HARRISON CITY, Pa. – Lunch is a drastically different experience now that Penn-Trafford High School is no longer bound by federal food regulations.

District officials removed the high school from the National School Lunch Program after years of struggling to comply with federal regulations that drove down student lunch participation and cafeteria revenues, the Tribune-Review reports.

The freedom from the strict restrictions on calories, fat, sugar, salt and other elements, came at the expense of federal funding to help cover free- and reduced-priced lunches for some students, but district business manager Brett Lago said the decision is already paying off in year one.

“We’ve lost, to date, about $40,000 worth of reimbursement, but our sales are up about $50,000 over last year,” he said. “Participation has gone from about 25 percent to 45 percent, and we’re still providing free lunches to all those students who would have been eligible under the school lunch program.”

Ditching the federal regulations allowed school food workers to redesign the cafeteria from a funnel system with few choices to a food court model with a deli and panini station, grill, main course counter and other stations, according to the news site.

“You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

Senior Brianna Lander pointed to the cafeteria’s garbage cans as evidence that the new system is working better than the federal rules, which require all students to take a fruit or vegetable whether they wanted it or not.

“The trash cans were always full, sometimes overflowing,” Lander said. “You don’t see that now. People would go up to the snack line and get random junk food, where now you can get an actual meal and eat it.”

Lago said the new system gives high school students more control over what they eat, whereas the federal program mandated the same sized portions for a wide range of student body types and dietary needs.

“(The high school) involved the least risk” for opting out of the NSLP, he said. “Plus, kids at that age, they’re a little more informed and better at making smart choices for themselves because we still have a lot of healthy options. But as far as meal guidelines, you can’t say a 300-pound football player and a 90-pound cheerleader have the same (dietary) needs on a daily basis.”

Regardless, the change has already pulled the school’s food service budget from the red, he said.

“Right now, we’re looking at breaking even at the high-school level and hopefully the rest of the district as well,” Lago told the Tribune-Review.

Penn-Trafford High School is among more than 500 schools that have dropped out of the NSLP since strict nutrition regulations were imposed on schools through the Healthy Hunger Free Act championed by former first lady Michelle Obama.

The changes drove down school food sales nationwide for the first time in years and created an estimated $1 billion in additional food waste as students across the country revolted against the rules.

The House Freedom Caucus has called on the Trump administration to consider efforts to repeal the lunch rules during the first 100 days, while the School Nutrition Association will request “reasonable” flexibility for menu planning, according to the Quad City Times.

SNA spokesperson Diane Pratt-Heavner told the new site the group, which represents 55,0000 school food service workers, is developing a position paper for 2017 that’s expected to call for a relaxed requirements on whole grains and salt, and new rules for a la carte items and fruits and vegetables.

632 responses to “Students, staff celebrate after school drops Michelle O lunch rules”

  1. Kurt Smith says:

    Another failed – and typically wasteful – Lib initiative. Another failed Obama legacy.

    • Marlene Sell says:

      Not being elected to anything, I’ve never figured out how the First Lady was able to force this on the schools.

      • cr0ak says:

        Exactly! I’ve never understood that, either. But good riddance to the sasquatch!

        • Vigilabo_Vigilum says:

          Apparently, both you & Marlene failed civics.

          • Willam Nat says:

            If you explain your answer, more people might take it as something more than just another “fake liberal comment.”

          • Richard says:

            Vigilabo’s response looks pretty clear to me. Congress abrogated its responsibility to the Executive branch, and the Executive branch used that power to do what the President’s wife wanted. no surprises there.

          • Ted Baker says:

            Trying for healthier lunch should be applauded – not sure why this is such a partisan issue

          • Snarkasterous1 says:

            Centralized, bureaucratic, unworkable, wasteful program – yep, libbies “just can’t understand” what’s wrong here……

          • BA says:

            “trying” is replaced by “forcing”, that’s the problem

          • Ted Baker says:

            I agree, but cafeteria food shouldn’t have been a partisan issue – Republican and Dems should’ve work this one out – that’s all I’m saying and the hate for Michelle on this issue alone is unjustifiable

          • James Smith says:

            These lunches that hungry kids refused to eat are in a program she directed and personally pushed. Sorry you hate hungry kids.

          • roner says:

            It’s not hate – it’s disapproval. dims are the haters. moochelle made herself the “czar” of “healthy” food in schools (which her kids didn’t have to endure, of course), and it was her “cause.” She obviously didn’t follow the “guidelines,” either.

          • airplane mike says:

            I don’t remember her asking for any Republican opinions. Do you? She seemed to have trouble even saying the word Republican.

          • Deplorable HoundOfDoom says:

            You can trace that back to president ‘I won’ and his refusal to work with republicans on just about everything.

          • jmg09 says:

            It shouldn’t be an issue for the federal government.

          • Rickintheforest says:

            Congress should not even be discussing cafeteria food. PLEASE read the Constitution and try to understand the true meaning of a federal system. It was never the intent to have an all powerful national government. Never.

          • LuppersMom says:

            Oh, but there are so many reasons to despise Michael. Just a sasquatch in the nation’s rearview mirror! Happy days.

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            That’s the thing between liberal and conservative views. Libs try (and generally fail) because it’s all about feelings. Conservatives succeed, because we leave emotion out of the equation, and base decisions on fact and reasoned expected outcomes.

          • Ted Baker says:

            You mean Medicaid and Social Security is a failure ?

          • cr0ak says:

            As they stand today, yes. Especially SS. It was never meant to a pay kid (until the age of 18) whose parent had died. And who on earth decided that a woman who’s never worked a day in her life is entitled to half of her husband’s SS? IMO, if a woman didn’t need to work to supplement the family’s income, why is she now getting benefits? (And, btw, even those who did work – but are receiving half of the husband’s benefits.)

            In fact, originally it was supposed to be the person’s choice as to whether or not (s)he wanted to opt in. And… thanks to LBJ, the SS funds are no longer kept separate – but included in the General Fund. (No wonder it’s broke!)

            I also understand that illegals/non-citizens are collecting SS. WHY?!

          • airplane mike says:

            So what should we do? Throw widows and children out into the street? If this is what it means to be a conservative…..count me out!!!!

          • roner says:

            No. But, that’s what libs think should be done to conservatives.

          • cr0ak says:

            Oh, here we go… I just love how you (and people like you) read stuff into what someone has typed that isn’t even there!

            Re-read what I wrote. If you still don’t understand what I said, then get back to me.

          • weedpuller says:

            Ever think of taking in the “widows and orphans”?

          • jmg09 says:

            …and that’s the typical, binary thinking that is such a problem in society. “You’re not for social security, so you must be for throwing widows and children in the streets.” Ridiculous.

          • We'llcallitBlackDog says:

            Love to. Like the other 70+ programs available nationwide for low-income families and children isn’t enough.

          • LuppersMom says:

            No one ever said that. Jeez, cut back on the Starbucks. A sensible answer would be to offer transitional assistance while the widow finds gainful employment. No one throws children out into the street, Oliver Twist. Binary doofus thinking.

          • LuppersMom says:

            Good question. Teachers in most Texas districts cannot collect even if they paid in while working other jobs. Yet illegals can collect who have never paid and don’t belong here. WTF??

          • lanahi says:

            The worker paid into it. His widow should benefit from his part of it.

            You realize, of course, that times since this was set up have changed. Most women at the time did NOT work outside the home. They were housewives. If something happened to her husband, her and her children suffered because of lack of other resources. She deserved help from the funds her husband paid into SS.

          • cr0ak says:

            I wasn’t talking about widows. A widow does receive the husband’s SS. In full. I’m talking about women whose husbands are still alive (and collecting SSI). When the woman (even though she’s never worked) reaches the age of 65 (or whatever the current age limit is), she’ll receive half of what her husband gets.

            The same goes for women who have worked. Husband gets his full amount, wife gets half of his amount, instead of what she’d get if she hadn’t married at all.

          • roner says:

            Yes – largely. Especially SSI.

          • Ted Baker says:

            Conservatives never seem to be able to get rid of it – even with a Repub Pres and congress – — Repeal and Rename

          • Howard Bueker says:

            Ponzi schemes eventually fail. EVERYTIME

          • Bert Darrell says:

            The schemes fail even faster is politicians divert the trust funds to their petty projects, special favors to donors, and reelection campaigns, and NEVER repay the trust.

          • jmg09 says:

            You mean something that’s going bankrupt is not a failure? You mean taking my money and giving me 1/10 of what I could’ve made investing on my own is a success?

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            There’s emotions I spoke about. Since you raised it, any idea what the cost of living allowance was for social security this year? It was a 0.3% increase, and last year it was zero. From 1975 through 2008, the average COLA was 4.4% per year. Since then, the average is 1.1%. Not looking too good for retirees, is it? As the federal government now owes the SS fund $2.7 TRILLION plus interest, it’s even worse. Add a $20 TRILLION US debt to that equation, and it isn’t hard to see that SS will be bankrupted in the future, along with Medicaid, Medicaid, and every other federally run program. So ye, these programs are doomed for failure.

          • Ted Baker says:

            The US owes 2.7 trillion to SS fund ? – you mean the amount we spent on the Iraq War . SS fund was squandered by both parties – it is solvent till 2033 or something like that – save the socialism argument for Fox news – if both parties had a half a brain they can easily solve the issue ; but ratings, political contributions for salaries for people to do nothing

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            Have you not seen the reporting on these lunches? Kids weren’t eating them, because they sucked. Why is the federal government getting into this? The federal government doesn’t run much that works well. We need to get back to what our founders designed. The states should be dealing with most of the programs the fed has usurped. Closer to the people means accountability, and generally, more successful programs.

          • Ted Baker says:

            the founders designed public schools so not sure what you mean – Republican President with a Repub congress have always executed the program, so when in powers why don’t they send it back to the stars

          • Hosana Rosanadana says:

            I don’t recall the public school system being designed by the founding fathers or being a part of the Constitution. You must be thinking about when Jimmy Carter took over the nation’s schools with the creation of the department of education.

          • Ted Baker says:

            They were started in the late
            1600s in Boston, the framework has been around since the founders .

          • ConservativeBen says:

            Wow, that is a completely different statement than you made earlier.

          • Ted Baker says:

            sorry a little trump rubbed off me

          • ConservativeBen says:

            way to project.

          • TomCoyne says:

            We need to abolish the U.S. Department of Education as part of “draining the swamp.”

            Tom Coyne

          • Martin O'Hara says:


          • p3orion says:

            The founders did NOT “design public schools.” The Constitution is very clear about the FEW powers the federal government has, and says specifically (in the Tenth Amendment) that ALL the rest stay with the people or the states. And that’s how public education was run, until Jimmy Carter focked it up in 1979 by forming the Department of Education.

            Since then we’ve spent over $1.5 Trillion. Do you know ANYONE who thinks educational outcomes in the United States have improved over the past four decades?

          • jmg09 says:

            But try suggesting we get rid of that bloated, useless department and listen to the cries of “You hate the children!”

            Right now, the states send money to DC, it runs through a bureaucracy, filtered out, then what’s left goes back to the states. Why? So everyone can have the same lower standards? Get back to having 50 different experiments in education, let the states keep their money, and let innovation come back to education.

          • LuppersMom says:

            As a teacher for the past three decades, I say the answer is….NOT IMPROVED.

          • Sean in NYC says:

            Public schools were only developed, first in Massachsetts, in the late 19th century to recondition formerly independent/ self-sufficient minded Americans to be worker bees in an industrial society:


            Please visit John Taylor Gatto’s work to blow your mind:


            It is frightening that almost no one today realizes who created the idea of public schooling, why they created it, and how it was later co-opted by those bent on breaking down American families and traditional structures.

          • Ted Baker says:

            Thanks for this – I’ll check it out

          • Rickintheforest says:

            Sorry. The founding fathers did not design public schools. That was always left to local communities and states. And should never have been usurped by the federal government that can never manage these sorts of things well from thousands of miles away.

          • airrcopp says:

            Absolutely true! However we abdicated our responsibilities to manage those precious institutions to the social marxist that were hiding in the shadows. We went off to earn a living for our families and the vermin slipped in the back door to teach falsehoods and lies as truth. We sowed good seed, they made sure it fell on dry soil. Today we reap the whirlwind of our in attention of the past 50 years.
            How do we fix it? One teacher, one student at a time. Gradatim Ferociter!

          • FedUpAmericanMom says:

            Oh my gosh the truths that you just spoke. I have chill bumps.

          • Michael K says:

            All schools were put in place by the Church originally until the Government took over and replaced the Church with the atheist Humanist Manifesto and Secular Humanism. Humanist declare that the School is their church, the teachers are their Pastors and the students are their congregation that they will teach an atheistic worldview.

            In order to do that they needed to promote the erroneous separation of church argument that is not in the Constitution in order to squelch religious beliefs.

            When it first came into existence, Humanist applied for and received Tax exempt status as a religion (atheism). But as they took control of schools they backed off of that so they could use the above argument to keep religion out of schools.

            From the American Humanist Society website.

            “Advocating progressive values and equality for humanists, atheists, and freethinkers”
            This could be the motto of all public schools.

