PHOENIX – Arizona state superintendent John Huppenthal was in the political fight of his life and now he’s accused of cutting some corners to reach potential supporters.

huppenthalThe Associated Press reports:

The executive director of the state’s Citizens Clean Elections Commission says there’s reason to believe state schools chief John Huppenthal violated campaign finance laws by sending a video to educators statewide before the August primary.

Huppenthal was in the midst of a losing campaign to keep his Superintendent of Public Instruction seat. The video he emailed to teachers on Aug. 12 reiterated his strong support for the state’s new Common Core school standards. Huppenthal had denounced the standards at an Aug. 5 debate after supporting them the previous two years.

Classy. And principled!

After all, flipping before flopping before flipping – that takes real talent. Maybe his tearful press conference will win him an Emmy?

Clean Elections Director Tom Collins wrote in a memo Wednesday that Huppenthal’s video was “indistinguishable” from his campaign message and presented to a key constituency using state resources just before the election, according to the AP.

Huppenthal received a primary electoral drubbing from Diane Douglas, a strong opponent of Common Core national standards.

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