Superintendent says he has ‘no confidence’ in school district’s teachers

November 26, 2012

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By Ashleigh Costello

ST. ALBANS, Vt. – Teachers at a Vermont school district have registered a vote of no confidence in the superintendent, following a series of tense emails between the superintendent and union president.

The superintendent responded by saying that he and the community have no confidence in the teachers.

How’s that for a fresh approach to the tired old union tactic of trying to force quality administrators out the door?

The Bellows Free Academy school board met Tuesday to discuss Superintendent Bob Rosane’s future with the district. No decisions were made.

The meeting was held in response a series of emails between Rosane and Bellows Free Academy Education Association President Justin Bedell became increasingly aggressive. The emails started as a discussion about how to motivate faculty to improve instruction at the underperforming school, reports the St. Albans Messenger.

Bedell said the association had doubts about the superintendent’s “ability to lead change and lead the school in a more meaningful direction.”

Rosane was quick to let the union know the feeling was mutual.  In an email to the entire BFA staff, the superintendent said the union was doing a disservice to students through its unwillingness to embrace reform.

“I realize that your association has voted no confidence in me,” Rosane wrote. “Frankly, I, and the community, have no confidence in you. Sixty percent of BFA students are not proficient in math and 50+ are not proficient in ELA (English Language Arts). This is our workforce. You can get rid of me, and deny the facts. I will leave. Happily. But your failure to embrace change will be your undoing. Good luck denying the facts. You are failing our kids and you have to live with that.

“I have tried to help but your association and administration are standing in the way. If anyone truly wants to support kids, not adults, feel free to contact me directly. I’d like to continue to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. The choice is yours,” Rosane wrote.

Rosane’s has been superintendent of the district since 2008.  If the school board is smart, it will keep him around a lot longer, instead of sacrificing him at the altar of the teachers union.

Public schools desperately need more straight-talking leaders like Rosane who are willing to stand up to union bullies and put the interests of students first.

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4 Responses

  1. Iam says:

    The students have no confidence in the teachers either. how many graduates cannot read or do basic math? 40% ?

  2. MichSeag says:

    Bob Rosane will not survive that childish statement.

    It appears that there are NO adults working in this system…..

  3. Similar situation says:

    Another instance of teachers’ unions not wanting to change.

  4. Similar situation says:

    This same type of “force out” by the teachers happened to me as well. We were a failing district and teachers (as a group0) didn’t want to change and wanted to blame poor performance on the students. When I wouldn’t accept that, they voted no confidence. It happened to some of the principals as well who supported concept that we needed to do better.

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