STANLEY COUNTY, S.D. – KIKN-FM reports that a school custodian has been fired in the wake of his action to expose the mistreatment of the American flag.


After seeing the American flag being disrespected several times, Cesar Zakahi finally had enough. The Stanley County School District custodian posted a picture of proof on his Facebook page. Then, he claims, was fired.

SDflagCesar claimed that a fellow female janitor had been throwing the flag on a shelf in the corner of the school’s boiler room for several months. He claims he had complained many times to the school’s superintendent about the flag’s treatment and decided to take matters into his own hands.

[A] short video …  was posted on Cesar’s Facebook page.

Flags are suppose to be folded and neatly stored when not flying proud. The video shows the American flag along with the South Dakota flag crumpled up in the schools boiler room.

Superintendent Don Hotalling has confirmed with the Argus Leader that Zakahi is no longer employed with the school district and says the firing has nothing to do with the video. He refuses to discuss the matter further.

When all of the dust settles as to who did what and the reasons for the termination surface, there is still the matter of our American flag shamefully crumpled in a dirty boiler room.

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