          • airrcopp says:

            Good start! Look at the Scottish Reformation of the 18-19 century, there is where our public schools came in to being; They were run by the Scottish churches and promoted high education for all. This same period in British history, and it’s corresponding intellectual thoughts directly help in the formation of our country. Humanistic philosophy invaded what was meant for good and now creates this cesspool we have. Illiterate, unable to critically think generations of minions to be manipulated by nefarious powers.

          • wobbles9094 says:

            the idea was always to get away from a good education and replace it with a good indoctrination. Our public school system is a means of controlling what people think, and believe from the earliest age. And it is beyond corrupted now. We have liberal fascist extremists indoctrinating our kids now at almost every level of the educational system…

          • HJD says:

            Our public schools are completely run by leftists. Enough said.

          • ConservativeBen says:

            Making things up does not make it a fact.

          • FedUpAmericanMom says:


          • Halfbreed says:

            The Founders designed Public Schools?
            They were Architects? Draftsman maybe?
            Where’d you get that?

          • Ted Baker says:

            From their mouth …”The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and be willing to bear the expenses of it,” Adams.

            “There should not be a district of one mile square, without a school in it, not founded by a charitable individual, but maintained by at large the public expense of the people themselves.”- Adams

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            Why, no how, can they send it to the stars? The founders intended a well educated public, but never intended the federal government have the control they do now. They wanted public funds to be used to support education but if you understand the founders intentions, they wanted most decisions left to the states, not the federal government. I guess I don’t see where you have a point here.

          • Ted Baker says:

            I agree with you – you stated my point clearer then I should have

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            Thanks. I wasn’t sure at first if we were thinking the same thing or not. Regardless, have a great day.

          • Martin O'Hara says:

            Yes! It’s called subsidiarity, placing decision power as low down, not as high up, the totem pole as it can be effectively exercised. That’s what it’s all about.

          • LuppersMom says:

            Subsidiarity!!! Word of the day my friend!

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            Subsidiarity! Thank you for that. I’d not heard the term before, so you’ve educated me today. And yes, that is exactly what our founders intended. As Article X states ‘The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited
            by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.’

          • bfa says:

            Yes they are giving it to them
            Courtesy of the taxpayer

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            One more point. Trying shouldn’t be applauded. Succeeding should. This program was a failure from the start.

          • Ted Baker says:

            well let’s see what the republicans do in congress now .. no excuses for them to hide behind

          • jmg09 says:

            They’re going to fail, too. Just my guess.

          • lanahi says:

            They will fail unless they use some new, creative ideas instead of the current system. A band-aid isn’t enough for this.

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            Are you going to give them some time to see what happens, or are you going to be like so many that are ranting about what he has or hasn’t done, after serving in office for only 30 days? Do I think he’s the greatest thing since sliced bread? Hell no, but I think we should at least give the guy a year (or a huge mistake) before we try to judge his effectiveness. And let’s not forget that he is fighting both sides of the aisle, as they are extremely disturbed there is an outsider in charge who just might expose them for what they are, frauds for the most part. Neither party has shown much interest in anything gaining and maintaining power.

          • Ted Baker says:

            Ill give Trump all the time in the world but no excuse for congress. They could have easily had a framework in place. They had 50/ 60 votes to repeal and up until now don’t even have a framework on what they will do. Now since there is no plan town halls are exploding and the Republican are getting super scared. Now good luck getting anything better

          • Dean Anniballi says:

            Agreed. Congress had the numbers to neuter Obama, yet didn’t do a thing to stop his agenda. Best to remember, the left wing, and the right wing are both attached to the same bird.

          • Ted Baker says:

            to the same pot of gold too – sick of both of them

          • cc says:

            perhaps because the lunches weren’t healthier at all

          • Thomas says:

            It’s not partisan. The kids rejected the menu changes because they are terrible. Check out this image of a Michelle Obama-approved lunch. Then go check out the menu at Sidwell Friends School where her children attend school. https://www.sidwell.edu/mobile/index.aspx?v=c&mid=375&t=Lunch%20Menus

          • Ted Baker says:

            My friend pays 40k a year for their kids school .. they better have better food then the free lunch at public – don’t get the point

          • 2ndRules says:

            So you agree with vouchers and school choice.

          • LuppersMom says:

            Absofrickinglutely. Choice and local control.

          • Thomas says:

            Who said these were free lunches? The menu is for everyone. And do you think public school is “free”? I pay taxes. Because you may have missed the obvious: the menu being dictated by Michelle Obama is not good enough for her own children. To set a good example, she should have demanded that cold-cuts and cauliflower be served at Sidwell.

          • FedUpAmericanMom says:

            Thank you!

          • HJD says:

            Does your friend’s children have to eat only what they’re told to eat?

          • Martin O'Hara says:

            But these Michelle Meals are only meant for children of deplorables. You can’t expect the same standards as in a school for the Washington elite! Are you a communist?

          • Rob Blakey says:

            Because when the government is wrong and uses force we all pay. Bad dietary policy is why we are fat. The .gov said fat is bad and carbs are good and our diets changed to match that. And now we are fatter than ever. Those guidelines Michelle put out are the same bad science and backed up by the police powers of the state. So, yes I am opposed to dietary advice from a fat lady with a gun.

          • p3orion says:

            Sure eating healthier should be applauded… but it should not be MANDATED. Why is it liberals always claim to be about choice, but insist that THEY be the ones who get to choose for everyone else?

          • roner says:

            Liberals think everything should be mandated, and anything not mandated should be banned.

          • cr0ak says:

            For the same reason that the NYC mayor banned soft drinks larger than …20? oz?

            But the twit didn’t even consider that people would just buy two of the smaller sized drinks anyway!

          • LuppersMom says:

            Well said.

          • Howard Bueker says:

            It’s the parents job, not the gov’t. Pretty simple Ted.

          • Ted Baker says:

            you mean to pay for Cafeteria food ?

          • weedpuller says:

            Sure—the gummint ALWAYS knows—and works for your best interest. After all, we are all the same (that’s why it works so well)!

          • disqus_tKUiAezKl2 says:

            Ted Baker
            Have you seen Michelle’s lunches? They’re HORRIBLE.

          • jmg09 says:

            Because it was a glaring example of the failures of nationalization and centralized control.

          • justaman says:

            Do you understand the idea of freedom?

          • Milton says:

            Are you just an obtuse liberal Ted?

          • Ted Baker says:

            not obtuse but rich liberal – do you have a point or something meaningful to add to the conversation?

          • Milton says:

            yeah asking if you’re obtuse. I give a rats ass if you’re rich. that only means you’re even more of a hypocrite. There’s a new program for households to take in Syrian refugees. I hope you sign up to take three brothers between the ages of 20 -24. Will you take them?

          • Ted Baker says:

            I’m not scared of poor refugees unlike you. Your a coward compared to those refugees. You wouldn’t dare jump in a boat to save your family; you fake Christian would kneel and cower in the face of fear. Go back to to your trailer and hold onto the gun that your not brace enough to use. Stay there while we build this country even stronger.

          • Halfbreed says:

            Did you read the story?
            Apparently not.

          • bfa says:

            No it shouldn’t

          • Brian says:

            Kids do what they do, you cannot control every aspect of life, Obama was a demagogue, plain and simple, and Michelle was just as bad.

          • LuppersMom says:

            Because students were told what to eat. If you really want kids to eat healthily, educate them about nutrition and the way the human body works. Health classes with actual scientific content would educate and improve some teenagers’ tendencies to eat junk food. On the other hand, boring pseudo education about multiculturalism and revisionist history coupled with autocratic rule of the lunch menu was bound to backfire.

            Local control + Actual facts being transmitted to students = better schools

          • coffeedrinker88 says:

            Healthier lunch is not a partisan issue. But this school lunch program is/was a snapshot of the basic difference between liberals and conservatives. Liberals believe that people should be told what is best for them and if they do not abide by that then they should be forced to do what is best for them. Conservatives believe the individual is the best person to decide what is best for them and if they choose not to do that, then any consequences they suffer are their own fault.

            Liberals believe the govt. should protect people from everything that can do them harm. Conservatives believe govt. should protect me from other people(police force, right to bear arms)/countries(military) that want to do me harm but that it’s not their job to protect me from myself.

          • Sam Green says:

            I suggest you look into the problem, Under Ms. Obamas system, a 250lb senior football player got the same caloric intake as a slender 80lb 9th grader.

            It is not Ms Obama’s job to delegate how much food a person can be served. If ANYONE leaves lunch hungry, her school lunch BS has failed. Trashing a billion dollars worth of food kids wont eat is moronic as it is stupid.

            Theres a difference between eating soundly and fighting diabetes and obesity, BUT IT IS NOT A ONE SIZE FIT ALL.

            The Obama’s children dined by executive chefs at their private schools, if they wanted seconds, they got it. Millions of public school children cannot say the same.

            Someday stuck on stupid will be curable.

          • HJD says:

            Because it should be up to the parents to make sure their kids eat healthily, not some government program. Do you want the government telling YOU what you can eat? No, I didn’t think so.

          • Halfbreed says:

            Because the kids were not eating the food and it was going to the landfill.
            Get it?
            It’s just that simple.

          • guest says:

            Lago said the new system gives high school students more control over what they eat,

            Do you suppose a govt that can tell you what to eat, where to live, where to work etc is too big?

            The climate change politicians in CA have passed laws that direct un-elected appointees to set up regulations to enforce climate change laws.

            The CA Air Resources Board (CARB) has been given sweeping new powers. Mary Nichols of the CARB, an activist, will now be able to tax and fine you out of your home and your car. The cattle and dairy industry is under attack right now due to methane emissions from cattle and dairy. IN the past year they have enacted regulations that will add $10,000 in construction costs onto the mythical average home, while at the same time raising taxes to make that home even more unafforable to the mythical average resident.

            They can regulate what you eat, regulate where you work, and where you live.

            The greater good becomes the lowering of expectations and outcomes.

          • smitty says:

            Commifornia.. Total state control of everything..

          • diggferkel says:

            Just more proof that a ignorant politician and his beard can’t even get a school lunchroom plan right much less execute the powers of POTUS constitutionally.

          • Michael says:

            They made you buy insurance didn’t they? i.e. AFCA

          • tony says:

            Not me !

          • AmandaTrebiano says:

            Already had it. They did double my premiums, halve my coverage, triple my co-pays and cause me to lose my doctor of 12 years though.

          • Philbert McNutt says:

            Not to worry. The Great State of Confusiconia has their very own Miniplenty.They are doubleplusgood when the proles are in need.

          • justaman says:

            Are you against the New World Order.

          • weedpuller says:


          • Halfbreed says:

            Obama sez…”I’m not an Emperor. I can’t do X because the Constitution prevents me.” Two months later he does what he said the Constitution disallows and no one says squat.
            He did whatever he wanted and Congress did nothing for fear of name calling.

          • tony says:

            Satan protected him. But not for much longer

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            How in the world was Trump protecting Obama?

          • bfa says:

            Idiot shut up

          • Brian says:

            ” I know you are but, what am I ” Typical Democrat, you sound like Pee Wee Herman.

          • Halfbreed says:

            Block the brat.

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            Sorry, I didn’t vote for those clowns either. You get the blame for electing Putin’s Poodle.

          • Halfbreed says:

            How cute. You think President Trump is Satan. So…do you also believe in God?

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            It was an honest question. Who else do you think he was referring?

          • Halfbreed says:

            You…maggot. Kinda like a spoiled brat at a Cocktail party. You’re going to get attention any way you can. Good attention or bad it matters not.
            You’re here for one reason. To bother the adults .
            When children act up they’re sent to bed. Since I can’t spank you and put you to bed…I’m going to block you instead so you can’t interrupt adult conversations that I might be engaged in. I suggest others do the same.
            Perhaps one day you’ll pupate.

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            Typical blowhard. Can’t even answer a simple question.

          • AmandaTrebiano says:

            I fail to understand the abject terror of being called a racist seems to instill. Who gives a rat’s rump? Call me a racist all day long, I couldn’t care less, I’ll just tell you to kiss my gorgeous hiney and take it from there. Threaten my safety or my family’s safety at your own risk.

          • LuppersMom says:

            More people should think as you do. Fear of being called a racist paralyzes so many people.
            What is the legal definition of “racist” anyway? Or of “supremacist,” “bigot,” “xenophobe,” or any of the other pseudo terms leftists use to shut down anyone they disagree with? It’s time we stopped living in fear of name calling. If you’ve lived responsibly and judged people only by their actions and character, you are very unlikely to be a racist, whatever that term actually means.

          • Robert Courtney says:

            Those words have been so overused, and obviously just insults as they are not real definitions anymore, that I just laugh right at anyone who has the idiocy to use them at me.
            It doesn’t work anymore, and is one of the big reasons Trump was elected. We got tired of all the browbeating nonsensical fake “morality”.
            Simple as that.

          • JmdJr1944 says:

            You should have more respect for your hiney. I would never allow a lib to place their lips on mine. Who knows what diseases they may be tote.
            But I do agree with the rest. As a matter of fact, I feel pretty good when I tick them off.
            Have a GREAT Day.

          • FreddyB says:

            No need to worry as I have yet to meet a lib that knows what an ass looks like on the outside.

          • Robert Courtney says:

            at least what an opposite sex hiney looks like, anyway.

