Homeschooling popularity ‘soars’ across the U.S.

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The popularity of homeschooling is exploding across the United States, far outpacing enrollment growth in public schools and other educational options. The National Home Education Research Institute contends homeschooling is the fastest growing form of education in America, with an estimated 2.3 million students now learning at home, according to the […]

National School Choice Week to feature more than 20,000 events in 2017

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – National School Choice Week is expected to feature more than 20,000 events across the country in 2017, a sign of growing public support for school choice as one of its biggest champions is slated to take control of the U.S. Department of Education. National School Choice Week 2017 will eclipse the 16,745 […]

Home school mother sues NYC schools after investigation for ‘educational neglect’

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NEW YORK – New York City mother Tanya Acevedo is suing the city school district over the bumbling bureaucracy that oversees homeschooled students. Acevedo, who removed her son from public school to homeschool the boy, was threatened with an Administration for Children’s Services investigation for “educational neglect” in March after her son’s former school continued […]

EdSec slams homeschooling: ‘Not getting rapid instructional experience’ like in government schools

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Secretary of Education John King recently claimed that many of the nation’s 2.3 million homeschooled students are worse off than their public school counterparts. Politico reports that King was addressing a breakfast hosted by The Christian Science Monitor Wednesday when he claimed that despite the “very tremendous academic success” of some […]

Number of black parents homeschooling doubles

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ATLANTA – There’s a growing movement of black parents homeschooling their children, and it’s driven largely by concerns about racism and a lack of opportunity in public schools that serve predominantly minority kids. The Christian Science Monitor detailed the movement in a lengthy profile featuring an Atlanta co-op where black parents are banding together to […]

CA school district launches home school program to stem enrollment decline

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THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. – A California school district is trying a new approach to attract more students amid declining enrollment: listening to parents and giving them what they want. Conejo Valley Unified School District is launching the K-6 Independent Home Study Program to offer parents support in homeschooling their children personalized education programs tailored to […]

Education prof claims ‘jury is still out’ on effectiveness of homeschooling

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RICHMOND, Va. – Despite evidence showing homeschool students outperform their public school peers in academics, and a growing movement of parents educating their own children, Virginia Union University professor Matthew Lynch claims “the jury is still out” on the effectiveness of homeschooling. Lynch doesn’t think many parents have what it takes to teach their children […]

WV legislators mull easing restrictions on homeschooling

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CHARLESTON, W. Va. – West Virginia lawmakers want to make it easier for homeschooled students to receive a Promise Scholarship – a $4,750 a year grant toward college. Legislators introduced one bill to eliminate a requirement for homeschooled students to earn a GED before qualifying for a Promise Scholarship, and another that would reduce red […]

‘Worst ever’ home school bill withdrawn in Ohio

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COLUMBUS, Ohio – After coming under fire for what many were calling the “worst ever” home schooling bill, an Ohio state senator has decided to withdraw a controversial bill that would have required background checks for parents who decided to home-school their children.