Students film beating of classmate with cerebral palsy in school hallway

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PENN HILLS, Pa. – Margaret Wooding wants her son’s tormentors brought to justice, and school officials seem happy to comply. “I’m kind of angry and hurt. I feel like the violence of anybody, not just me, should stop,” Isaiah Wooding, 16, told CBS Pittsburgh. “When I got up, I couldn’t even move at the time. […]

National School Choice Week 2016 is bigger and better than ever

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DENVER – Flagstaff Academy eighth grader Caleb Serrette gets it. “Children need to go to a school that best suits them that way they’re learning something that is correct for them,” he told a massive crowd of supporters who gathered at the Colorado State Capitol Thursday for National School Choice Week. “That way they can […]

VIDEO: Trump urges repeal of Common Core: ‘A total disaster’

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NEW YORK – A President Donald Trump would “end Common Core.” “It’s a disaster,” The Donald posted to Facebook this week with a personal video about his views on education. Trump made it clear “education has to be at a local level” in denouncing the national education standards pushed on states through the Obama administration’s […]

TX dad ‘vindicated’ after judge dismisses theft charge for taking away daughter’s cell phone

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GRAND PRARIE, Texas – A Texas father’s bizarre years-long troubles with the law finally came to an end this week when a Dallas judge dismissed allegations he stole his daughter’s cell phone in 2013. Ronald Jackson told CBS DFW he confiscated his then 12-year-old daughter’s cell phone in 2013 after discovering a rude text comments […]

Teacher accused of having sex with 13-year-old boy, seeking to be his guardian

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JACKSON, Mich. – Police allege former middle school teacher Jamee Hiatt repeatedly sexually assaulted a male student during the 2013-14 school year, and at one point attempted to adopt the child. The 31-year-old married mother of two is now facing the potential of life in prison for criminal sexual conduct charges following her arraignment Monday, […]

School district stops recording public comments after student exposed questionable lesson

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KATY, Texas – A Texas school district is shielding criticisms from the public by a moving previously recorded public comment time to work study meetings that are not recorded or posted to the district’s website. The controversy comes just months after Katy Independent School District Superintendent Alton Frailey created a public relations nightmare by publicly […]

National School Choice Week sweeps across U.S. with 16,140 events

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s National School Choice Week! Schools, parents, students, lawmakers, education leaders, and others are participating in an unprecedented 16,140 events across the country this week to raise awareness about a variety of educational options. “The goal of National School Choice Week is to raise awareness among parents when it comes to their […]

First grade teacher under investigation after racism lesson leaves children in tears

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MINNEOLA, Fla. – A first grade teacher in Florida is under investigation for an unapproved, controversial “lesson on racism” that left some students in tears. Parents are complaining about a “lesson on racism” for first grade students at Minneola Elementary Charter School the day after the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday in which the teacher […]

Teacher sues school district over Valentine’s Day party

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DETROIT – Former Southfield Public Schools teacher Yvonne Lemmons believes she was fired for refusing to organize a Valentine’s Day party for her class because it’s her religion as a Jahovah’s Witness. Now the 56-year-old Detroit woman is suing the school district in federal court alleging religious discrimination, Mlive reports. The lawsuit contends Lemmons had […]

School board president under fire for homeschooling kids

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SISTERSVILLE, W. Va. – Tyler County Board of Education President Bonnie Henthorn pulled her children out of local schools during Christmas break. She plans to homeschool her kids – one in middle school and the other a high-schooler – because she wants them to have a more Christian-based curriculum, and some residents are losing their […]

Student suspended after carrying classmate having asthma attack to nurse

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KILLEEN, Texas – A Texas mother is considering homeschooling her 15-year-old son after he was suspended by his alternative school for carrying a classmate having an asthma attack to the nurse. Anthony Ruelas, 15, was in class Tuesday at Gateway Middle School in Killeen when a classmate began to have an asthma attack. Ruelas’ fifth […]

School calls ‘Homeland’ after student inserts ‘ISIS’ in Pledge of Allegiance

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ANSONIA, Conn. – One word can change everything. Instead of pledging allegiance to the “United States of America” during the morning announcements at Ansonia High School, a 15-year-old student substituted “ISIS,” and sent school officials into a tizzy, the Connecticut Post reports. The incident, which occurred before the winter break, prompted school administrators to remove […]

School bans teachers saying ‘please’ in new ‘no-nonsense’ approach

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Teachers in Charlotte, North Carolina are taking a “no-nonsense” approach to address student behavior problems by eliminating words like “please” from the classroom lexicon. “Your pencil is in your hand. Your voice is on zero. If you got the problem correct, you’re following along and checking off the answer. If you got […]

VIDEO: Middle schooler dances on lunch table, taunts teachers, police

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AUSTIN, Texas – A black Texas middle-school student threw a temper tantrum in a video that also shows adults seemingly unwilling to do anything to restore civility. User bklynblke posted a nearly 3 minute tirade to LiveLeak Monday showing the young girl climb on top of tables in the Westview Middle School cafeteria before going […]