          • FedUpAmericanMom says:


          • JmdJr1944 says:

            EXCELLENT POINT!

          • Gordon TheGrumpus says:

            Now that‘ll leave a mark!

          • AmandaTrebiano says:

            I said I’d tell them, I didn’t say I’d LET them. LOLOLOL

          • jumpstart says:

            It’s the only way we can stuff Political Correctness where it belongs.

          • TroyGale says:

            I don’t know if you can claim a gorgeous hiney, isn’t that sexist?
            Oh, I guess since it is you saying it about yours, it is PC.
            I get so confused today about what I can say.
            I liked it better when the object of my observation would just slap my face if I crossed the line.

          • AmandaTrebiano says:

            I know some people very into face slapping. LOL

          • TroyGale says:

            In this old man’s opinion, it satisfies the honor of the aggrieved, and if done loudly and publicly, humiliates the offender. But that’s just me…I’ve been wrong often in my 67 years.

          • MichaelM. says:

            USDA and probably NSLP were set up by Congress, but Congress does not approve each and every regulation or guideline Federal agencies generate. Indeed, very few rules created by these agencies–that carry the effect of law–ever see Congress. That is exactly the kind of regulations that Trump is trying to reduce. Not endorsing Trump or his actions here, but Michelle pushed this initiative and and her husband’s administration with it’s bureaucrats were happily to oblige…

          • Larry says:

            If your I.Q. were a mere 4 points higher, you’d be a napkin

          • turmn8 says:

            Take a Valium, Vig_Vig. Bwahahaha. BTW do u even know who or what that silly mask represents?

          • Snarkasterous1 says:

            And, being hard left libbies, they utterly botched it.


          • PR_Ohio says:

            The problem is,ever since the New Deal (which was FAR more than about just setting up a Welfare State), agencies such as the EPA, ATF, NEA, and even the NSLP operate extra-Constitutionally, and although originally created through the power of Congress, effectively give the Executive the force of legislation through “regulation” without Congressional approval.

            The power of the Executive through such regulatory agencies among others, as well as the courts, both who have far exceeded their Constitutional authorities need to be reigned in.

            People like you have forgotten (or you have always just been dependent, ignorant and brainwashed) that America was SUPPOSED to be a system where the Government was the responsibility of the People, and answerable to them, not the other way around as we have today. A population perpetually attached to the Government teat, and that government interfering and controlling our lives to the point that it’s forcing people to buy medical insurance, or telling us what our children can and cannot eat in school, and the People accepting it is an abomination regardless of how it comes about.

            But you really don’t see the problem, do you?

          • Spoofy McSpoof says:

            Extremely well said–Bravo!

          • FedUpAmericanMom says:

            So perfectly stated. Thank you.

          • NealWV says:

            And being a failed lawyer qualifies her to institute food guidelines how? It’s a matter of control plain and simple. If she cared at all she’d try and stop the instant deaths from gang violence rather than telling people what to eat.

          • Hosana Rosanadana says:

            So it was the stupid mulatto’s decision to impose his transvestite “wife’s” idiotic and dictatorial dietary mandate on growing children while the two of them ate like pigs.

            Thanks for the clarification.

          • LuppersMom says:

            Yep. Nailed it Hosana.

          • cr0ak says:

            Nope. I didn’t fail civics. It’s just been about 55 years since I took it in school. Add to that the problem of “chemo brain” (especially short-term memory loss), and I hope you can see/understand why I had an issue with moochie flouting* her “authority”.

            *or should that be FLOTUSing?

            BTW – thanks for the civics “update”. 🙂

          • PR_Ohio says:

            Sorry to hear about the Chemo-brain Cr0ak, and I pray you beat whatever it is trying to get at you, but regardless, you are 1000x more educated and informed about civics that any Gen X/Y/Z’er coming out of our Public Indoctrination System that churns out obedient little Marxists with no clue about who and what America even stands (or should it now be “once stood”?) for?

            And just curious, did your head nearly explode every time ObaMao lectured the decent folks on “Our Values” and “American Values” like mine did?.

          • cr0ak says:

            Thanks, PR. 🙂
            And just curious, did your head nearly explode every time ObaMao
            lectured us decent folks on “Our Values” and “American Values” like mine

            It got to the point (I think it was around year #2 of his Residency) that I could no longer even stomach looking at him, let alone listen to him. I physically felt ill every time I’d see his pic. (I still do, btw.) And it has nothing to do with his skin color. He could be purple with pink polka dots, for all I care. There just seems to be such evil, menace, and hatred emanating from him. Like he has a demon attached to him or something.

            His ideas of our “American Values” came from his communist grandparents and his Marxist Kenyan father. I don’t know if his mother was around that much to influence him. Oh…. and let’s not forget what’s-his-name… ummm… Frank Marshall Davis. I’m sure he had the biggest part in forming little Barry’s ideas of what American Values should be!

            I don’t wish him ill. I just wish him gone. Maybe some aliens will come and take him off the planet? (I only wish!) LOL

          • Kebas says:

            >>if the President wants to implement guidelines his wife came up with, it’s within his prerogative

            So obviously you’ll be just fine with members of the Trump family advising the President on policy matters?

          • airplane mike says:

            You are wrong. The USDA is the United States Department of Agriculture. It is run by the executive branch. Hence the Agriculture Secretary is a Cabinet position. The Congress may be responsible for appropriations but that’s it. Another Liberal schooled.

          • snowdog says:

            OMG, Vig…don’t use facts and stats on conservative boards!!! They think “knowing stuff” is a commie plot being implemented by gay minorities…

          • Howard Last says:

            Which Section of the Constitution gives the Congress or the President any say on school lunches or even schools?

          • PR_Ohio says:

            Constitution, Schmanstitution. Lefitsts don’t care about no stinkin Constitution, or as Obama refers to it, “really just a piece of parchment. It has no power on its own”.

          • #getusedtoit says:

            But why? Why put shit in front of children. They messed with something they didn’t have too now just like healthcare!!!!

          • Deplorable Paula says:

            She wanted the food for herself

          • Mike Blair says:

            RINOs then. Juan McCain must be proud.

          • Halfbreed says:

            Start with an insult, present some facts and end in a condescending tone.
            How liberal of you.

          • SWDC says:

            How much did the OBAMA failed school lunch program cost the USA in total? Since 911 the USA has lost more wealth and more liberties thanks 100% to Islam.

            When is the USA addressing the problem of Islam in Iran and Saudi Arabia? After the next attack on the USA? Iraq did not attack the USA on 911 but a whole bunch of very wealthy Saudis did.

          • tony says:

            Well they just told the first gay first man to shove it.

          • bfa says:

            no this was moochelle!!!

          • BannedbyBreitbart says:

            Your civics course was much more in depth than mine. We just studied little things like the 10th Amendment.

          • Conan the Republican says:

            Still sucks.

        • Airborne869 says:

          All the while She / Sasquach munched on Hamburgers and Fries and KFC

          • roner says:

            …and LOTS of them!! And her kids in that expensive private school never even knew this program existed!!

        • tony says:

          That’s Michael ObambO

        • Siddyppowpow says:

          Exactly, we have a much classier nude model for a semi first lady.

          • bfa says:

            How rude you are !!! Fool

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            Rude? I am being honest. I have several nude photos of Milania saved on my computer. Blame her, she is the one that stripped and took the money.

          • AmandaTrebiano says:

            Thank GOD. If I saw the Wookie naked I’d need electro-shock to jolt the horrific sight out of my brain!!

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            Lol. I love how you conservatives don’t care how much the trumps trash the White House. He is on his 3rd marriage and she is a former nude model. Great bunch you elected.

        • 2x4 says:

          Mr. crOak:
          I deeply resent your comment. I’m stronger and faster. I smell nicer; and I look better than Mike Obama.

          • cr0ak says:

            Oops! So sorry! I didn’t mean to offend! Do you have a “safe space” to go to until your hurt feelings are better? (LOL)

            You can go to yours, and I’ll go to mine. I’m offended because you called me Mr. cr0ak. I’m MS.! {scuttling off to my safe space for now}


          • 2x4 says:

            A thousand pardons, Ms crOak–another faux pas on my part. My social skills are so rusty. At least I didn’t try to vote for Killary as did so many other “humans”. I guess you can take the Sasquatch out of the woods, but you can’t take the woods out of the Sasquatch. I will have to go to my “safe space”, which for me is the Bermuda Triangle. There, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. Ciao
            (Not sure about your comment “You’re more handsome than Mike…”, that may be a case of “danged with faint praise”.(LOL) Oh well, Bermuda, here I come.

          • Hugely thought out! Everything feels nice.

          • Tim GibbonZ says:

            Sorry Mr. Sasquatch, you may be right, but it sounds like you have a case of wookie willie envy.

        • Don says:

          There was no US Congress for the last eight years…that’s what happened.

        • Robert Courtney says:

          Because he (mooshelle) had his partner Obama lobby for this in Congess. Because, as per the Dem Congress at the time, they rammed it through.
          Now they complain when it’s backfiring on them. And after the trouncing Dems will get in 2018, it’s going to get a LOT more amusing, at least for those of us that refutes the progressive Agenda.

      • jacktheskook says:

        Buy Ivanka, NOW, of the trump’s will fail.

        • Willam Nat says:

          But she is NOT forcing you to buy anything.

        • fourscoreandseven says:

          The Trumps WORK for their money; Hillary blackmailed and laundered money and made deal with felons, and also STOLE from the government, and then pretended that she earned it! Who can forget the speech (to fellow billionaires who had ALL formed businesses with something to sell), when SHE equated herself to them because they were all “affluent.” What a CREEP she is; that’s why the Democrats had to help her, and enlisted every media source, Hollywood, academia, and corporate leaders and published fake polls, and she STILL couldn’t win. The people KNEW her and they KNEW Trump and they ELECTED TRUMP! Deal with it!

          • Erik Denning says:

            Donald Trump’s inheritance was somewhere between 40 and 200 million dollars in 1974. There are also the massive loan guarantees he received from his father. Loan guarantees, while not inheritance, are extremely valuable and can catapult someone’s net worth upwards.

            Sure, Trump worked hard to turn that into more money, but don’t portray him as a self-made man who struggled to pull himself up from his bootstraps. It’s a lot easier to make a million dollars when you already have a million dollars, than when you have nothing.

        • Brandon Housley says:

          Obama said that if you don’t vote for Hillary you’re a sexist?

          Something on that order huh?

      • jtinevergreen says:

        That’s how the libs roll. Of course, she would never go near the slop that she tried to shove down these kids throats and her own kids were exempt, also. Hypocritical waste of skin. How many billions of dollars of food was thrown away under her “program”? Could have been better put to use in local food banks.

        • Shiprock Bilagaana says:

          Exactly! I remember seeing a photo of her having lunch in a middle school cafeteria, and they were having Subway sandwiches. None of that “three soggy fish sticks and a prepackaged 1/2 ounce of string cheese for Michelle Obama!

        • Erik Denning says:

          “Shoved down these kids throats?” Just sticking calmly to the facts, huh? You don’t want federal food stamp money to go towards liquor and junk food, but you’re ok with compromising the quality of the school meals federal taxes pay for? Why would you give them bad food as an option, rather than sticking to what you know is right?

          They SHOULD be using algebra books, but they refuse to use them to learn. Why don’t we give them other, easier book choices as an option? They won’t be learning anything, but at least they’ll be holding books!

      • Morrigan says:

        An accident of birth, nothing more than that.

      • RIMSPOKE says:


      • AMoB says:

        Maoism, mostly.

      • William Cox says:

        If this lunch program was truly forced on our schools; then yes that’s bad; however I have to applaud Michelle for attempting to introduce healthy eating habits to our children.

        • AMoB says:

          The irrational sound of William’s clapping hands.

        • fourscoreandseven says:

          She was trying to STARVE white children. How is that rate “applause?” Clearly YOU have no children in public school. She is a HYPOCRITE with way too many “mannish” tendencies.

        • Drake Edwards says:

          It was so nice that Moochelle was able to override the responsibility and choices of so many parents…

          • PR_Ohio says:

            Our “Betters”, meaning Progressive Elites such as the Obamas, George Soros, Globalists, and and all their ilk, know what’s “best” for us, and all they care about is our well-being so that is why we must let them rule over every aspect of our lives, take control of our families, confiscate our earnings for redistribution, limit out carbon footprints, and put our faith in them to provide all of our wants and needs, not God or ourselves.

            You see, it’s for our own good, and the good of Humanity, and most of all, for the children (and puppies, kittens and bunnies too).

          • Erik Denning says:

            Parents aren’t forced to use the school lunch program. Are you saying the parents would prefer students had unhealthy food choices, because only offering healthy food is somehow bad for them?

          • Constitutionalist56 says:

            The bag lunches that the parents prepared for their children was being taken away by the lunch Nazis and Moochelle approved it.

          • Drake Edwards says:

            You forget about the lunches kids brought from home and were confiscated by the “food police”. It isn’t the government’s job to decide what children eat in school. Parents have that responsibility.

        • Richard says:

          Wm Cox – Were you in a coma for the past 8 years?

        • turmn8 says:

          Yer anus.

        • Snarkasterous1 says:


          Why can’t we ALL applaud hypocritical libbies forcing upon the Little Folk things from which the Libbie elite are exempt?

