MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Students who were caught on video having sex at Park Crossing High School, and another who posted a video of the encounter on social media, did not commit a crime, police said.

Parents complained to city officials about the video showing two 16-year-olds having sex at the school, and Board of Adjustment Vice Chairperson K.T. Brown addressed the Montgomery County Board of Education about the incident on Wednesday, the Montgomery Advertiser reports.

“Parents have called me and said the counselors are so busy dealing with testing next month they don’t have time to deal with the problems of the schools,” Brown said. “Come up with something where the students have a counselor to go to.”

Details about the school sex incident are scarce, but the Montgomery Police Department confirmed students caught having sex at the school, as well as the student who recorded, were all at least 16 years old, the age of consent in Alabama.

The city’s Department of Public Safety issued a release this week that confirms the students did not commit a crime, but were punished for the antics by school officials.

“Unfortunately, we do have some certainly unforeseen incidents,” school board president Robert Porterfield said. “It’s going to be fully investigated. We have to accept all who come no matter what the morals or values are.

“These unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances arise at different times. We did catch that. We have certainly addressed it, and I believe it has been resolved with our security department,” he said.

Neither school nor police officials detailed how students were allegedly punished for the sex at school stunt.

Parents who weighed in on the controversy online were livid over how district officials and police “resolved” the situation.

“My daughter foes to this school and it is very sad to have students think there is nothing wrong with this type of behavior and apparently condoned because not much was done,” Deena Boyd posted to Facebook. “This is why the public schools will get worse as the years go by. My daughter will not be in this school next year. It is sad to say the least. I all begins at home in my opinion.”

“No wonder kids are the way they are,” Hannah Sanchez added. “They can do things like have sex in class, in front of everyone and not be properly punished. Pathetic!”

“What in the world?” Arden Pathak wrote. “We have to accept all who come regardless of morals? Um, no. No you don’t. Sex involving minors filmed in a school?!? … Parents should demand better.”

“Give them another trophy!” Lyndy Davis posted. “This is pathetic!”

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