An Oklahoma student who attached a classmate for wearing a Make America Great Again hat and carrying a banner supporting the president is now facing a misdemeanor charge.

Edmond Santa Fe High School student Kenneth Dewayne Jones, 18, was charged with a municipal code infraction similar to a misdemeanor over the Feb. 25 altercation with a younger student that was recorded on video and posted online, the Enid News & Eagle reports.

In the video, Jones, who is black, approached the white 17-year-old Lane Robertson as the younger student walked through the hallway wearing a MAGA hat and Trump banner as a cape. Jones snatched the hat off Robertson’s head in the heated exchange, then ripped the banner away and threw it on the ground.

Jones was cited by an officer and the school and the students were given five days to resolve the dispute through mediation, but the process was unsuccessful and Robertson’s father, David Ray Robertson, requested city attorney Steve Murdock pursue the criminal assault charge against Jones.

“On Feb. 25, 2019, we were contacted by our 17-year-old son, Lane Robertson, who is a senior at Santa Fe High School in Edmond,” the elder Robertson said in a prepared statement. “We were informed by him that a couple of hours prior he had been assaulted by another student and that the school had done nothing about it.”

Jones can be heard in the video threatening Robertson to “take it off or I’ll rip it off,” referring to the Trump banner, as well as repeatedly using the n-word. The incident occurred during the school’s annual fundraiser, Double Wolf Dare Week, which allows students to wear hats in school in exchange for a donation, school officials said.

“Given that hats were allowed in school … as part of the week-long fundraising events, there was no specific dress code violation,” a district spokesperson told the Edmond Sun last week.

David Robertson told the Sun his son did nothing to provoke the attack and he’s proud of how the teen handled the confrontation, which lasted only seconds.

“We are proud that our son has and will continue to show his patriotism, love for his country, and support for the president of the United States, Donald Trump,” the father said.

The Sun attempted to contact Jones and his family without success.

Several folks who commented about the situation online seemed to think Jones is an example of a broader trend of liberals who find offense in opposing viewpoints.

“He absolutely should be charged as an adult!” Cliffa Gaddis posted to Facebook. “His actions should have consequences!”

“This is the leftist lunacy at its finest,” Clayton Stevicks added. “It’s still illegal to assault someone even if you don’t agree with them.”

“More peace, love and tolerance from the left,” Bill Blundell wrote.

Others, of course, blamed the assault on President Trump.

“This is what Trump is doing to this country,” Kathy Miller posted.