          I applaud Bloated Al Gore decamping his gargantuan energy guzzling mansion, chartering a private jet, and lecturing the Little Folk about the lifestyle sacrifices we must all make to Save Mother Gaia.

      • Melanie Taylor says:

        She didn’t have a degree in Nutrition either. I wonder how much damage she did to our kids.

      • Kebas says:

        I think that is one reason people will LOVE Melania. She plans to focus on being a wife and mother and hostess for the President, and keep her petite nose OUT of her husband’s business of running the federal government.

      • PR_Ohio says:

        Marlene, may I recommend some reading material called “The People’s Pottage”, a collection of 3 early 20th-Century essays compiled by John Garrett which I think will explain what happened to America and how this sort of stuff is still allowed to happen. It is in the Public Domain and you can download a PDF copy from multiple sources on the internet.

        Just make sure that if you are on any blood pressure meds that you double or triple dose yourself (if you can do so safely of course!) before reading this book because this will make you so furious that your head will want to explode.

      • #getusedtoit says:

        Because she was the first colored First Lady. That’s the only reason

      • Shootist says:

        By axing Congress, the Dept of EDU, Dept of Agriculture and the FDA to pass laws and make new administrative rules.

      • Michael says:

        I guess you never heard the saying: “If momma ain’t happy, nobody else is gonna be happy”. ’nuff said!

      • justaman says:

        Because authoritarian liberals know what’s good for you even if you don’t.

      • Brian says:

        It’s the “withholding” of federal funds that was allowed under Obama, and now the liberals are crying is not legal when applied to their sanctuary cities.
        The ability to break governments control over our lives was a big part of President Trumps appeal.

      • Halfbreed says:

        Welll…when you lay down anyone that wants to can walk all over you.

      • Bob USAF(ret) says:

        Black and libera/ldemocrat.

      • AmandaTrebiano says:

        Cowardly Republicans are no match for psychotic leftists.

      • HJD says:

        Because I’m pretty sure Congress was stupid enough to pass legislation to make it all so.

      • Linda Lee says:

        Marlene, I could never figure that out myself. It wasn’t a law . health care was a law, and it failed. It was unconstitutional, and the supreme court failed on that score.

      • Aurelius Moner says:

        She didn’t, exactly. But all the nice, lovely, scrumptious people hinted scornfully that surely everybody else wanted to be nice, lovely and scrumptious like them, and the Federal Government came along and said, “We have Gazillions of dollars to hand out, but only to nice, lovely scrumptious people – are you nice, lovely and scrumptious? If so, some of that money has your name on it!” So, people went along with it in order to seem nice, lovely and scrumptious, and to grab some of the cash that uncle Sam stole from actually decent people.

      • Old Timer says:

        I remember when the ‘peanut’ President Jimmy Carter was in office, schools had peanuts for snacks, along with the milk. At the beginning, they were ‘whole’ peanuts, and at the end, they were ‘little pieces of peanuts’. After he was gone, so were the peanuts.

    • freedom says:

      You mean no more starving children in school, woooooooow. What a concept. I hope the POS obama family falls off the planet sooner then later.

    • Erik Denning says:

      Why all the negativity? If they failed to get kids eating healthier, should they not have tried? Is healthy eating a left/right thing? Respecting and taking care of your body should be encouraged by both parties. What’s the downside in insisting that tax money doesn’t go towards fattening and sickening kids, so that even MORE tax dollars have to go towards their adult medical care.

      • CrusadaB says:

        Our kids and their mommas are still fat after 8 years. Who doesn’t want healthy kids? But mandating such never gets any where. A person has got to want healthy living. In my town, people tell me I’m skinny…I’m not. I’m just not obese and I have been ridiculed. Tax money should be thrown at education where you can teach kids not mandate them. And Moo stayed fat the whole 8 years too. She was not a role model at all.

      • Kurt Smith says:

        Good ol’ libs – paving the road to destruction with good intentions. I’m just gonna have to take it for granted that you are completely ignorant as to the lack of success of this program at almost every district where it was tried.

      • lanahi says:

        “Respecting and taking care of your body should be encouraged by both parties.”

        No way. Respecting and taking care of your body is the duty of a free individual. Government’s duty is to protect the citizens from invasion. So let each get on with it.

    • snowdog says:

      I know, right?! Not at all like the failed fac initiatives like Iraq, and then Iraq again, and then tax breaks to billionaires. BTW, I support your rights. You and your boytoy look happy in your pic.

    • BannedbyBreitbart says:

      Berry’s legacy is failure.

    • SMarieDavis says:

      It’s all about control.

  2. tednugentlives says:

    Liberal ideology: Praise us for our intentions, not the results of our actions.

  3. lysosome says:

    The thing is, this was so easy to predict. Leftist solutions are, besides ever higher taxes, always “one size fits all” and if you’ve ever worn shoes, you know this doesn’t work. Thank God we now have someone with common sense in the White House instead of a wanna-be dictator. Good riddance to the Obamas and all of the crap they’ve foisted on us. MAGA!

  4. Fubar says:

    But…but, but …. Americans aren’t capable of making their own decisions… they NEED the Gubment’s help. Obama is SO much smarter than everyone else!

  5. ObamatheIllinoisIdiot says:

    Put her fat arse on it.

    Liberals make rules for others that they don’t have to comply with.

    • aliswell says:

      ObamaCare being the most pernicious example of that fact.

      • D Yank says:

        Exactly!!! If Odumbocare was so wonderful why didn’t dumbarse Ofama step right up and give up his Federally provided healthcare and sign up his whole wonderful family for his piece of crap healthcare… Typical Libturd Progressive agenda… We want you to live under all of our rules and regulations and pay for them, but we get to do whatever we want and pay for nothing!! FO Obama you piece of crap….

      • Ted Baker says:

        You mean congress – do we get health insurance like congress ?

      • AMoB says:

        Bull’s eye.

      • Willam Nat says:

        And the fact that Congress had its own special healthcare plan. By the way, Johnnie McCain how’s your plan? Bet it’s better than the other vets get at the VA under your good friend Obama.

    • Andy Ruby says:

      Her or His fat arse?

  6. David Koob says:

    Liberals: they let you “choose” abortion, but don’t allow choice anywhere else.

  7. Checkmate King Two says:

    Let the fund-raising bake-sales begin! These regs are an example of the saying, “What’s not illegal will be mandatory”. The food Nazi’s and politicians responsible for them need to be tarred, feathered, and sentenced to the public stocks for the amusement of their victims..

  8. Nancy Albert says:

    Central planning by totalitarians never works. I wonder how many involved in the food distribution were involved in bribery and intimidation to get the contracts? Criminality thrives in command economies.

    • Ward Dorrity says:

      Paging Ma Chalmers, Ma Chalmers, white courtesy telephone please.

    • PR_Ohio says:

      Unfortunately, Progressive Central Planning (meaning Marxism) is very much like a Ponzi scheme, where it appears to work at first for the early adopters, and then are widely adopted by the masses as a result, but in the end the prove ill-advised and unsustainable resulting in the vast majority of people getting royally screwed and the Taxpayer holding the bag.

  9. Lib Serum says:

    LET FREEDOM RING!!…the lunch bell

  10. Bag Lady says:

    GOOD FOR THEM!!! Will they get to eat what the kids at Sidwell Friends eat? You know, since the Obummers were all for equality….just askin’…..

  11. Doug Day says:

    Make School Lunch Great Again!!!

  12. 2Honest says:

    Who elected Michael aka Michele in the first place.

    • fourscoreandseven says:

      She needed to stay hidden at home; she has more problems than most of us will ever have. She has LOTS OF MONEY now, but she STILL won’t leave us alone.

      She THINKS she is smart. Affirmative action can NEVER be “smart.”

  13. Bryan V. says:

    MAGA. One less regulation at a time.

  14. dougster says:

    The garbage can always tells the truth.

  15. RG54 says:

    Trash cans full of Obamafood.

    Leftists can never anticipate the consequences of their beliefs and actions. It’s the defining aspect of their mental disorder.

    • Ted Baker says:

      I agree feed the kids crap and then charge them for diabetes medicine at 10xs the cost – Big Pharma loves this and you too

      • Willam Nat says:

        That the bill of goods Obama sold you and you believed blindly? Ha Ha!

        • Willam Nat says:

          Yeah, if you don’t eat Michelle’s GMO fake crap, then you’ll get diabetes in 40 years. Of course no mention of the GMO additives Obama approved and what they will do to your third eye or your frozen legs in 30 years.

      • fourscoreandseven says:

        You have NO IDEA what that VILE creature did to our school cafeterias. You have NO IDEA! You are just hot to defend DEMOCRATS! You cannot defend FAILURE! Children are still growing. Children need calories to grow. The fatties are getting fat AT HOME not at school. You are really ignorant about school lunches.

    • PR_Ohio says:

      The Leftists certainly can envision the consequences, which are always geared towards more control over the unwashed masses, often through increased government dependency. It’s the moronic Useful Idiots who vote Democrat (Socialist) who are too ignorant to know what is being done to them, or worse, too lazy and apathetic to care!

  16. csfurious says:

    Children, under the guidance of their parents, decide what they want to eat. It really is that simple.

  17. Peesing says:

    Mine eyes have seen the glory
    of the coming of the Lord;
    he is trampling out the vintage
    where the grapes of wrath are stored;
    he hath loosed the fateful lightning
    of his terrible swift sword;
    his truth is marching on.
    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    Glory, glory, hallelujah!
    His truth is marching on.

  18. Ibulena says:


  19. Reuben Cohen says:

    My kids were forced to take milk. They are allergic to milk and it makes them sick, But the school forced them to take it saying it was federal rules. So every day, a container of milk went in the trash.

    • Ibulena says:

      They don’t care. No one was caring about your children. They want to CONTROL your children.

    • Morrigan says:

      Your kids couldn’t give the milk to the kid sitting next to them? Why not?

      • lanahi says:

        Maybe the kid sitting next to them didn’t want more milk either?

      • darth jello says:

        It’s a good question, but I’m willing to bet that if everyone had to take milk then the person next to them… already had milk. I don’t know about you, but milk has never been something I’ve drank multiple glasses of.

        • Morrigan says:

          Those are half-pint containers, if they’re like the ones I bought in HS. Barely enough to wash down the lunch. I have drunk multiple glasses of milk many times, and had milk on cereal plus a glass of milk, but that might be regional. Anyway, the same kid can drink 12 oz of soda.

        • Morrigan says:

          I don’t follow links (too many viruses already!) but does this say that giving another kid your milk is cause for detention? Yikes.

      • fourscoreandseven says:

        THAT WOULD BE SUBVERSION! You really DO NOT understand the Leftist agenda, do you? Or, are you trying to defend it? If a kid is CAUGHT giving his milk away he gets PUNISHED (as does the kid who is taking it). EVERYONE HAS TO BE EQUAL IN PUBLIC that is the mantra of the Left. LEARN IT or suffer even more if they catch you “thinking for yourself.”

  20. Deplorable1 says:

    Time for michelle to climb back up that Empire State Building and resume swatting at airplanes….something she’s good at. Let the kids eat the food they will eat and stop mandating thru government policies that do not and will not work.

  21. Dennis Dilley says:

    Participation and revenue down. These are the hallmarks of government attempts to run a private or commercial enterprise, or insert itself into local policies. The school lunch program is obamacare in microcosm. If, however, the students had been offered the same food that moochelle was eating in the WH it could have been a different story. The queen feasts while the children starve.

    • Ibulena says:

      Let them eat cake! Well, that would be rice cake according to Mrs. Obama.

    • Morrigan says:

      Agree with your insight about 0bamacare and that govt needs to get out of everything except its enumerated powers. But again, talk to the PARENTS if the kids are “starving”. No one forces them to grab “free” breakfast, lunch, and dinner just because it’s there. I want the govt out of it like you do, so that means the parents step up. We can’t have it both ways. Schools aren’t restaurants, food banks, or homeless shelters.

      • fourscoreandseven says:

        BALONEY! Michelle’s GESTAPO was even confiscating sack lunches from home. You are so busy trying to defend that POS that you aren’t even logical. And, for the parents who CAN’T “STEP UP” we need to feed the children. We have ALWAYS fed the children. You are NUTS to say that if the parents don’t step up, that we just let the children starve. Typical Leftist garbage! My way or the high way. NO we are going to feed the children, but we are NOT going to feed them garbage just so MOO can feel good about STUFFING HER FAT FACE!

        • Morrigan says:

          Back off and go sleep it off somewhere. Blocking you, sphincter. I looked at your profile and you’re snotting and spewing on everyone on multiple boards.

  22. Ibulena says:

    Firstly, how did Mrs. Obama get to dictate federal regulations? Secondly, Mrs. Obama does not look like she has been missing any meals. Thirdly, THIS IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL! The Obama’s are of the elites who want total control ……what you eat, healthcare, light bulbs, weather, what is taught in school, if you are forced to back a cake or not, etc. IT IS ALL ABOUT CONTROL!!!!

    • RIMSPOKE says:



  23. porkexpress says:

    I hope that a display with the food that Michele wanted the kids to eat will make it into the Obama Library. That way people will laugh at another legacy that will not make it for Obama.

