Former ‘Teacher of the Year’ accused of molesting student in classroom

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WEBSTER, Texas – A former Teacher of the Year in Texas faces allegations he sexually assaulted a third-grader years ago while tutoring the girl for the state’s standardized test. A high school sophomore recently told her mother that McWhirter Elementary School teacher Oscar I. Perez sexually abused her several times when he tutored the girl […]

Police investigate ‘gang rape’ in TX middle school bathroom

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HOUSTON – Alief Independent School District Police are investigating an alleged gang rape of a female middle school student by three of her male classmates in a school bathroom. The incident, which occurred on Thursday May 5, was reported by the victim the following Monday, and parents are outraged that school administrators are just now […]

COPS: Middle school teacher impregnated by 14-year-old student had abortion, fled

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HOUSTON – Police are on the lookout for a Texas middle school teacher who allegedly became pregnant with her student’s child before aborting the baby and fleeing to avoid prosecution. Alexandria Vera, a 24-year-old Stovall Middle School English teacher with a penchant for posting cleavage exposing selfies online, has reportedly been on the run since […]

Fallout continues for Obama transgender decree: ‘Society may change, but biology will not’

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PHOENIX, Ariz. – Arizona’s top education official, Diane Douglas, called the recent decree from President Obama on transgender “rights” in schools “yet another example of federal overreach negatively impacting our state’s schools.” Obama recently issued a decree through the U.S. Department of Education and the Justice Department that threatens to remove federal funding from schools […]

School lunch police launch investigation over ‘fake’ $2 bill

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HOUSTON – A middle school police officer recently wasted his day investigating what he thought was a fake $2 bill used by an eighth-grader in the school lunch line. The incident at Fort Bend Independent School District’s Christa McAuliffe Middle School is only one of several serious investigations into alleged lunch thefts pursued by district […]

MOM: Teacher forced 1st grade son to clean urinal with bare hands

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BEDFORD, Texas – A North Texas mother is calling out her son’s school after she alleges the boy’s teacher forced him to clean out a bathroom urinal with is bare hands. Parent Shara Francis posted to Facebook about the ordeal in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District yesterday afternoon, and her comments are getting a lot […]

Teacher under fire over unapproved middle school lesson on N-word

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ROCKWALL, Texas – A Texas middle school teacher was placed on administrative leave after she gave students an unapproved lesson on the N-word that some found offensive. Utley Middle School seventh-grade social studies teacher Rebecca Cook recently handed out a 1997 article from the Chicago Reader to her students titled “The N-Word and How to […]

TX student dies of suicide by ‘sewer gas’

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AUSTIN, Texas – Police believe that a college student who died in an Austin apartment building of hydrogen sulfide poisoning committed suicide using a “sewer gas” concoction. The Austin Fire Department evacuated an apartment building near the University of Texas at Austin campus around 2: 30 p.m. Wednesday after finding a sign on the door […]

Parents threatened with arrest for walking their kids to elementary school

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MAGNOLIA, Texas – Parents are removing their children from Bear Branch Elementary School after the principal allegedly banned them from school grounds and threatened violators with arrest. Parents told Fox 26 that Bear Branch principal Holly Ray instituted a new policy at the beginning of the year that banned parents from walking their students to […]

TX 9-year-old busted trying to sell pot to classmates during school

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MARLIN, Texas – Police recently busted a drug dealer inside Marlin Elementary School – a 9-year-old who brought in several prepackaged bags of marijuana to hawk to classmates. Superintendent Michael Seabolt told the Waco Tribune the fourth-grader flashed three or four bags of pot to students on the bus on the way to school Monday […]

SHOCK: Teacher chased ‘pregnant’ student with scissors around class

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KYLE, Texas – An unidentified substitute teacher at Lehman High School was fired over an abortion joke the school district called an unacceptable “lack of judgement.” The male teacher, who has substituted in the Hays Consolidated Independent School District since November, was fired after an incident involving a female student on Friday, KXAN reports. The […]

COURT: Texas cheerleaders’ suit over ban on banner Bible verses can continue

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AUSTIN, Texas – The Texas Supreme Court ruled Friday that cheerleaders pursuing a lawsuit against their former school for prohibiting them from using Bible verses on signs at sporting events can move forward. The decision comes after a lower court ruled the lawsuit was moot because school officials lifted the ban, but the Texas Supreme […]

TX school workers accused of harboring illegals

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PRESIDIO, Texas – A Texas high school English teacher and her administrator husband face criminal charges for harboring at least five illegal immigrants for personal gain. Senia Armendariz, an English teacher and volleyball coach at Presidio High School, was charged with harboring illegal immigrants for personal gain after authorities nabbed an illegal immigrant crossing the […]

Student suspended after carrying classmate having asthma attack to nurse

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KILLEEN, Texas – A Texas mother is considering homeschooling her 15-year-old son after he was suspended by his alternative school for carrying a classmate having an asthma attack to the nurse. Anthony Ruelas, 15, was in class Tuesday at Gateway Middle School in Killeen when a classmate began to have an asthma attack. Ruelas’ fifth […]

HORROR: Janitor finds dead baby in TX high school bathroom

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SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas – South Houston police are investigating after a student at South Houston High School allegedly dumped her baby’s body in the girl’s bathroom. ABC 11 reports a janitor found the baby’s body around 9 p.m. last night, and Pasadena Independent School District officials immediately brought in district police, who confirmed the baby […]