LONDON – Americans who are unhappy with the new, Michelle Obama-endorsed school lunch, snack and vending machine rules need to look at what’s happening in schools “across the pond” – to see what may be in their future.

Schools in Britain have strict guidelines about which foods parents should pack in their children’s lunches, and which ones they should not. The Daily Express refers to the rule-makers as “the lunchbox police” and notes that teachers have been known to confiscate “naughty” foods.lunchbox surprise

Despite the strict rules, a new survey finds about one-in-four British parents rebel against their school’s lunch rules by packing contraband food, such as crisps (potato chips), biscuits (cookies), and chocolate bars (candy bars).

While most parents abide by the lunch rules, that doesn’t mean they agree with them.

Sixty-one percent of parents surveyed by The Grocer said they disagreed – either moderately or strongly – with the premise that schools should control the types of foods parents can put in their kids’ lunchboxes.

Just 35 percent showed some level of support for having schools control what goes into home-packed lunches.

No prominent American politician, to our knowledge, has advocated government guidelines for school lunchboxes. But given the Obama administration’s desire to control Americans’ eating habits through the National School Lunch Program and potentially through the Affordable Care Act, don’t be too surprised if the “lunchbox police” soon start appearing in schools throughout the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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