chicago area school is dumping its mandatory “white privilege” day for students after hundreds of parents flooded a school board meeting to denounce the “political indoctrination.” New Trier High School assistant superintendent Tim Hayes put the kibosh on a second mandatory “All-School Seminar Day” at an April school board meeting […]

FL teacher fired over ‘racist,’ ‘sexist’ white privilege survey for sixth-graders

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SPRING HILL, Fla. – Fox Chapel Middle School fired a probationary teacher after she distributed a white privilege survey to her pre-teen students. The survey “How Comfortable am I?” posed the question regarding dozens of hypothetical situations and tasked students with ranking their comfort level on a scale of one to four, with one “not […]

UW-Madison students demand free tuition for all blacks, including illegals and felons

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MADISON, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government thinks all black people should receive free tuition and housing, as well as exemption from all fees. The Associated Students of Madison want to do away with racist college admissions based on ACT and SAT scores and instead look to enroll students based on where they […]

University of Wisconsin schools ‘white-identified people’ about their racism

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MADISON, Wis. – A White Privilege workshop offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Multicultural Student Center is showing students how to use their race to promote social justice. “The goal of this workshop was to engage white-identified people in a conversation about what is their experience in the world; what does this experience look like […]

IL high school plans mandatory lessons on ‘blackenomics,’ ‘western bias in science’

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WINNETKA, Ill. – A very enlightening exposé by the Illinois Family Institute is highlighting a radical leftist curriculum promoted at one of the state’s most affluent school districts, most recently in the form of a mandatory “All-School Seminar Day 2017.” The Feb. 28 event required of all students at New Trier High School is described […]

‘White privilege’ threatens to upend upcoming Women’s March on Washington

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WASINGTON, D.C. – The intense focus on “white privilege” that has permeated public schools and college campuses across the country is now fracturing the supposed solidarity among women on the far left. The evidence of the emerging fault line surfaced most recently in a Monday New York Times article about a progressive Women’s March scheduled […]

Colorado profs require mandatory ‘inclusive language,’ ban ‘he,’ ‘she’ in class discussions

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GREELEY, Colo. – Students in at least five classes at the University of Colorado last year were required to use mandatory “inclusive language” – essentially a ban on words like “he” or “she.” Sociology professor Kelly Davis demanded inclusive language in at least four syllabuses for classes this spring, and her colleague Mark Shuey did […]

UW condones student’s bloody ‘All White People Are Racist’ shirts

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MADISON, Wis. – The University of Wisconsin-Madison is condoning a student’s racist clothing line by allowing him to model his wares on campus – directly in front of the administration building. Sophomore education major Eneale Pickett is selling hooded sweatshirts online in UW red and white, as well as other colors, that feature race-baiting phrases […]

Seattle teachers organize ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest

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SEATTLE – Hundreds of Seattle teachers will celebrate the district’s “day of unity” with shirts signaling support for the divisive Black Lives Matter movement, an event sponsored by a group called “Social Equality Educators.” Social Equality Educators have preordered 1,000 shirts for teachers to wear next week, including a special “Black Lives Matter to Educators” […]

Teachers answer mandatory ‘White Privilege Survey’ in Colorado schools

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AURORA, Colo. – The Cherry Creek School District is forcing employees to gauge their “white privilege” with a controversial survey, and many aren’t very happy about it. Several employees contacted The Denver Channel after district officials forced them to take a “White Privilege Survey” that tasks them with weighting 26 different statements – scoring statements […]