WALLED LAKE, Mich. – A student who was suspended for using the word “ass” in a tweet to the superintendent is riling school officials after graduation by crowing the exchange his “greatest high school achievement.”

Recent Walled Lake Western High School graduate Leonardo Semma posted screen shots of an Twitter exchange with the superintendent in January that lead to a three day suspension, along with the actual suspension letter, to the social media site this week and dubbed it “My greatest high school achievement,” cnet reports.

Walled Lake superintendent Kenneth Gutman posted a tweet in January about a delay in plowing school parking lots that read: “I apologize for the parking lots not being plowed. It’s unacceptable and we’re on it.”

Semma tagged Gutman in his response: “sorry’s not going to melt the snow. Grab a shovel and get your ass out here at 5:30 sharp boi.”

Semma told BuzzFeed he was upset because he slipped and busted his head on the ice before he sent the message, but within an hour he was heading home with a three-day suspension for a violation of school rules against “profanity.”

Semma did his time and wrote a letter of apology to the superintendent, but the issue resurfaced last week when the teen posted a picture of the January Twitter exchange and his suspension letter as his greatest achievement at Western High School.

The incident prompted the school’s principal to write an email to his father to demand he offer his son some “guidance.”

“I am sorry to have to contact you with a concern about Leonardo, the day after graduation,” the principal wrote. “But I was very disappointed to find out today that, Leonardo decided to share on Twitter his negative comments about our Superintendent, regarding snow in our parking lots from back in January.

“Leo even decided to take a picture of his suspension letter and post it to Twitter after he got home from graduation this Sunday,” the principal continued. “I thought that Leo and I had resolved this matter back in January with he served his 3 day suspension and wrote a letter of apology to the Superintendent. I was quite disappointed to see that he described this violation as, ‘My Greatest High School Achievement.’”

“I hope you will have an opportunity to discuss this with your son and offer him some guidance.”

Semma posted a picture of the principal’s letter to his father on Twitter, as well.

Semma’s “greatest high school achievement” post from Sunday has been re-tweeted more than 66,000 times since and it’s generating quite the conversation on Twitter.

“@LeonardoSemma that @kennethgutman sounds like a real wanker,” Grover Potshots Tweeted. “He’s lucky no one was injured on the ice and sued the school.”

“School logic: Kid needs education and socialization. Says ‘ass.’ Gets out-of-school suspension,” Brandon Goldner posted.