  24. rock1653 says:

    The students must be racists.

  25. Ibulena says:

    I think Mrs. Obama must be getting chummy with Pocahontas Warren lately. Seems last few times Michelle has been in public she is wearing a large tent!

  26. FreemenRtrue says:

    In what sort of country does an unelected spouse of a dictator get to madate what children must be served in school? Do you think you live in a FREE country? Think again. The Socialist bass tards will return someday. Every time they do we lose more and MORE.They use the poor, whom they keep poor to undermine FREEDOM of the people to enhance their power; witness the multimilliondollar extravagant vacations he OlBlame-0s took all over the world at taxpayer expense or Mooch-hells 40+ staff of government do-nothings.

  27. John Urban says:

    Conservatives made a HUGE mistake not attacking Moochelle Obama for 8 years as she conducted her power grab over American schools. There was plenty of damning material online. And her speech at the DNC about her and Barry’s “humble beginnings” was a total lie. Now she is a super-celebrity, untouched and ready to run for Senate, so we have to hear her stupid big mouth preaching lies every day.

    • Ibulena says:

      Democrats were in control of congress and White House. We now have a new sheriff in town! 🙂

    • Richard says:

      What you fail to see is that today’s “conservative” politician is 1) Gutless and 2) Concerned with not goring his own ox.

  28. CLAYCE says:

    Who dictates what MO eats? I hear she visits the commode often!

  29. janger says:

    The cluelessness of all things Obama is breathtaking!…These people wandered through our lives for 8 years and NEVER got it right! Time to return to better days…MAGA!!

  30. SofaKingMoney says:

    The Nanny State fails again….who knew?

    Progressivism….ideas so good, they’re mandatory. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/509dcec4835ca58c621d711f337bd26eb48c5dbac1d80d3054bdbbaf86e5aacf.jpg

  31. John says:

    LOL.. just give it 5 years.. I bet these kids CANT WAIT to show the democrats how they feel about being put into a progressive prison camp for 8 years..

    psst.. >> they hate you..

  32. bitmap says:

    The three basic food groups: Sugar, Salt and Grease.

  33. Chas Holman says:

    I’m glad at least they admit it is about their own profits, and not the kids health.

    • mrrealworld says:

      Actually its about freedom of choice. A very abstract concept to the left in this country. Unless its about a woman’s choice to abort a baby. A not-so healthy choice for the child.

      • Chas Holman says:

        They make it pretty clear, they were losing revenue and now they are up 50k..

        Freedom of choice? Sure, why not put cigarette machines in school too.

        Don’t get me wrong, I could care less either way, my kids are long long out of school and it is not really any of my business what these other parents want their kids to eat,

        • StanleySpadowski says:

          Increased revenue is a sign of higher sales/more participation. If you spend money preparing food that doesn’t get bought then you are wasting money. Not something schools should be doing.

          I hope other districts figure out a way to have the same success.

          • Chas Holman says:

            No question about it. Profits rules in this decision, It isn’t about health or nutrition.. And they don’t CLAIM it is.. Which is why I appreciate their candor,

    • Morrigan says:

      “Admit” what? He said they’re doing better financially without the money that was seized from me under threat of incarceration. Are you one who thinks that any profit, anywhere, to the benefit of anyone, is evilrichwhite?

      Do you even pay taxes?

      • Chas Holman says:

        For goodness sake Morrigon, what condescending BS,., Not only do I ‘Pay taxes’ I served with honor in the USAF from 1979 to 1993.. GIve me a break with your childish BS,, Keep your personal BS to yourself. .It is childishly gross,.

  34. Brian washere says:

    Trump is killing FecaI Midas’s legacy and common sense will kill the wookie’s….

  35. mrrealworld says:

    Sounds like the kids at Penn-Trafford High School are happier and the cafeteria economy is doing much better now that the community agitator and his food-nazi wife are out of the picture.


  36. Alti says:

    It’s time to put Moochelle on her diet and see how she likes it!

  37. Ibulena says:

    Want to bet the Mrs is back eathing bonbons and Barry is back smoking (which he never stopped).

  38. Brian washere says:

    For the first time in my adult life I am proud of my government. Here’s spit in your eye wookie….

  39. Texas-1836 says:

    Get the federal government outta schools

  40. Richard says:

    I wonder what the menu will look like at the Obama Presidential Library and Homeless Shelter.

  41. agreatsign says:

    Her legacy will be going down in history as having been the obnoxious First Lady who was never proud of America until her husband ran for office and who dictated that our children be served often unrecognizable slop, while her children ate top fare.

  42. CaptRebel says:

    Nine out of ten photos of Michelle strongly indicate she does not practice what she preaches.

  43. Littleredtop says:

    The absolute stupidity that filled the last eight years is beyond belief. How could we have allowed that guy to disrupt every facet of life in our nation?

    • Bryan V. says:

      We do not hold the media accountable for one. Their role in this all is close to traitorous.

      • MikeOxlong says:

        close?!! you gotta be kidding. theyre 100% in cahoots with those that want to destroy america. they all should be hung for treason.

      • Littleredtop says:

        Very true. There is a distinct difference between exercising freedom of speech and reporting the news.

    • MJD says:

      The voters are responsible. And people who didn’t vote are, too. They bought the bilge the Dumbocrats and the Commie-Lib Media threw at us. If we don’t want to live under tyranny, we have to open our eyes and look the bastards in the face and actually understand what they mean to do to us.

    • Dee Maerck says:

      Where did you get that red tip dick head you have?

  44. itsy_bitsy says:

    That Michelle Obama snafu (and I mean that in the original meaning of the old military saying) was probably responsible for a lot of new Republican voters. So I want to thank Michelle for all the good she has done my party!

  45. Morrigan says:

    Well, delightful! Now that we know the school doesn’t need that $40,000, it’s going to be returned to the taxpayers in the form of reduced taxes next year. Right?…

    • Tomko Kubianca says:

      By opting out of the program they are punished by not receiving federal funds in the first place. So there is NO MONEY to return. Your taxes were reduced the instant they removed themselves from the program. You might want to send a thank you letter to those in the school board that chose to be removed from the federal program.

  46. GinAZ says:

    What a bunch of racist little brats, they are so ungrateful after all the hard work the Wookie put into that program. The shame!

    • Ledfether says:

      I know…right? And the Wookie tried to share her space food and everything…and they just rejected it all!

  47. Xcapenurse says:

    Michelle should have put her energy into keeping kids in school and not drop outs waiting to do nothing

    • Ledfether says:

      Ah…no..progressives want the common people skinny and stupid. That way they starve easily and are not smart enough to feed themselves…thus “control” of the people is easier.

  48. CorkysDad says:

    We’re WINNING people. MAGA

  49. D Yank says:

    I’m sure both of her wonderful daughters only ate from the Guberment approved menu at their nice little private school they attended in D.C….. Hahahahaha…

  50. MJD says:

    See? Even kids know Communism doesn’t work. Good for them. They voted with their lunch.

    • jacktheskook says:

      Was Nancy Raygun’s war on drugs a bad thing too? Just say no!

      • MJD says:

        The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. If we want to be serious about problems like crime, drug abuse, illegal immigration, and joblessness, responsible adults have to stand up and do the right thing. Enforce laws, seal the borders, promote the English language as our official language, and stop cultural rot by being good role models and boycotting Hollyweird. My generation has failed to do all of this. We are responsible. Time to turn it around. God Bless President Trump for trying.


      • jburr36 says:

        You seriously want to compare saying no to drugs to forcing schools to starve kids with what they called ” a hunger free” lunch crap act?

        This was just as much of a lie as the ‘If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” BS

      • Ledfether says:

        Absolutely, and the war on drugs is still terrible and will probably get worse again. I’m pro-Trump, but this is a concern. We tried prohibition, it didn’t work. The only reason pot and other drugs are not legal is the alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals lobby…all of which addict and kill plenty of people with their products.

        I ask, why, when opiates are available over the counter in Mexico…why is it the U.S. with the Opiate problem and not Mexico?

        Answer: Prohibition. We had people even hording light bulbs when the government started forcing restrictions. People will always try to get what they cant…its human nature. communist nations try to restrict people a lot…and guess what they have? HUGE black markets.

        Freedom is Freedom, period. It’s ugly sometimes.

    • fourscoreandseven says:

      Jack is at it again!

  51. Bikerdude says:

    In the frozen land of Nador they were forced to eat Robin’s minstrels… and there way much rejoicing.

  52. Ted Baker says:

    Congress has Pizza listed as a vegetable – frozen pizza lobbyist are powerful – more breakfast pizza for our kids sounds about right

    • lanahi says:

      Pizza is quite healthy, or can be.

    • Richard says:

      If grass is a vegetable, and if cows eat grass, and if cheese is made from cow’s milk, then pizza is a vegetable. If soybeans are a bean, and if beans are a vegetable, and if fake cheese and fake pepperoni are made from soybeans, then pizza is a vegetable. See? None of this is difficult.

  53. sktuc says:

    Well just goes to show you that Michell can’t ” MAKE CHICKEN SOUP OUT OF CHICKEN S ” ” T “

  54. Victor Cachat says:

    Actually doing the math and dealing with the real world can destroy the lies used to push the left’s agenda.

  55. Kent_Pittsburgh says:

    “Healthy Hunger Free Act championed by former first lady Michelle Obama”

    Healthy Hunger Free Act – Do any of these people actually read George Orwell?

  56. Lazybum says:

    “Hi, I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”.

    The scariest words in the English language.

  57. Dee Maerck says:

    And Michelle still can’t understand how her liberal policies of managing schools causes parents to want to opt out of public schooling. Maybe it’s because freakin bureacrats in DC don’t understand the local needs of Main Street USA. Get the federal government out of education. Return it to the states control where it belongs.

  58. Terry Newberry says:

    The Obamas leave a bad taste in most people’s mouths

  59. Glad for this school- where’s the rest!?

  60. timtan says:

    I feel for the kids that had to put up with this, especially after having seen what most schools were forced to serve…..YUCK! Liberals really never think. If they did, they might have realized our kids are growing and need calories in their guts. I couldnt imagine having to eat that crap while I was on Track. Moron Michele obviously has no idea that our bodies convert what it gets into what it needs, but calories are the key when you are active.

  61. Dr. Hfuhruhurr says:

    GOOD RIDDANCE!! I knew this was going to happen soon.

  62. ObamaIsAMuslim says:

    Freedom is beautiful

  63. DD says:

    So Michelle O was so smart. This anti-American radical idiot was as stupid, radical, and destructive to freedom and American as the embarrassment of fool, so called president for the last eight years, who caused more destruction to America than anything in American history.

  64. M. Usher says:

    Great lesson, the federal government can’t run everything when you get people who are living it things can get fixed.
    Youth learn from this, you don’t need the government running your lives .
    Keep your freedoms don’t hand it over blindly because its politically correct.

  65. AMoB says:

    Cry Freedom!

  66. Peruser says:

    One of the survival rules of the jungle … eat what the monkeys eat. The gorilla in heels likes pizza, fries, shrimp, etc. … back to the jungle.

  67. Ledfether says:

    The school lunch thing was just a step in the direction of making us all eat they way they want.

    ObamaCare was the next step. Eventually State controlled health care will start rationing certain care based on “your shared responsabity participation”. Meaning if you are fat, a smoker, a drinker, wont take corporate pharmaceuticals to get artificial lipid numbers down, dont exorcise, etc., they will not allow you the same treatment as an otherwise “compliant” patient.

    I still think the school food service people could have cooked better food with what they had to work with within the limits. The pictures we saw all over social media were outrageous, there was no need to make food that terrible just because there are salt and sugar and fat restrictions. The problem is, “lunch ladies” dont always “cook” like they used to. Cafeterias are served by companies like Cisco who delivers prepared foods. Schools often dont have “cooks”…they have “warmers”, so when you try to make them actually “cook” they are clueless…in some cases…I’m sure some school systems are better than others but a lot of counties and cities see feeding kids just like feeding prisoners…as an “institutional” approach.

    I’m not for the federal government mandating anything for this. The Feds should not be involved in the food or the direct education of the children. It should be local and the localities should pay their own way and stop suckling off the federal tit. Stop taking the money and you can do what you want.

  68. Pomona Pete says:

    How can I be a liberal? I’d love to wake up every morning knowing everything…without ever having to learn anything! Where the locus of truth is the whim-center of my brain.

    Why, I’d get to have all the brains…and all the heart, too! In my natural superiority I’d get to be a prejudiced bigot condemning an entire class of people I never met with the most horrid of accusations, because when a liberal does it, it isn’t stereotyping!

    Imagine how warm and fuzzy I’d feel knowing I’m non-judgmental as I look down on all those despicable deplorables with unconcealed disgust.

    I could tell people they mustn’t teach morality, because that would be forcing THEIR morality down others’ throats. And in the next breath I’d DEMAND everyone accept the homo lifestyle as a benign alternative, and I wouldn’t be a purblind hypocrite…I’d be a liberal!

    • Kurt Smith says:

      but all the hatred you’d have to stow inside – it’d make you crazy…and miserable…and mentally ill….you know…like a lib.

  69. AMoB says:

    I hope our First Lady gets behind the controls of a Caterpillar and runs a ripper shank through the Obama garden.

