A jury recently awarded a former Florida high school football player $125,000 after the student sued the Polk County School Board over a titty-twister from his coach that left him with permanent damage.

Devarus Robinson filed a civil lawsuit against the district in 2013 that alleges his football coach at Kathleen Senior High School, Irving Strickland, assaulted him in 2011 “by deliberately grabbing and strenuously twisting a nipple (mammary papilla) on the Plaintiff’s chest,” according to the document.

The lawsuit alleges “that as a direct and proximate result of the above referenced breach of duty, Plaintiff suffered permanent and continuing mental anguish, and has lost the capacity for enjoyment in life, and Plaintiff has incurred the expenses of medical and nursing care and treatment.”

The terrible consequences from “torturous conduct” are also “either permanent or continuing and the Plaintiff will suffer the losses in the future.”

Robinson’s attorneys argued the Polk County School Board “owed a duty to the parents and children of this school district to retain, supervise, train and monitor its employees to protect the health, safety and welfare of its students, including the Plaintiff.”

The lawsuit alleges the titty-twister in question was intentionally designed to inflict emotional distress, and the school board “knew, or should have known” about the issue because “this Coach had previously committed similar tortuous conduct toward other male students at the Kathleen School.”

Robinson’s attorneys told a Jury this week the former student’s nipple was permanently enlarged from multiple titty-twisters, which was part of a pattern of physical abuse and verbal harassment. Strickland allegedly admitted to twisting Robinson’s nipple on two occasions, WFTS reports.

The lawyers alleged Strickland was known for saying “offensive, obscene things about students’ mothers, their aunts, hitting kids, twisting nipples.”

A jury agreed the coach’s conduct constituted abuse, and ordered the school district to pay its former student $125,000.

WFLA reports:

The coach himself is not named on the lawsuit.

The district fired him last month, along with a number of other district employees who either failed to take the required Florida teacher certification course, or failed the test.

A spokesperson for the Polk County school board would not comment on the case or the verdict.

Robinson promised to call back, but never did.