FRESNO, Calif. — A substitute teacher at Central West High School is in the hospital on a 48-hour mental health hold after exhibiting bizarre behavior in class yesterday.

Steven DiddyAccording to ABC 30, Sheriff’s deputies say the substitute, Steven Diddy, began acting strangely in front of his students early in the school day on Monday.

Within minutes, according to police, the vice principal removed the 44-year-old from the classroom. When deputies arrived and observed Diddy making strange comments, they took him to the hospital to undergo a mental health evaluation.

According to the news report, Deputy Chris Curtice said that Diddy is a former Fresno radio reporter who confessed to the kidnapping and murder of 2-year-old Matthew Moorby in 1996.

The boy’s body was found in Woodward Park Lake in Northeast Fresno two days after he went missing.

Diddy later recanted his story when the investigation began leaning toward a death penalty case. Deputy Curtice told ABC 30 that Diddy was released in 1997 on insufficient evidence.

However, according to a 1996 Los Angeles Times report on Diddy’s confession, the murdered child’s mother claimed police told the family they were sure they had the right man because Diddy “told the detectives things and showed them things that only they knew.”

With regard to yesterday’s incident at Central West High School, police told ABC 30 that no criminal charges will be filed against Diddy. However, Deputy Curtice was quoted as saying, “Based on his past history, I’m kind of dumbfounded how he could be a substitute teacher.”


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