  70. Chester says:

    Wookie didn’t seem to lose any weight in eight years. She ate lobster, filet Mignon, and whatever else she could desire. I understand the President has to pay for his own food, and I am sure the furry one ate plenty of fabulous meals. While making our kids eat garbage.

  71. paul riggall says:

    Let them eat cake.

  72. Ward Dorrity says:

    School kids celebrate the end of the Mooch’s prison food menu.

  73. The unelected Royal Negress has left the building.

  74. Woody says:

    This is what happens when you eliminate the one-size-fits all food choices from Washington. Students want to make their own choices. You reduce waste and money loss from thrown away food.

  75. MaMcGriz says:

    Thank you, eagnews.org for another great piece of news. Your continued coverage of this outrageous policy has been much appreciated by this reader. I look forward to more stories about other schools casting off the bonds of federal control and taking back the care and feeding of their kids without outside interference.

    At last. Good riddance to this ridiculously expensive and unhealthy obama failure.

    Seems like the only losers in this deal are the hog farmers who no doubt collected all those trash barrels full of rejected and uneaten food to feed to their hogs.

    Forget the hogs. Feed the linebackers! : )

  76. anonymous_economist says:

    San Quentin is still serving the Michelle lunch-plate special, however.

  77. Trump-steel says:

    The wookie’s girls went to private school which was not required to have this sh-t on a shingle lunch program. The wookie should be on this program, she is as big as horse. Remember pictures on her in the garden–that did not last long.

    • Willam Nat says:

      Are you saying Melania Trump is better looking than Mrs. Obama.

      • Trump-steel says:

        A person going blind can see Mrs. Trump is over the top prettier, more graceful and elegant. She doesn’t look like a middle linebacker.

        • fourscoreandseven says:

          Did you see Wookie in the white Tom Ford “bondage” dress she wore for the State Dinner with the Queen when they went to England? It had cross straps in the front (“trick no sleeves”) to make her look LESS like a linebacker. She just looked like a house instead.

      • Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup) says:

        The dumbest thing the obama White House did is allow photographers to take pictures of Melania and the First Sasquatch together. It was proof positive that moochelle wasn’t a woman.

  78. betteronaharley says:

    Nothing but stupidity here. At least I don’t have to pay for the healthcare of these morons when they become obese and get diabetes from eating all the junk and crap processed food they can’t seem to live without.

    • AMoB says:

      I have for a long time observed the obvious health achievements of Harley riders in particular.

      • betteronaharley says:

        Your presumptions are laughable. Keep your day job, scooter.

        • AMoB says:

          No problem, after all, Harley Davidson can’t choose everyone who rides their products.

          • betteronaharley says:

            And you couldn’t help being born mentally deficient. Too bad.

          • AMoB says:

            Again, no problem…my mortgage is paid off.

          • betteronaharley says:

            Well, aren’t you special!

          • betteronaharley says:

            Who gives a shit about your mortgage? You have the attention span of a five-year-old.

          • AMoB says:

            President Trump loves Harley Davidson and he loves you Harley riders, beer bellies notwithstanding.

          • betteronaharley says:

            Trump is a porker himself with a big appetite for junk and fast food, so he’s hardly in a position to criticize anyone’s eating habits. As I said at the outset, if the dumbasses want to eat all the junk and processed shit that’s out there and don’t care about their health, at least my tax dollars aren’t paying for their poor choices. But, by all means, continue to presume that I ride a Harley and that I am a beer drinker. We already know you’re not the brightest bulb LOL

          • AMoB says:

            He certainly has you spinning, good for him.

          • betteronaharley says:

            The only spinning going on is in your imagination.

    • Willam Nat says:

      Wasn’t Michelle great helping them. Also, wasn’t she great advocating killing millions of them in the womb so they wouldn’t multiply.

      • betteronaharley says:

        Yeah, too bad your parents multiplied. You and the rest of the brainless bots are a great example of why abortion should continue to be legal.

    • TruthBeTold says:

      “So I’m gonna give you my favorite healthy thing to eat, which actually is my favorite thing to eat – pizza. Yes, but usually when I have pizza – alright don’t get mad at me – I do veggie pizzas,” she said in response to a question about her favorite food.

      But if I’m really being bad, right? And if I want my favorite junk food – some kids asked me this just the other day – one of my favorite, favorite junk foods is French fries. I love French fries,” Mrs. Obama said.

    • Kurt Smith says:

      I always wondered if the seething hatred present in all libs is a huge coincidence of bad things that happened in their lives or is it indeed a mental illness that afflicts all of them across the board?
      Such a miserable existence.

      • betteronaharley says:

        Funny, I’ve often wondered the same: if the seething hatred present in all conservatards is a confluence of bad things that happened in their lives, or maybe the result of being inbred or some mental illness. Self-hatred, which manifests itself in many ways, including voting against one’s own economic interests and eating processed crap and junk food to spite some liberal who is an advocate of healthy eating. Must truly be a miserable existence to go through life fat, drunk and dumb as a box of rocks!

        Sucks to be you!

        There, fixed that for ya 😛

  79. RightStuff44 says:

    Don’t let your guard down. Barack and Mooch are still lurking around, trying to destroy this country’s economy and system of government. They are working through the Soros-funded Ogranizing for Action, and the goal is to destroy. They cannot tell you what the replacement would be, because the people wouldn’t buy it. It is bald-faced totalitarian socialism, and don’t doubt it. Our eight-year nightmare of the Obamas is not over.

    • Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup) says:

      Maybe not, but luckily we put a man in the White House that will CRUSH obumbles if he gets out of line even a tiny bit. Despite the smiles and pleasantries during the transfer of power these two HATE each other.

  80. Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup) says:

    President Trump – Feeding our children again.

    Good riddance to the First Sasquatch and her idiotic lunch program.

  81. Oddnot says:

    Everything Obama (and the liberals, for that matter) envisioned is bared to be a failure in practice. Everything. The former first lady’s food plan is but another example. Were the enemedia honest, liberalism would go the way of the buggy whip.

  82. TruthBeTold says:

    Trump should make a major announcement about this.

    He’ll win over the youth vote.

  83. Deplorables know Libs suck says:

    Feds should entirely butt out. Leave it to local school districts. Bring back ‘the lunch lady’ and food cooked on site.

  84. john says:

    Since when can’ parents fix a sandwich for the offspring ?, besides, the waist in this program is beyond belief, students will almost not eat veggies, no matter how good you fix them, fresh fruit is thrown out a lot or not taken if offered self serve. I have seen students seen throw out half a ( very tasty) chicken breast fixed baked KFC style, when I told him to take at least 2 bites the principle said ” we don’t tell them to do anything” , lucky tray day was not allowed, it would not be ” FAIR” TO OTHER STUDENTS !!! But I did make money for the district, we returned $ 200 K to them every year for 15 years. Participation is the name of the game.

  85. TruthBeTold says:

    In cults and communist countries, they withhold food, particularly proteins in order to keep people hungry and docile so they’re easy to control and become dependent on their providers.

  86. Pete says:

    Uninstalling the Obamas is about 95% complete. Can’t wait until oblivion envelopes their miserable selves.

    • JustVisiting says:

      Well, they could always take up law practicing law again…oh wait, never mind.

      • Pete says:

        You’re right, they “resigned” their law licenses. Maybe someday, when the media stops defending the Obamas, the truth will emerge as to why they are no longer licensed to practice law. Hint: Chicago.

  87. rs1123 says:

    Just print her face on the paper plates. Before you finish eating you see her face, lose your appetite, and reduce your caloric intake at least 25%.

  88. Flechette says:

    This story serves as a good microcosm of Socialism.

    It was designed by centralized power and dictated from the top down.

    What the average person wanted did not matter.

    Capitalism proved to be more efficient and once supply and demand was implemented revenue went up.

    People cheered when they finally got rid of Socialism.

    • rayg says:

      One thing you forgot: it was designed by academics with no understanding of how real life works. The assumption of academics seems to always be, if we eliminate options and choices in society, then the people will automatically accept what the government imposes because that will be their only option. Academics apparently never heard of or do not understand black markets, illegal trading, etc. If the government seeks to impose something that the people do not like or agree with, they often find ways around it with the result of not only the government suffering (in this case, declining school food revenue) but certain sectors of society also suffer (usually the poor and disadvantaged). That is what happened with this food program in many districts: students just stopped participating unless they absolutely had to.

  89. wminaz says:

    Will Congress, including their staff, be on whatever replaces Obamacare ? Fat chance of that !

    • rayg says:

      Congress and its staff were never really on Obamacare due to special waivers and illegal sweetheart deals, so why would you even consider that Congress would be on whatever replaces Obamacare?

  90. Deplorable Joe Voter (fedup) says:

    This is such a great example for children to learn why government intrusion in their lives leads to misery.

    We can use it shape generations of conservatives.

  91. BMF says:

    If government is supposed to stay out of our bedrooms why doesn’t it stay out of most of our lives all together, like mandating lunches, what restaurants can and can’t serve, health care, one size fits all business regulations, and the list would take several rolls of toilet paper to record.
    If the federal government just followed the Constitution and limited itself to those power specifically granted instead of the powers granted by the courts we would all be better off.

  92. Lets all go to Saudi Arabia says:

    Liberals ruin everything.

  93. dlmstl says:

    No more Moochie meals!!! Good for this district. I hope more are able to do the same. Pull up the daily menu at Sidwell Friends and see how the Obama princesses ‘dined’.

  94. dudefromdixie says:

    Free Wookie bars for everyone

  95. BRUCINKO says:

    Only a police state would dictate the dietary choices of schoolchildren.

  96. Sam Kahn says:

    I’ll never get it, Liberals can’t wait to kill what’s in womb under the guise of “Woman’s Rights”,
    thereafter they want to control every aspect of our lives!

  97. dudefromdixie says:

    Hopefully they get rid of the free condoms and free tampax too.

  98. fullmooner says:

    Pity Michelle never attempted to force SNAP food stamp recipients to buy wholesome food with their government grocery money. Kids could have had good food at home, too. Of course, we would hve had rioting and fist fights in the potato chip aisle at the store.

    • Larry says:

      If you’d see some of these neighborhoods, the DEMOCRATS have taken out all grocery stores, and replaced them with Planned Parenthood’s all encompassing social warrior free clinics, AND get this put a liquor store right in the lobby.

  99. Snarkasterous1 says:

    What a joke -‘fattie Moochie O telling everyone else what THEY are allowed to eat!

    Good riddance of her and Skinny Jug Ears, to boot!

  100. Mac Abee says:

    “You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

    This is the difference between the Socialist economic model and the Capitalist economic model.

  101. BA says:

    and yet another failed socialist, “we know what’s best for you” experiencement
    should be clear by now, socialism doesn’t work, terribly flawed, inhumane, and unrealistic ideology.

  102. TAG says:

    $1.5 billion Obama library will likely be four bare walls and a floor drain.

  103. timedonkey says:

    So what is the difference? What do the kids buy? This article has little info and a lot of salt.

  104. waydel58 says:

    Their food just like m obama trash

  105. atelier111 says:

    Finally we have rid ourselves of Madame President who was trying to dictate the nation’s social agenda while her husband gorged on junk food. A Black woman with a bright idea would have shut down McDonald’s which is the primary food source for the inner city.

    • CapeConservative says:

      One of MO’s first magazine interviews was with Cosmo or VF…and I recall her stating that one of the best parts of living in the WH was being able to order french fries at midnight and have them brought up to the living quarters. Just another two-faced liberal…is there any other kind?

  106. Dr.Tickles says:

    It’s a sad day in America when getting to eat in school is cause for celebration.

  107. Erik Denning says:

    1. Cafeteria portion sizes at schools have ALWAYS been the same size, not customized for the size of the student.

    2. “…kids at that age, they’re a little more informed and better at making smart choices for themselves because we still have a lot of healthy options.” They didn’t eat the healthy foods when they had no other choices, but if we give them the choice to eat fat, sugar, and salt instead, they’re sure to make wise choices. If kids won’t buy into eating healthy food, the solution isn’t offering unhealthy food as an option.

    We don’t let children choose their meals at home because they don’t usually make healthy choices, so what makes you think they will at school? Are you really ok wth your tax dollars contributing to more obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes? What if we took that attitude with class reading materials? “Let them choose their books. They know what books are best for studying literature.” If parents taught their children better eating habits, and insisted on them, schools wouldn’t have to parent for them and your taxes wouldn’t have to pay for the consequences.

    • soapbox63 says:

      How about this: You control your kids and let me control mine.

    • Joe Adragna says:

      How about you mind your own business, a23hole.

    • David Addams says:

      1. It wasn’t just the portion size that was the problem. It was the proportions.

      The program was based on a 2000 calorie diet with proportions based on a “generic” adult.

      Growing teens have different nutritional needs than adults. The proportions of the meals need to reflect that and this program didn’t.

      It gets worse when you start talking about athletes, especially those engaging in weight lifting. That increases the amount of protein your body needs That means many athletes were being forced to buy multiple meals in order to get the amount of protein they needed. That means they were purchasing 4-5 servings of vegetables just to get enough protein. Those vegetables just wind up in the trash, even if the student eats vegetables. That’s just too many veggies to eat at one time.

