PITTSBURGH – Most students are taught that the truth will set you free.

truth not liesBut students in a Pennsylvania school district have quickly learned that telling the truth about a rule  violation may not be wise, even if the violation was completely unintended and no harm was caused.

David Schaffner, a 16-year-old student at Fox Chapel Area High School in Pittsburgh, has been suspended for reporting to a security guard at a football game that he had a pocket knife with him, reports Education Views.

It turns out Schaffner spent the previous few hours setting up a hunting site and went straight to the game after he was finished. He forgot that he left his pocket knife in his pocket.

“He went to the game without changing,” Schaffner’s attorney Phil Dilucente said. “When he got there, he saw a sign about the no-weapons policy on school property. He remembered the knife and he told a security guard about it.”

The guard turned the knife into the principal and Schaffner was asked to immediately leave the game. On Monday, he learned that he had received a 10 day suspension.

Schaffner is also facing a possible expulsion.

According to the school handbook, students who bring a weapon to school or school-related activities will be expelled for one year, reports the news story.

Listed weapons include knives, firearms, mace or bombs.

District spokeswoman Bonnie Berzonski said she could not discuss specific student discipline situations. But she did say the superintendent has the ability to change the punishment if necessary.

Dilucente reports that Schaffner has not had any previous behavioral problems at school and that they are hoping the district does the right thing.

“This is truly an unfortunate situation in the fact that we consistently teach our children to do the right thing if they accidently make a mistake, and here is someone being punished for doing that” Dilucente said in the story.

“We are hopeful that the district will terminate this punishment as soon as possible.”

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