Judge continues suit by black teacher punished after criticizing ‘white privilege’ lessons

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – A U.S. District Judge refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a black teacher in the St. Paul school district who alleges administrators retaliated against him for criticizing the district’s ineffective, race-based school discipline policies. U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson denied a motion by St. Paul Public Schools to dismiss […]

SUIT: St. Paul schools retaliated against black teacher who criticized ‘white privilege’ training

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – A former St. Paul Public Schools teacher is suing the district for allegedly retaliating against him for criticizing white privilege training for teachers and related lax discipline policies that shortchanged students. Former fourth grade teacher Aaron Benner spoke out during the 2014-15 school year about the district’s white privilege training for teachers, […]

IL school cancels mandatory ‘white privilege’ lessons after 800 parents protest at board meeting

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WINNETKA, Ill. – An affluent Chicago area school is dumping its mandatory “white privilege” day for students after hundreds of parents flooded a school board meeting to denounce the “political indoctrination.” New Trier High School assistant superintendent Tim Hayes put the kibosh on a second mandatory “All-School Seminar Day” at an April school board meeting […]

Teachers answer mandatory ‘White Privilege Survey’ in Colorado schools

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AURORA, Colo. – The Cherry Creek School District is forcing employees to gauge their “white privilege” with a controversial survey, and many aren’t very happy about it. Several employees contacted The Denver Channel after district officials forced them to take a “White Privilege Survey” that tasks them with weighting 26 different statements – scoring statements […]

Oregon high school assigns ‘white privilege’ survey

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ALOHA, Ore. – Parents of students at an Oregon’s Aloha High School are questioning a recent “white privilege survey” that was assigned to students as homework. The assignment tasks students with rating different statements with a score of five for “often true,” three for “sometimes true,” and zero for “never true,” KATU reports. The statements […]

Portland schools spend big on ‘white privilege’ training — still accused of racism

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Portland Public Schools board member Paul Anthony thinks the district is racist towards minority students, so he filed a civil rights complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. The complaint comes amid extensive efforts to eradicate alleged systemic white supremacy in the district through staff training and school restructuring. Despite more than […]

San Fran students, parents, teachers protest AGAINST ‘restorative justice’ policy

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SAN FRANCISCO – Parents, teachers and students at Monroe Elementary School are protesting student discipline procedures because they contend administrators refuse to remove unruly students from the classroom. The backlash against San Francisco Unified School District’s relatively new approach to student discipline mirrors complaints from teachers and parents in other districts across the country with […]

Minneapolis schools miscalculate budget by $17 million

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – The Minneapolis School District miscalculated its current budget by as much as $17 million, continuing a tradition of questionable money management that’s plagued the district for years. District officials told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune Wednesday that the district faces a $15 million to $17 million shortfall for the current school year after administrators […]

Parents defend teacher targeted by ‘Black Lives Matter’, demand supt resign over school violence

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ST. PAUL, Minn. – Parents are speaking out in support of a St. Paul high school teacher targeted by Black Lives Matter, and started a petition to counter the black activist group’s message. Failed school board candidate turned Black Lives Matter activist Rashad Turner publicly accused Como Park High School teacher Theodore Olson of racism […]

Chicago seminary urges students to wear ‘white privilege glasses’

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CHICAGO – If only white people could see the wildly racist white supremacy culture that dominates America and prevents minorities from living a peaceful and happy existence. That’s the focus of the Chicago Theological Seminary’s new program and video produced to bring naive whites into the “white privilege” progressive mindset – that white folks in […]

St. Paul school bans ‘dominant holidays’ out of ‘tolerance,’ ‘respect’

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PAUL, Minn. – Valentine’s Day is canceled at Bruce Vento Elementary School. As are all other “dominant holidays” – at least until principal Scott Masini can wrap his head around which days the largely minority student population would prefer to celebrate, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. “I have come to the difficult decision to discontinue […]

VIDEO: Student arrested after blowing cigar smoke in teacher’s face

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An Arkansas student who gained notoriety in an online video blowing cigar smoke in his teacher’s face will now face harassment charges because of the incident, police said. Police Monday arrested North Little Rock High School student Christopher Dunn, 18, on misdemeanor charge of harassment for the Dec. 14 incident that […]