Outspoken DACA student wants U to expel classmate who encouraged followers to ‘go report this illegal’

By Victor Skinner on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 in Uncategorized 3 Comments

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Transylvania University student Paola Garcia is “Undocumented. Unapologetic. Unafraid,” according to her Facebook biography. The 21-year-old senior psychology major’s profile page includes an image of President Trump with a message transposed over his face: “Not my president.” Garcia, an illegal immigrant, attends Transylvania University with special protections from deportation through former President […]

Teacher under investigation after student records anti-Trump rant

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BERNALILLO, N.M. – A Bernalillo Public Schools teacher is under investigation after a student in her world history class recorded her anti-Trump rant and forwarded it to district officials. Neither the Bernalillo High School sophomore who recorded the conversation nor her teacher were identified by KRQE, but the television station reports the classroom lesson on […]

Buffalo school board member faces hearing after criticizing the Obamas

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BUFFALO, N.Y. – A Trump-supporting member of the Buffalo School Board is facing an unprecedented hearing before New York’s highest education official this week amid public backlash from comments criticizing the Obamas. Board member Carl P. Paladino is facing calls to remove him from the school board from social justice groups, the Buffalo Federation of […]

TX trans student complains after teacher’s aide calls ‘her’ out for using girls bathroom

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FORT WORTH, Texas – A transgender Texas student is complaining to school officials after an employee allegedly confronted the student – a biological boy — for using the female restroom during a class at a local college. The Castleberry Independent School District initiated an investigation after 16-year-old Ishy Valdez complained about an incident Wednesday at […]

Illegal immigrant students fear end to Obama DACA protection under Trump

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FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Illegal immigrant students at Colorado State University are worried about President-elect Donald Trump’s vow to reverse many of President Obama’s executive actions. They’re most concerned, of course, with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program Obama enacted by executive action in 2012 to shield children of illegal immigrants from deportation and […]

Students from $40,000+/year Sidwell Friends descend on Trump hotel to protest president-elect

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – A mob of angry high school students descended on Trump International Hotel in downtown D.C. Tuesday, including some from the prestigious Sidwell Friends School attended by President Obama’s children and those of other U.S. elites. A YouTube video posted online shows students climbing statues and windows on the building as hundreds screamed […]

Syrian refugee students flood in to U.S. schools

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Syrian refugees are pouring into schools across the country, from Chicago to San Diego to New Haven, Connecticut. State Department figures estimate that roughly 80 percent of the 11,000 Syrian refugees who arrived in the United States over the last year are children, which equates to about 8,800 students with limited […]

‘Clock boy’ father Mohamed Mohamed sues Fox News, Glenn Beck for ‘defamation’

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IRVING, Texas – A Muslim student who was temporarily detained for bringing a clock to school that looked suspiciously like a bomb is now suing several conservative news personalities over the ordeal. Ahmed Mohamed was detained by officials at MacArthur High School last September after he brought a clock he “built” to school and refused […]

Clinton-appointed judge orders Ohio school district to let boys use girls bathroom

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – A federal judge appointed by President Bill Clinton ruled on Monday that an Ohio school district must force students to share restroom facilities with transgender classmates of the opposite sex. Highland Local Schools challenged a decree issued by President Obama to schools this spring that threatened to withhold federal funds for schools […]

Suit blames Feds after ‘trans’ male student twerked on girls in school locker room

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VIRGINIA, Minn. – Eleven families in Minnesota’s Virginia School District are suing the district and the U.S. departments of Education and Justice after President Obama’s transgender policy allegedly allowed a biologically male transgender student to sexually harass female classmates. The lawsuit was filed Wednesday in federal court by attorneys from Alliance Defending Freedom, a nonprofit […]

Longtime St. Paul teacher forced to retire amid cries of ‘racism’ from Black Lives Matter agitators

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – Black Lives Matter St. Paul won its war against a special education teacher at Como Park Senior High School. Theo Olson agreed to retire from the district after the group accused him of being racist for criticizing St. Paul Public Schools’ restorative justice approach to student discipline. The agreement between Olson […]

States fight to stop Obama’s transgender directive as start of school looms

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FORT WORTH, Texas – Twenty-three states are suing the federal government over President Obama’s directive this spring about transgender students, and more than a dozen are asking the court to block it. The Obama administration’s Justice and Education departments sent letters to all public schools in May alleging that federal Title IX laws prohibit schools […]

Illegal immigrant lands nearly $300,000 in college scholarships

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. – A recent Chattanooga high school graduate is heading off to the University of Chicago with nearly $300,000 in scholarships and is working to raise more money for living expenses. The Chattanooga Times Free Press published a glowing profile about a high-performing undocumented student at a local high school who was brought to […]

Leaked DNC emails: ‘Common Core a political third rail we should not be touching at all’

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats don’t want to talk about Common Core, the wildly unpopular national education standards pushed on schools through President Obama’s Race to the Top education initiative. Internal emails between Democratic National Committee staffers recently released by hackers show that while Democrats support Common Core, a lot of the public – including a […]

Dozens of CO teachers set to lose tenure protection under new evaluation system

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DENVER – Nearly four dozen tenured Denver Public Schools teachers are expected to lose their non-probationary status as a result of education reforms passed in 2010. In Douglas County schools, it’s 24 teachers. The Aurora district expects 12 teachers to lose tenure, Chalkbeat reports. Colorado’s teacher effectiveness law requires all teachers to be evaluated every […]