      Forcing people to buy something really is not sound public policy. (And liberals keep doing it.)

      2. Learning how to make informed choices is part of growing up.

      Having the Government make for people just results in people never acting like adults.

      It’s also not the Government’s job to make choices for people..

      That is called tyranny.

      The Government is also on record as making lousy choices. You think someone in Government is going to make better choices simply because they are in Government?

      You may have faith that the Government always has good intentions and makes the proper choice. I don’t.

  108. CrusadaB says:

    Kids know best, Moo. ROFLMBO!

  109. Kebas says:

    >>”You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice”

    That, comrade, is NOT the socialist way — you incipient capitalist pig!

  110. DemocracyRules says:

    Liberty Denied
    Thank goodness. Scientist know very little about all the variables that constitute good nutrition. We see proof of this when some researchers celebrate the “paleo diet” (caveman food). They forget that paleolithic peoples had an average life expectancy of about 37. And they ate what hey could get their hands on.

    Never before in human history has our species lived to be 80+ years old. And the nuances of good nutrition are not well enough understood to force kids into eating what Michele Obama thought was good for them.

  111. Ben Gazi says:

    no more football everyone should weigh 107 girls 142 for boys

  112. Craig Oxford says:

    That school lunch and snack policy devised by Tranny Obama; was the worst idea ever and one of the most costly.

  113. Ben Gazi says:

    Oprahs got 2 billion and I still wouldn’t eat her.

  114. raleigh292 says:

    What upset me the most about this program, was the few teachers that would “inspect” lunches from home and take them away from kids for not conforming. Maybe they can control what the sell in the lunchroom, but not what i pack in my kids lunch.

    Many charter schools refuse to provide lunches, just to prevent the federal requirements of health and providing free lunches.

  115. Duncan McCockner says:

    “Pizza for we but not for thee.” ~ le sasquatch

  116. CrusadaB says:

    I loved my school lunch ladies…they made rolls and chicken spaghetti and chocolate sheet cake. The difference? We had a recess in the morning, one at lunch and one in the afternoon. And we played baseball, kick ball, jumped rope, ran and also had P. E. We had swings and steel monkey bars. So lucky!

  117. Joe Adragna says:

    The Obamas are Bolshevik a23holes that want to control every aspect of people’s lives.

  118. Brian Sciullo says:

    You people can not be that stupid? I keep forgetting you are. They lied to you!!! The USDA set up the guidelines in response to childhood obesity an epidemic every health organization recognized. The first lady was champion of the regulation but she had no power to enforce anything! Boy you folks are dumb. I keep forgetting but she was black.!!!!

    • Curmudgeon says:

      I am not sure what you’re trying to say. All of our comments are based on the knowledge that FLOTUS Obama “championed” the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. We understand that the FLOTUS can’t pass legislation. So, what exactly is your point? This was Michelle’s pet project and is now deemed a complete failure. It has nothing to do with the color of her skin. That argument was worn out way back when President Obama was serving his first term. It’s a little trite, pal.

      • Morrigan says:

        I’ve had fun today blocking those special posters who can only parrot the creations of others by attaching a picture.

      • Brian Sciullo says:

        You did not read the comments some folks actually think she wrote the law look at the postings. Just look at the postings and pretend that talk radio did not lie to them. Next it was a success every health organization has said that this and other programs have helped with the epidemic of child hood obesity. Your argument that it isn’t a success because kids prefer junk food to real food again rejects reality. I guess you never had kids and had to tell them to eat their vegetables.

  119. donfitness says:

    Sloppy Joe day rocks!

  120. Azalea says:

    How come this is the first we’ve heard about how much WASTE of food there was under this program??? I don’t know about you, but when I was in HS all I wanted was a hamburger and fries. The most nourishing thing I got was the milk!! I got the veggies at night, at home.

  121. Observer 55 says:

    Our country was setup with the idea of freedom of choice and taking personnel responsibility for the choices you make.

    The left is about micromanaging everything in life including bathroom use because they don’t believe we are capable of freedom of choice. Why is that? Because their idea of education is to do what we tell you rather learning from the choices and consequences you make. Cause and effect learning has been taken out of our schools and listening and obeying have been substitute.

    The “we know best” class has dumbed down our population down to the point of paralysis. They only know how to do what their told rather than learn for themselves from experience. The “know it alls” are killing this country and our youth.

  122. Freedom says:

    Making America Greater

    Every Day.

  123. airplane mike says:

    I think you will find that ditching other Federal regulations will bring about the same results.

  124. Max says:

    Another Trump win. Bad food to tasty food will make converts to the Trump’s America for an entire generation of our youth. The way to a student’s heart is through their stomach.

  125. HappyJohn9 says:

    Still not sure why schools followed a rule by a “first” lady. She wasn’t elected and had no police authority.

    • Bruiser in Houston says:

      Well, a democrat congress did take her program and turn it into a bill, passed it and made it law. The “Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act” used guidelines by the now-leftist controlled USDA, including that idiotic MyPlate. They treated every student like they weighed 600 pounds and put them on a crash diet.

      I hope Trump either repeals the act, or sends the notion of “food guidelines” to the states.

      I graduated high school nearly 40 years ago. We had a candy machine and a Coke machine in our cafeteria. They got used, but what percentage of kids in my graduating class of 577 was fat? Maybe 1%. Our cafeterias doled out such treats as Beefaroni, jello with whipped cream, chocolate milk, but we found ways to burn it off. Mind you, back then even owning a Pong machine meant you were wealthy.

      EDIT: I forgot to note that the so called “Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act” was one of the last acts passed by a totally Democrat Congress.

  126. 4Commencefiring4 says:

    Choice beats no choice every time. The Michelle O theory for school lunches is akin to the teachers’ union theory for schools, where one size fits all. But the preferred theory, championed by students and parents, is the Betsy DeVos theory of education: let ’em have choices, and we’ll see what’s what.

  127. boeing46 says:

    In my opinion the particular states should be in charge of their own educational decisions especially the lunch programs.

    • guycmcd says:

      There is not a single word in our Constitution related to the Feds being involved in public education. The Dept of Education is a creation of the Fed govt and run by unelected educrats intent on feathering their own nests. Defund Dept of Edumacation…

  128. Bruiser in Houston says:

    You can still have tasty, healthy, filling lunches that don’t leave students starving an hour later. The restrictions put out by the government at Michelle’s behest were based on junk. Just like the menues.

  129. IAMRYT says:

    Michele Obama was one of the worst First Ladies in U.S. history. Think about it. She accomplished nothing as First Lady. She wasted our money on lavish travel, she was(is) a racist, she’s rude, she’s a liar, and she disrespected our military. So glad she is gone.

  130. #getusedtoit says:

    Good now those kids can eat now!

  131. emag says:

    You cannot and should not raise kids without any fat. They need that to grow, like protein and everything else. I am glad they got smart at that school,
    I hope they all will. Why was that kind of a program even a federal guideline. Michelle 0bama does not have a degree in childhood nutrition. So it never should have been implemented.

  132. SFC King says:

    Rumor has it that Michelle is trying to get a food show or appear on a food show. Wow! after starving the children for 8 years? What nerve and what a hypocrite.

  133. gsud1 says:

    I’ll bet she knows what a Sasquatch eats.

  134. Steve Gregg says:

    Even Hitler did not dictate what you could have for lunch.

  135. Curmudgeon says:

    Can children survive without the care and guidance of the federal government? Gluten and sodium are real, people.

  136. The Grinder ✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ ᴺᵃᵗᶦᵒᶰ says:

    A good parent sends their kids to school with a proper lunch made by them.

  137. RogersGuy says:

    A small bit of sanity in an increasingly insane world…

  138. SJvet says:

    When I went to school, I often took a scrambled egg or egg salad sandwich in a paper bag. If I had a dime, I’d buy an ice cream sandwich for dessert. When I had to buy my lunch in the cafeteria, I often opted for a dirty-water hotdog. Yum!

  139. MIKE HUNT says:

    Why do we have to keep seeing this man’s mug?

  140. Logan says:


  141. michaelpc says:

    Just another Obama failure, among-st many.

  142. DownWithThat says:

    Best Ever!!!

  143. Steve Wetzel says:

    Oh boy – I want to order lunch from this school. Can I order in??

  144. popeye2010 says:

    Hey kids, ever wonder where all those lunches you used to love went? Check out Michelle O’s booty.

  145. Charles X says:

    Michelle Obama’s so-called “National School Lunch Program” was a form of food fascism. It was another way for more government intrusion into the lives of schoolchildren. Michelle Obama was a complete lowlife fascist demagogue when she was First Lady. She disgraced the Office of the First Lady. Constantly invoking 1800s slavery and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in her speeches, as if it was still 1963 of 1805. Completely disgraceful. Michelle Obama needs to go back to the lavish crap-hole that she crawled out of.

  146. LCDR says:

    Yet another example of an “expert” deciding what’s good for you. That lunch program of Michelle’s was a total disaster, simply because it was run from Washington by bureaucrats who never saw a school lunch line. Schools and more importantly, students are much better off without Michelle’s heavy handed approach to school lunches.

  147. brew_it says:

    For a lefty, “choice” is what the Government gives you, not a a market of buyers and sellers.

  148. Deplorable Redneck.MAGA says:

    People like obama, hillary, democrats, lame steam liars in the media are useless.

  149. stylin19 says:

    “You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

    seems like a road map for for health insurance

  150. ricardoh says:

    In the fifties Los Angeles schools had great cinnamon rolls. The hamburgers, although they didn’t taste to bad, you had no idea what you were really eating. I ate a lot of cinnamon rolls. They had a spaghetti dish that was like the hamburgers. Unrecognizable as to what you were really eating.

  151. Not2pc4U says:

    This foul mouthed Beast has ZERO accomplishments of her Own for her entire life, all she ever has gotten in life was handed to her… what a shame, just a worthless shame.

  152. Barry Hussaine says:

    Stop calling her a sasquatch. It’s an insult to wookies everywhere. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b4773f76314e92f9f5e5f0966e124802e1c0ed5872a2f5359f75b25511c0a2e8.jpg

    • SWDC says:

      Irrelevant. A POTUS wife is not a very important person as proven by former impeached POTUS Bill Clinton wife’s two failed expensive campaigns.

  153. LadyMulti says:

    I always found the school lunch thing depressing. Some children by the free lunch program get the one really good filling meal they get a day. Food is your energy; fuel for your body so you can learn. You can’t learn on an empty stomach if all you’re thinking about is how hungry you are. I was happy to hear that the schools I used to go to went fully to free meals. Everyone who goes gets free Lunch and they offer cheap breakfast. They also continue on through the summer as well and offer cheap and affordable lunch

  154. catherwood says:

    All the obama’s did should be trashed

  155. Bob USAF(ret) says:

    Michelle Obama has no background as either a dietitian or a nutritionist, so all these menus were out of her obama, no wonder kids didn’t like the crap.

  156. BoJack Horseman says:

    All the school lunches fermenting in landfills across America caused more global warming than the coal plants. Even the terrorists coming across our open border say “What’s that awful smell?”….. Thank you Moochie. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1b9124e29bbe0f84fbe0243716533d2050ba84aaf507951d507263c673072bc4.jpg

  157. The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger says:

    Michelle mostly has Wagu beef and Lobster Thermidor for lunch.

  158. The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger says:

    Hillary usually has a Huma salad for lunch

  159. Dennis_Webb says:

    The Obamas and their two girls could get anything they wanted to eat any time of the day at the White House, yet they insisted on starving America’s students. I can guarantee that if anyone had measured obesity at a randomly-chosen set of schools both before the Obama lunch mandate and a year later, they would have found no difference in obesity. Did anyone make such a measurement to justify this ill-conceived fiasco? Of course not!

    • Morrigan says:

      America’s students’ parents couldn’t pack lunches? I hated the way she was given authority that was not his to give nor hers to exercise, but even if the stories about confiscated sack lunches are true, no one ever said the kids HAD to eat breakfast and dinner at school instead of at home.

  160. Rickintheforest says:

    The federal government has no business being in the school lunch business. They can’t manage this sort of thing and have no Constitutional authority for meddling in any event. True story. A whore house in Nevada owed back taxes so to collect the taxes the feds took over the house of ill repute. They could not run it successfully and put it into bankruptcy. The government can’t even sell liquor and sex and make a profit.

  161. jjeffs63 says:

    Let’s see. The fed can withhold funding if school lunches aren’t Ex-FLOTUS approved, or there are not enough female athletes, but NOT if a city breaks federal law by not cooperating with ICE. Got it!

  162. SWDC says:

    When one can control your food, you are nothing more than a dog.

  163. goodonyaa says:

    My daughter once told me that the boys on her HS cross-country team needed to eat 5 ridiculously small Michelle lunches just to get enough calories to make it through practice after school. Apparently the serving sizes were uniform, regardless if it was for a 100-lb female cheerleader or a 200-lb male football player. Stupidity at its finest.

  164. DP Livingston says:

    Gee imagine that….Americans wanting to have what they want and not what some radical liberal asshole in DC says they have to have.

  165. politicianssuck says:

    WOW so they can no longer feed these children cardboard and paste

  166. tony says:

    The Transvestite Michael ObambO crap just got dumped.

