Milwaukee schools give $471,073 to ‘Black Lives Matter’

By Victor Skinner on Friday, May 13th, 2016 in Uncategorized 19 Comments

MILWAUKEE – Revenues are down for Milwaukee Public Schools, so officials are forced to prioritize spending on the most important things. Apparently, that includes a new $471,073 expenditure for “Black Lives Matter,” according to News Talk 1130, which posted a copy of the district’s official budget notice published in Wednesday’s Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “The proposal […]

Chicago teachers highest paid among nation’s 50 largest school districts

By Illinois Policy Institute on Friday, April 1st, 2016 in Spending 2 Comments

CHICAGO –The Chicago Teachers Union, or CTU, on Feb. 1 rejected Chicago Public Schools’, or CPS’, contract offer, which would have provided salary increases for teachers but required that they contribute fully to their pensions. Given CTU’s rejection of the contract – and the vitriol that CTU officials directed at CPS after the district’s Feb. […]

Pittsburgh administrators rake in big pay, despite below-average student performance

By Steve Gunn on Friday, March 18th, 2016 in Spending No Comments

PITTSBURGH – It seems the Pittsburgh school district has a long-term problem with debt. While many districts around the nation have recovered financially since the Great Recession, Pittsburgh seems plagued with constant budget deficits. In January 2014, for example, the district had an “operating deficit” of about $14 million, after raising property taxes by two […]

Parents, taxpayers irate over former superintendent’s $30,000 credit card bill

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FRANKFORT, Ill. – A former superintendent of Illinois’ Lincoln-Way School District 210 is earning scorn from parents and taxpayers after a local news investigation revealed he racked up $30,000 in credit card debt before leaving cash-strapped district. The Daily Southtown investigation into school spending records also showed former superintendent Lawrence Wyllie spent nearly $45,000 without […]

Salt Lake City schools hike taxes to pay big salaries, despite lagging academics

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SALT LAKE CITY – In 2013, critics of the Utah legislature claimed the state was failing to “adequately fund schools.” They were speaking specifically of the Salt Lake City school district, which was apparently in a financial pickle at the time. But the accusation is hard to believe, considering the top end of the school […]

Brentwood, NY schools pay big salaries, but only 14% of 3rd graders proficient in English

By Steve Gunn on Monday, February 29th, 2016 in Spending 3 Comments

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. – Here’s an interesting comparison. The Dallas, Texas school district has about 160,000 students and had 211 employees earn at least $100,000 in straight salary in 2014-15. The Seattle, Washington school district has about 50,000 students and had 275 employees reach six figures that year. The San Francisco school district has about 57,000 […]

Montebello, CA administrators rake in big pay while academic performance comes up short

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MONTEBELLO, Calif. – In 2012, California voters approved a massive tax hike to support public schools. Proposition 30, which passed with 55 percent of the vote, increased the state sales tax from 7.25 to 7.5 percent. It also imposed large income tax increases on wealthier Californians. Taxes were increased 10.3 percent on those making between […]

Granite, UT school workers spend lavishly on travel, despite below-average academic results

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SALT LAKE CITY – A lot of employees and/or students from the Granite, Utah school district have been traveling and eating a lot of pizza. But exactly who has been learning what? In fiscal year 2014-15, the Granite district spent a total of $611,904 on travel-related expenses, and another $167,621 on restaurants. Yet on 2015 […]

Fresno superintendent made $460,890 last year, despite poor student achievement results

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FRESNO, Calif. – Top executives are ultimately responsible for the finished product. That begs a few questions about the Fresno, California school district: Do Fresno taxpayers know how much top administrators in their district are paid per year? And do they know how badly their students have been performing academically? Has anyone mentioned the possibility […]

Stockton school employees drop $39k traveling to Vegas, despite poor academic record

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STOCKTON, Calif. – Most would agree that money spent by public schools should somehow be related to student learning. After all, that’s why public schools exist. So what’s the explanation for the bloated travel budget in the Stockton, California school district? In fiscal year 2014-15, the Stockton district spent $364,149 on travel-related costs, including hotels […]

After massive tax hike, Cleveland schools spend big on employee travel

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CLEVELAND – It’s hard to blame the teachers and residents of the Cleveland school district for questioning the need for budget cuts over the past few years. In November 2012, Cleveland voters approved a massive 15-mill property tax increase to provide new revenue for the school district. The four-year levy, described by as “the […]

Despite hundreds of six figure administrators, less than half of Jefferson County students proficient

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Top-heavy administration in public schools often seems to be a recipe for sub-par academic results. One example is the Jefferson County, Kentucky school district, which includes the city of Louisville. In 2014, a story broke on about the percentage of resources the school district was spending on administration versus the classroom. […]

Just 14% of Baltimore students proficient, despite high administrator salaries

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BALTIMORE – A published list of top salaries for the Baltimore City school district in 2013-14 is a little confusing at first. One column of the spreadsheet lists “regular earnings,” which is obviously what each employee was paid in regular salary or hourly wage. But there are two more columns – titled “additional earnings” and […]

Town official barred from schools after explaining how he’d shoot them up

By Victor Skinner on Monday, January 18th, 2016 in Uncategorized 1 Comment

HAMPSTEAD, N.H. – A local budget committee chairman was banned from school property and forced to apologize after pointing out how students are most vulnerable to a sniper attack. Hampstead Budget Committee Chairman Jorge Mesa-Tejada was speaking in regards to a proposed $4.5 million renovation project at Hampstead Central School Jan. 14 when he pointed […]

1,272 Milwaukee school employees make over $100,000 a year

By Steve Gunn on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016 in Spending 1 Comment

MILWAUKEE – It’s hardly a secret that Milwaukee Public Schools dug a deep financial hole over the years with overgenerous benefit packages for employees. As far back as 2010, Milwaukee City Alderman Bob Donovan pointed out that the district was spending 74 cents on employee benefits for every dollar in salary. The average teacher had […]