Dozens of CO teachers set to lose tenure protection under new evaluation system

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DENVER – Nearly four dozen tenured Denver Public Schools teachers are expected to lose their non-probationary status as a result of education reforms passed in 2010. In Douglas County schools, it’s 24 teachers. The Aurora district expects 12 teachers to lose tenure, Chalkbeat reports. Colorado’s teacher effectiveness law requires all teachers to be evaluated every […]

Hillary tells teachers union: ‘I’m with you’

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Shortly after Hillary Clinton learned she likely will not face criminal charges as a result of an FBI investigation, the presidential hopeful addressed the National Education Association’s annual convention in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. Clinton’s comments, which came complete with her fake southern accent and school choice talking points, prompted mixed reactions […]

Undercover video exposes how unions help misbehaving, abusive teachers

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YONKERS, N.Y. – A recently published video by undercover journalist James O’Keefe highlights exactly how some teachers who physically abuse students are able to avoid or minimize the consequences for their actions. The video posted to YouTube last week by O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is shot from a hidden camera as an undercover operative posed as […]

Buffalo school board mulls end to free plastic surgeries for teachers

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BUFFALO, N.Y. – Buffalo teachers have received free plastic surgery, courtesy of taxpayers, for more than a decade as part of their teachers union contract, and school board members are poised to put an end to the $5 million annual expense. The provision was included in a contract with the Buffalo Teachers Federation that expired […]

Foul-mouthed, sex talking Philly teacher reinstated over termination technicality

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PHILADELPHIA – A fired Philadelphia teacher with a penchant for cursing and talking about sex with students was reinstated with back pay after a judge reversed his termination because school officials didn’t follow proper procedures. Commonwealth Court Judge Anne E. Covey wrote in an opinion that the court “does not condone” the conduct of former […]

Schools charge parents for students to eat home-packed lunches in cafeteria

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YORKSHIRE, England – Parents allege a primary school in Yorkshire, England is charging them about $1.43 a day to eat their home-packed lunch in the cafeteria. And a secondary school in south east England is reportedly charging more than $2.50 to eat their own lunch at school, parents told the country’s teachers union. The union, […]

Boston union accused of using students ‘as propaganda’ during spending kerfuffle

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BOSTON – Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and others are calling out union-affiliated groups for their involvement in a “student” walkout Monday that drew more than 1,000 to the capitol. “I’d love to see who’s behind the walkout,” Walsh said. “Whoever’s behind it, I hope they start to feed the young students in our city with […]

Lawsuit seeks to end practice of paying teachers union president while not teaching

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ALLENTOWN, Pa. – A former Allentown School Board member is suing the district, the local teacher’s union, and the state school employee retirement system over what’s known as “union release time.” Like many large school districts, the Allentown School District covers the full salary, benefits and retirement costs for Allentown Education Association union president Debbie […]

School district: Teachers want firing immunity for having sex with students

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NATOMAS, Calif. – The Natomas Unified School District wants parents and students to fully understand ongoing contract negotiations with the Natomas Teachers Association, including the union’s most egregious proposals. So district officials sent out an email to parents last week detailing the NTA’s most recent offer, and decoded the union legalese into plain terms. The […]

Chicago union instructs teachers how to recruit student protesters

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CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union is recruiting high school teachers to goad students into protesting for the union’s self-interests through a workshop this weekend. The CTU workshop “Teachers Empowering Students for Social Change” is scheduled for 10 a.m. until noon Saturday to help teachers learn the best ways to convince their students to take […]

Union exerts ‘Weiner’ defense after tweets calling teacher ‘penis,’ ‘douchebag’ anger school board

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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. – A Colorado teachers union is using the “Weiner defense” – Twitter account hacked – to explain away messages describing a teacher as a “penis” and “douchebag,” though school board members aren’t buying it. “DAC Meeting. (Redacted) looks like a penis. And that’s not a compliment #douchebag” the Douglas County Federation of […]

Rahm Emanuel pushes higher taxes to fund new school programs

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CHICAGO – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to impose another tobacco tax on residents to fund orientation programs for Chicago Public Schools students transitioning to new schools. To pay for expanding a one-week orientation program for the city’s 20,000 incoming high school freshmen, Emanuel plans to propose new taxes on tobacco products like cigars, chew […]

Teacher suing union over compulsory dues slams group’s lavish travel spending

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NEW YORK – A new website backed by television anchor turned education reformer Campbell Brown is highlighting teacher union spending on lavish accommodations, luxury travel, and other extravagances. The website “The Seventy Four” – a reference to America’s 74 million student population – reviewed financial documents filed with the U.S. Labor Department between 2011 and […]