Georgia district first in state to name school after Barack Obama

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ATLANTA – DeKalb County Schools is naming a new elementary school after the country’s lame duck president. School board members voted unanimously to name the school after the 44th President of the United States, and announced the decision Tuesday, Fox 5 Atlanta reports. The Barack H. Obama Elementary Magnet School of Technology is expected to […]

Ga. district to hire 450 teachers, no teaching degree required

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SAVANNAH, Ga. – A Georgia school district is hiring 450 teachers, and a degree in education is not required. The Savannah-Chatham district is working to recruit teachers for a severe shortage through its Alternative Pathways to Teaching program that allows anyone with a bachelor’s degree to enter the profession and earn their teaching credentials on […]

Judge upholds two-day suspension for student with Pop Tart ‘gun’

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BALTIMORE, Md. – William Welch doesn’t believe his 7-year-old son deserved a two-day suspension for chewing his Pop Tart into a pretend gun he used to pretend shoot his classmates, and he’s spent the last four years working to remove the infraction from the boy’s record. “It’s a mark on his record for something that […]

Elementary student ‘branded’ over low lunch account balance

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GARDENDALE, Ala. – Jon Bivens doesn’t appreciate Gardendale Elementary School officials “branding” his son in the lunch line. “They herd these kids like cattle,” he told Last week, Bivens’ son came home with a large stamp across his arm with a happy face, and a message underneath. “I thought it was a good job […]

Scammers getting college students to pay bogus ‘Federal Student Tax’

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INDIANAPOLIS – Some students are scrambling to pay their “Federal Student Tax” before the Internal Revenue Service arrests them for back taxes. In Indiana and elsewhere, hundreds of college students have received calls from scammers posing as IRS agents who have demanded payment for the fictitious tax and threatened to send the authorities if they […]

Fallout continues for Obama transgender decree: ‘Society may change, but biology will not’

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PHOENIX, Ariz. – Arizona’s top education official, Diane Douglas, called the recent decree from President Obama on transgender “rights” in schools “yet another example of federal overreach negatively impacting our state’s schools.” Obama recently issued a decree through the U.S. Department of Education and the Justice Department that threatens to remove federal funding from schools […]

Principal suspended for posting names of flunking students

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SHIPROCK, N.M. – Tsé Bit’a’í Middle School Principal J. Kaibah Begay was attempting to motivate students when she recently posted a list of more than 100 children who won’t move on to the next grade. But district administrators concerned about “students’ self-esteem, confidence and identity” removed the poster within two hours, suspended Begay, and apologized to students […]

REPORT: High school prom breathalyzer busts TEACHER

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OKOBOJI, Iowa – An Iowa high school teacher faces a public intoxication charge after police said he was busted at twice the legal limit to drive at Boji Bay Fun House & Event Center, where he was chaperoning the prom. Royce Van Roekel, a business education teacher and cross country coach at Okoboji High School, […]

Middle school ignores parents’ objections to LGBTQ ‘Acceptance Week’

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SAN RAMON, Calif. – A LGBTQ “Acceptance Week” at Windemere Ranch Middle School will proceed as planned despite numerous objections from parents about the controversial program. Parents voiced their concerns about lessons and videos loaded with LGBTQ issues during the school’s April 11-15 “Acceptance Week” some view as an “extended promotion” of topics that aren’t […]

‘God’s Not Dead 2’ centers on religious persecution in high school, opens nationwide

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HOPE SPRINGS, Ark. – A highly anticipated faith-based flick about the intersection of church and state in an imaginary Arkansas high school opens in movie theaters today. “God’s Not Dead 2” features Melissa Joan Hart from “Clarissa Explains It All” and “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and Jesse Metcalfe, from “Desperate Housewives” in an epic court […]

SWAT team descends on middle school during squirrel situation

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HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – Squirrel! Three men who were attempting to eradicate the varmints from a Hot Springs apartment complex Wednesday inadvertently triggered a lockdown at Gardner STEM Magnet School, KCCI reports. A Gardner teacher told police she saw three men with rifles running near the front of the building around 8 a.m., so she […]

CO lawmaker wants high school students to pass civics test to graduate

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DENVER – A Colorado lawmaker wants students in The Centennial State to be informed citizens, and he’s pushing a bill to require high schoolers to pass a citizenship test to graduate. State Sen. Owen Hill wants students to be required to answer 60 out of 100 multiple choice questions correctly on an online civics test […]

Trump lists education among top three ‘functions’ of federal government

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MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump raised some eyebrows at a town hall discussion in Milwaukee last night when he listed education as one of the top three functions of the federal government. Trump has repeatedly advocated for eliminating the U.S. Department of Education and returning governing authority over education matters to the […]

Students ‘protest someone else’s speech by silencing their own’ in strange display

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LOS ANGELES – University of Southern California’s College Republicans hosted conservative writer David Horowitz for a recent speech on campus and it prompted what’s being described as the “lamest protest ever.” Amy Lutz, program officer for Young America’s Foundation, posted pictures and updates of the silent protest to Twitter – students with tape over their […]

School installs camera in bathroom — to ‘catch vandals’

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Officials at Jefferson County High School are scrambling to explain why they installed a security camera in the boys bathroom after parents complained. Jefferson County High School student Nate Cook was explaining a recent incident in the bathroom to his mother, Virginia Clark. The teen was in the restroom when a classmate […]