LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A Louisville sophomore may face criminal charges after a video recorded in class shows he attack his teacher, who reportedly attempted to confiscate the student’s cell phone.

The video appears to show the student and the teacher at Louisville Male High School up against a wall in the classroom before the student grabbed the teacher by the collar and pushed him backwards over a desk, injuring the teacher’s wrist, WHAS reports.

“Witnesses told WHAS … the teacher was trying to get a cell phone from a student when the fight happened,” according to the news site.

“Jefferson County Public School officials said the student is being disciplined and there could be charges filed.”

WHAS did not detail the age of the student involved or exactly when the incident occurred and did not identify the teacher.

Louisville Male High School is “Louisville’s premiere student-centered, college-preparatory, public high school and one of the top rated high schools in Kentucky,” according to the school website.

“Our traditional school promotes a safe, orderly, and caring environment emphasizing patriotism, honesty, loyalty, respect, and character.”

Several folks who commented on Facebook about the assault were not impressed, and several seemed surprised the incident occurred at Male High.

“What the hell has happened to Male High School?” Jennifer Kelbaugh posted. “It used to be an institution of prestige where students and faculty had pride in every aspect of their lives, but now?

“Condoned cheating, fights over cell phones … It almost makes me embarrassed to say I’m an alumnus.”

“I was shocked to read this occurred at Louisville Male Traditional High School,” Ariel Kathryn wrote. “If you don’t know how to behave, then you don’t belong at Male.”

“Seriously, people get your crappy brats under control,” Dorothy Donaldson added.

“Felony!” Mark Brogdon wrote.

The incident, of course, wasn’t the first time a Louisville student ruffed up a teacher for confiscating a cell phone.

Pleasure Ridge Park High School student Adam Porter was charged with disorderly conduct in December 2015 after police allege he grabbed his teacher by the arm to physically force her to return his cell phone, WLKY reports.