HEPHZIBAH, Ga. – Numerous Glenn Hills High School students face murder charges after a massive 50-person brawl that ended with the death of an 18-year-old man.

streetfightPolice allege Demajhay Bell, 18, died from being stabbed in the neck during a large street fight involving as many as 50 people, many Glenn Hills students, in Augusta, Georgia March 18. The melee was caught on cell phone video and posted online, providing a harrowing look at a very violent clash involving pipes, bats, and a vehicle barreling through the fracas, KFOR reports.

“Every person who was involved in this type of foolish behavior are going to be charged with the most severe crime that we can possibly charge them with,” sheriff Richard Roundtree told WRDW. “”We as a society, we need to say that we’re not going to tolerate that and that’s why we’re taking such a strong stance and charging any person we possibly can in connection with this murder, and we’re charging them with felony murder.”

Those facing murder charges include six current Glen Hills High School students: 18-year-olds Quiasha Henley, A’Lexis Cain, Tyteanna Thomas and Myah Dunbar, and 19-year-olds Terry Lee Davis and Raheem Jobes. Three adults were also charged with murder: Quiauna Henley, 35, Eyvette Lashawn Byrd, 39, and Demetrius Lamont Harris Jr., 21, according to KFOR.

Police believe that Bell was not an active participant in the fight and was stabbed by Harris when he came outside.

“He was friends with the person who stabbed him,” Roundtree told the Augusta Chronicle.

From the Chronicle:

According to the initial sheriff’s office report, deputies were called to the large fight on Chaps Lane near Tobacco Road about 1:45 p.m. Eyvette Byrd, 39, told police a crowd of 30 to 50 people went to her home wielding baseball bats, knives, pipes and other weapons to fight her 15-year-old daughter. Byrd, who has since been charged with murder in the case, told police the fight was the result of a continuing dispute at Glenn Hills High School.

Witnesses told police the fight started with a dispute between two female students and escalated to large groups taking sides in the argument. Video from the fight shows girls fighting, as well as boys hitting each other with bats. A Dodge Charger was also caught on video attempted to hit several students and driving through someone’s front yard, according to the Chronicle.

Byrd told police she attempted to drive Bell to the hospital after he was stabbed, but he attempted to grab the wheel and drive himself before seeking help from a marshal at another fight that broke out in the subdivision.

Roundtree told the Chronicle the fight ended and people scattered when they realized Bell was mortally wounded.

“That’s when reality started to hit, and that is what’s so sad,” he said. “It’s not when a driver was trying to hit someone with a car or hit someone with a bat.”

The sheriff said it’s become common for teens to record violent fights and post them on social media. School officials told KFOR they believe the Facebook posts contributed to the massive brawl last week.

“(The fight) did involve students from the school, but reports that the incident began at school are unsubstantiated,” Richmond County schools spokesman Kaden Jacobs said. “According to our investigation and the information available at this time, it seems to us that this began due to Facebook posts.”

Regardless, Roundtree said the fight and Bell’s death were not an accident.

“It was a series of events that led to it. It wasn’t just one incident of a violent act against an individual,” he told WRDW. “This was a coordinated, conscious effort.”

Students who were charged with murder were suspended from school pending tribunal hearings, Jacobs said.