  167. Siddyppowpow says:

    Yeah!!! Its not like the kids are fat currently. Its not funny that we are in a diabetic epidemic but now at least the kids can lard up even faster.

    • bfa says:

      They threw everything out !!! It was a complete waste of money like everything else they touched!!! Worst president ever !!! Worst First Lady !!

    • ResilientSrDem65 says:

      Sure there are problems, but school lunches did not make children ‘fat’. It was what they got at home or after school that did the damage.

      • Siddyppowpow says:

        I thought that they were in school to learn? Maybe better eating habits is one you fattys should of learned.

        • ResilientSrDem65 says:

          It’s not my habit to respond to comments like this, but I’m really tired of being insulted by others who hide under the anon screen names.
          Who are you to call me a “fatty”? I didn’t insult you, so what’s your point – that you can?
          You owe me an apology, something “you should have learned” when you were a child.

          • Siddyppowpow says:

            It must of been weird growing up with your real name as “ResilientSrDem65” the other kids must of really picked on you.

  168. bfa says:

    Everything OSAMA and is wife touch was a disaster !!!

  169. ResilientSrDem65 says:

    Another part of the lunch program that was doomed to fail – refusing to address ethnic or traditional preferences. Children in the southwest don’t like the same things as the children in North Dakota, different ethnic foods aren’t given to refugees who have never seen a piece of kale or know what to do with a piece of lunchmeat.
    The local schools know their children, what they like, what’s good for them and the whole point is to make sure children are NOT hungry.

  170. Jack Coyote says:

    The quicker we put behind us the tyranny of Barry’s regime the better.

    • bfa says:

      Unfortunately he is sitting in Washington trying to take president trump down . OSAMA needs to be arrested

  171. Dan-in-IN says:

    “you can’t say a 300-pound football player and a 90-pound cheerleader have the same (dietary) needs on a daily basis”

    This is why the federal control model doesn’t work very well for most things. You get a 1 size fits all with no exceptions outcome. Part of why state or local control over many issues is obviously a better fit.

  172. John Warren says:

    It was just get even-isum by the Obama’s. I’m sure they looked at it as white privilege, so they forced the change. Glad Ahab and Jezebel are gone.

  173. tony says:

    ObambOs take your garbage meal with you and don’t say we didn’t feed you.

  174. Jack Coyote says:

    Moochie, free markets and choice always win out over tyranny and communism.

  175. Jack Coyote says:

    Mooches kids were getting gourmet lunches I’m sure.

  176. Mike Herman says:

    How will kids know what to eat without the food police?

  177. maodeedee says:

    Now we know what happens when a first lady who is a lawyer decides that she’s suddenly become a nutritionist and knows what’s best for kids to eat and is given the Unlimited authority to become the nation’s food Czar by way of the federalized public school system.

    Authoritarianism run amok…..

  178. LuppersMom says:

    Local control means better schools all around.

  179. BBINSF says:

    Changes are coming fast and hard…Socialism is crumbling

  180. j crouse says:

    all ya’ll quit your complain’n and eat your kale!!!!

  181. Groo says:

    No legacy for you, too…

  182. Hal Slusher says:


  183. T S the Deplorable says:

    Does anyone really believe that the federal government was ever intended to have any impact whatsoever on what anyone ate at lunch, or any other meal for that matter?

  184. Katy Bullard says:

    Yeah, maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let a 300 lb. mountain gorilla do his social experimentation on high school kids’ food. What a shock that the program has been a failure.

  185. EnoughIsEnough says:

    I worked in the high school when Michelle Obama’s mandate went into effect. People would have been appalled to see the waste after students were forced to take food choices they didn’t want. At breakfast one morning, hard boiled eggs were served, but the salt had been removed from the condiment stand. There was a very loud and vocal revolt, so I snuck into the staff lounge and grabbed the salt shaker, doling out the spice as if it were on the black market. The old adage, you can lead a horse to water, but cannot make it drink is very true.

  186. EEDDGGY1776 says:

    Everyone from grade school kids to the oldest folks in America are thrilled the Oturds are gone.

  187. patriot6 says:

    The ovomits were intent on destroying America in every possible area they could. That included poisoning American children. The tranny’s lunch program was the unhealthiest lunch there could possibly be, barring feeding the kids a diet of arsenic on a daily basis.

  188. Michael K says:

    Starving children makes them more pliable and susceptible to false propaganda. Any communist/socialist can tell you this

  189. Cletus B Neckbeard says:

    Let’s check in on The First Nutritionist in about 10 or 15 years and see how well she has practiced what she preached.

  190. Lionel Manboobs says:

    “You get to choose what you want instead of being sort of funneled in and only having one choice,” junior Chase Zavarella said. “I think everyone is happier with the new selection.”

    This is disturbing. What if other people get the crazy notion they can choose what they want?

  191. LoFlyer says:

    Mrs Obama’s intervention into the school lunch program was another of the unpopular initiatives of the administration. The funny thing was watching Michelle O’s ass grow wider with each passing year. Obviously she wasn’t listening to her own preaching. Typical Progressive.

  192. Mike Hansen says:

    Quite the uppity picture we have accompanying the story.. Not sure why she was so niggardly with student lunches seeing how she ate for two, sometimes three people at a time.

  193. John says:

    Good riddence to “Aunt Esther” and her crappy lunches…

  194. Tom Hughes says:

    This isn’t even a state’s rights issue – it’s a school district issue. Feds go away!

  195. wobbles9094 says:

    Another Obama failure. Soviet style central control didn’t work for the soviets, and it doesn’t work here either. Too bad liberals don’t get it…

  196. john44 says:

    The more images & remembrances of the failures of BHO that can be deleted or erased, the better. However, their stench will last for decades.

  197. Brooklyn Rambler says:

    The stupidity is my son was not allowed to buy a 2nd sandwich but forced to take the nasty apple only to throw it out. Hence he only bought lunch about 5x a year. Good riddance!

  198. Deplorable Schmucky B-Grandma says:

    Strangely, the children of the President and first Cow didn’t eat this disgustingly detestable meal at their school: Sidwell Friends of the Rich.
    Menu for February 21, 2017:

    Tuscan White Bean Soup
    Chopped Tuna Nicoise Salad
    Fresh For You: Caesar Salad
    Pepperoni Pizza
    Cheese Pizza
    Variety Vegetarian Pizza
    Sautéed Zucchini & Yellow Squash
    Honeydew Melon

  199. jamesben says:

    In my dreams, I’m volunteering at a homeless food kitchen, and a disheveled Barack and Manchelle wander up.

    Laughing, I force Moochelle to take a little apple, some salty kale and a pint of warm milk…

    • Grumpy Cat says:

      You meant all that covering a steaming dog turd. That would be what she rammed down kids throats.

  200. cocolopecita says:

    Yet all the teachers in that school voted D. All of them.

    Parents ought to sue them.

  201. Pluto's Moon says:

    What ! ! ! …. You mean little kids didn’t like Sasqwatch cuisine ? ? ?

    Oh, say it ain’t so !

  202. byyyb says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  203. HJD says:

    A lack of choice. Sounds an awful, and I mean awful, lot like Obamacare.

  204. byyyb says:

    Children hated this lunch program and it was rammed down their throats. I am so happy it is gone. Maybe they can get some real food. It doesn’t have to be fattening. Just good.

  205. Jim says:

    Thank goodness our kids will now be fed properly. Another Obama legacy flushed where it belongs.

  206. Grumpy Cat says:

    How often do I have to see Kapernick’s ugly face in between the comments? Until I vote communist?

  207. Pb B says:

    Parents are responsible to feed their children NOT THE GOVERNMENT.

  208. America is beginning to get that Obama poison out of our system.

  209. Hutman2 says:

    Hey Wookie-1, have the head chopping, murderous terrorists #BROUGHTBACKYOURGIRLS yet?


  210. who the hell elected her anything anyway?

  211. TechGuru says:

    Glad to see the other Obama’s policies are getting thrown out as well. The Obama’s, twice the liberal with twice the failure rate.

  212. MidwestNorsk says:

    Beautiful. Kids rejecting the Nanny State.

  213. jay hand says:

    Freedom from preventable disease, sugar poisoning, low IQ, and maybe a lifetime of diabetes treatment, huh, let’s see now, what’s more enriching for children, families, & their futures, good healthy nutrition habit started early in life that’s proven to get them further in life OR disregard the definitive evidence & the children by only working to make sure school districts stay dependent on the Gov nipple OR brace yourself it’s gonna get ugly & unhealthy … take a guess, an educated guess … bon apetit!

  214. Frantic_human says:

    Liberalism ALWAYS generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

  215. Princess Deplorable says:

    How much did Sasquatch weigh before the Presidency and After? Hmmmm, We fed her well!

  216. grayjohn says:

    Michelle wasn’t able to make federal regulations. She must have used her Dark Side Wookie Powers.

  217. Jerry Shelton says:

    Moochie the wookie gets to see the same thing her husband see, everything they thought that had done is getting un done!

  218. jumpstart says:

    Guess they don’t enjoy the gorilla food that she eats. “Hey Moochie, your cage is clean, new stock of bananas, time to get back in.

  219. Burlington says:

    For 50 + years we have been following wrong headed dogma that was only recently proven false and the USDA really climbed aboard this train as it hurtled down the wrong track in 1975. There is no disease or dietary deficency that resolts from eating zero carbohydrates and yet we were told that that should be the base of the food pyramid. We have been told to fear fat in our food and that it causes heart disease–WRONG– the problem is high INSULIN caused by eatin too much sugar and carbohydrates too often. Serve them good tasting fats, eggs and meat plus green vegetables with butter. A bacon and egg breakfast doesn’t raise blood sugar and insulin.

  220. williampenn says:

    An unelected totalitarian bullying our nation’s kids, just like her so-called “husband” bullied all of its citizens.

  221. Wolfgang Weicheier says:

    And that fat ass, sheboon bitch ate lobsters like you can’t imagine. Believe me.

  222. ronald larson says:

    kids will soon be able to eat what they want and need!! Muchie can go eat her wonderful food!!!

  223. alexb1 says:

    Yeah!!! Pizza is no longer a vegetable!!!

  224. SMarieDavis says:

    And the rest of the country celebrated when the other obama left office!

  225. Jim says:

    Under liberalism every body is equal, whether they like it or not – except the elite. Students need not apply.

  226. David Weeks says:

    Another failed liberal program. The stupid Michelle lunch program resulted in more waste and more junk food consumption. Imagine that, sort of like their worthless “environmental” regulations that cause more pollution

  227. Joey Smith says:

    This problem was solved due to Obama’s global warming initiatives. They weren’t eating their fruit because of global warming, and now they are.

  228. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Moochee slop, slop her own privileged twerkers didn’t have to eat. The food was ugly just like fatA$$ Moochee!

  229. Jonathon Quentin Public says:

    How long will it take for America to heal from the damage done by that POS excuse for a potus and his band of apes and losers? A generation? Two?

    His head should be sticking on one of the spikes on lady liberty’s crown. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8dd608f52262f9cd0f2d5214ab5d4a696b5143b96f74abd7fc0b392790933534.jpg

  230. Peter Nolan Smith says:

    making america fatter again. the real cause of the health cost crisis. provide care to the obese. and that and a lack of faith are the real sources of global warming. less people go to church. they eat too much. their sins condemn them to hell and fat people burn hotter than the unfats. the planet crust warms, voila global warming.

  231. ravtodot says:

    School lunch has grown way too complicated and needs to be simplified to soup, sandwich fixings, and a dessert. And the soup and the bread should be prepared fresh and wholesome on the premises.

  232. James says:

    Barack and Moochelle Obozo were two insane, racist, communist pieces of excrement. What a national nightmare those eight years were. Thank GOD we have a real red blooded American man and a beautiful, classy first lady in our white house now. Never again a black affirmative action appointed president, NEVER! That nut job was installed by massive vote fraud and given a free pass on everything he screwed up by the complicit communist media. I want to see Obozo held accountable for the destruction he did deliberately to America. Justice must be served to deter any future obozo’s from ever trying what that low-life pile of crap did. Make an example of him.

  233. chaser2 says:

    I love it when a fat a$$ like her tell the rest of us what to eat.
    Sorta like the dope smoking and injection drug Hollywood types preaching about Global whining and the environment or flying their jet planes to GW events.
    When someone like the Kennedys or Barbara Striesland flys to Europe to a GW conference they put more BTUs into the environment than most of us do in twenty years!

  234. Conan the Republican says:

    The mad legacy of the First Wookie comes to an end. Ya know what’s REALLY cool, though? With a mere swipe of His mighty pen, our new president is undoing eight years of Obama hell in just a few weeks! It’s like Christmas every day! Didja hear the latest? Looks like John Bolton may replace Mike Flynn! OMG! Mr. President, will you PLEASE, PLEASE stop winning? I don’t think I can take it, anymore.

  235. Honesty says:

    No kid is going to eat food for that looks unappetizing even if it is good for them. The program went overboard

  236. tesmith47 says:

    well of course kids like high fat, sugar, artificial flavored foods just like all of the other FAT americans, and this is how we keep producing FAT americans like the Cheetos orange rump in charge right now (any one seen the pictures of him in golf clothes compared to Obama???) yeah we going to make america great (big fat asses) again!!!